11 Christian Movies about Relationships Showing Love, Grace & Hope

11 Christian Movies about Relationships Showing Love, Grace & Hope

Movies about relationships are really my favorite type of movie. For me personally as a mom of a busy large family, I don’t have time very often to sit down and watch a movie, even a Christian film.

When the kids were younger, we would have family movie night, and would often pick faith-based films to watch together.

Now that the children are grown, have jobs, and are not home often we don’t have family movies as often.

However, I love to find a good movie to watch while I am baking, folding laundry, or cleaning.

And movies about relationships are the best Christian movies. Here are a few Christian movies about relationships that I recommended.



I have a cousin who for an organization that helps free young children from human trafficking. From the stories I have heard from her, I know that this is a huge problem in our world that needs to be addressed.

In this movie Priceless we hear the powerful drama of God’s grace in the life of a man who has lost his wife, and then lost custody of his little girl.

He agrees to drive his truck across the country only to find out he has accidentally become part of a human trafficking ring.

A young woman needs his help, and he has to decide if he is willing to help her or take the money he needs and keep his eyes closed.

The film’s message of standing up and doing what is right is a powerful one. This is a movie with the Christian themes of love, grace, and hope.


Old Fashioned

I love Hallmark movies, and yes… I get made fun of for that all the time. But I don’t care, I love a good clean romance, even if the plot is somewhat predictable.

This movie has the Hallmark movie feel, so if you love them like I do, you will love this Christian romance film.

I love how the romantic relationships in this movie answer the question, can we have a traditional romance in our modern world?

This movie takes place in a small town, and if you live in a small town like I do, you will know that everyone wants to know everyone else’s business.

In this movie, Clay has to decide if he is going to pursue a relationship with a young lady who moves into town.

How does a relationship challenge our Christian faith? Can we date someone who has a different worldview from us? When are we being led by God, and when are we being led by fear?

This is a great movie that answers these questions.


Belle and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is probably one of the first movies we watched that fell in the category of Love Story.

This is a story that has a similar story but in a modern world. A young woman gets a job working for a horrible, mean man.

But like the story of Beauty and the Beast, this new boss has a story that involves a broken heart that needs mending.

The love of Christ is the answer to his broken heart. This is why I love Christian love movies; the protagonist is not won over by beauty or charm, but through the love of Christ.

This is a movie you could watch with younger children.


A Walk to Remember

I grew up as a pastor’s daughter, and so I relate to the story of pastor’s daughters.

In this story, a young pastor’s daughter meets a young man who is working in her theater as a punishment for a prank that went wrong and landed a young man in the hospital.

But this young man and the pastor’s daughter begin to connect, and the question begins can they have a relationship even though they come from such different backgrounds?

And then there is a secret that is revealed and changes everything.

This is a great movie to watch with your teenage daughters and make sure you take time after to talk about why it is not a good idea to keep secrets and the importance of keeping your father and mother in the loop of your relationship.


Princess Cut

I taught my four daughters that the point of dating is to find someone who would make a good husband.

I am thankful that all four of them are now dating young men who will make a great husband. This is a movie with the valuable lessons of finding the right person for a marriage.

A young girl finds herself dating losers while trying to find the right one. She is searching for the perfect man, and asking what does true love mean?

And should we wait for the first time we kiss until we know this is the man I want to marry? This is a great movie for the whole family with the positive message of finding true love.

If you have a young woman in your family who is in this stage of life, this is a great movie to watch with them.

Be prepared to talk about marriage with your family after you watch this film.


Finding Normal

I am a huge fan of Candace Cameron Bure. I grew up watching Full House and today I love to follow her on social media.

She has a great podcast, is in this popular movie, and many more, and also has an awesome clothing line.

When I am looking for a movie to watch while I am doing my household chores, any movie with Candace Cameron Bure is one that I know I will love to watch. This is one I have seen many times.

This is a family-friendly film, Candace plays the main character Dr. Lisa who is planning her dream wedding when she gets stuck in a small town forced to finish hours of community service.

Her life takes a sudden change when she starts to fall in love with the town, her new life, and the people living there.

While this movie doesn’t have a gospel message, it does push the Christian Values of love, grace, and restoration.


Coffee Shop

Kevin Sorbo stars in this feel-good movie that is perfect for your next date night. Ben is a good guy who visits a small town and falls in love with a local coffee shop owner.

The coffee shop is about to close, and Ben wants to help save the coffee shop.

This is the type of movie where you can snuggle up on the couch with your husband and enjoy a sweet movie.


Home Sweet Home

This is a movie I watched just a few weeks ago while I was decluttering my storage room and sorting through keep vs donate items.

We all have these kinds of projects and if you are like me, you make the job fun by watching a fun movie. This is a fun movie.

A young woman is trying to find a way to make a young man named Ben fall in love with her.

He is a Christian and so she pretends to be a Christian to make him fall in love with her. What she ends up discovering is a God who loves her and wants her to be all she was created to be.

While this is a Christian love story, it is also about the relationship God wants to have with us and the relationship we have with ourselves.

We can be more than just a person who strives to get their own wants and needs. We can find who we are created to be when we reach out and help other people.



One of the Bible Stories I have always struggled with is the story of Job.

I can’t imagine the pain he and his wife went through, and I have to question if I would still be able to say, “blessed by your name” If God allowed so much to happen to me.

I would hope that I would, but it would be difficult. Trust is a modern-day story of Job.

You will find this convicting and find yourself asking the question if you would stay true to God if your whole world was turned upside down.

This is a story about the restoration and rebirth of broken people.


Sarah’s choice

I am a pro-life advocate and public speaker, so I am always looking for good movies on the topic of abortion.

This movie is a pro-life movie that tells the story of a young woman named Sarah Collins who finds herself pregnant and has to decide what she is going to do.

She is shown three possible outcomes and has to decide what she wants her future to look like.

I put this in the category of relationships because this is a story of a young woman and her relationship with the baby she is carrying.

Will she love this baby, or will she end the life of her child? This would be a good movie to show to your youth group. Be prepared to talk about this hard topic of abortion after the film.


The Christmas Candle

I can’t end this blog without a Christmas movie, because let’s face it, Christmas movies are the best!

This is a movie based on a book by Max Lacado, one of my favorite authors. He is such a great storyteller, and this is one of his best stories.

This is a story based in 1890 on Christmas Eve. This heartwarming story is a beautiful movie about a pastor’s relationship with a small town.

He is new to the town, and learns about a Christmas miracle candle they all believe in. He wants to end the town tradition that he sees as silly.

Christmas is the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, the greatest miracle our earth has ever seen.

It is a time when we all believe in miracles, and this is a wonderful story to remind us that miracles are real.