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Buy Christian Signs for home decor (church, office, kitchen or anywhere else) with your favorite Scripture, Bible Verse or Religious Quote


Looking for a Christian sign for your home decor? Welcome to my shop and check out my collection of designs for Christian signs for home decor below. My selection of designs will include wooden, rustic, faded and artistic looks with your favorite verse from Psalm, Proverbs, John, Joshua, Jeremiah, Philippians, Matthew, Daniel, Deuteronomy, Revelation and more etc. These scripture will make you feel blessed and will make your soul feel full of love from God and Jesus Christ. If you have a different bible verse sign you want to make, please email me. I do a lot of custom work for free (no extra cost), so please don’t hesitate to email me. 

Christian Signs for the Office

If you want a sign for home, church, nursery, sunday school, office, chapel and more, then you can to the right place. I have many christian signs for home below. One great thing I like about these pieces are it’s horizontal design. Unlike my other art pieces that go in a 1, 3 & 5 panel format, this horizontal design take on my large framed art acts more of a way to blend in

Some of my designs look like the sign is made of metal or wood. However, let me explain how my canvases are made. I use high-resolution images because they will need to be printed on canvas. I use high quality cotton and sateen finish (this is so the christian wall art will last a long time) therefore if you use a low quality image, it will look grainy and blurry when you print it on canvas wall art. I noticed that a wooden things sell do well, so I made my designs to look rustic and wooden however it is an image printed on canvas and not actual wood. 

I know many of signs are made of metal or wood but those signs are not used for decor but mainly used to give directions or something like that. To be more affordable, I continue to use the canvas that I have used for my other art and if you look at the reviews, you'll see that many customers love my bible verse or scripture wall art decor.  Initially, I only started selling 5 panel art decor and have now added different panels. Soon you'll see decals, posters, clocks and other types of decor. 

Framed Christian Signs for Home

The only thing that is wood on my framed art is the frame that the canvas is stretched over. If you are ok with that, please consider buying my work for your home. Also there are some painted-like, rustic, they are not painted but looks like they are painted. I got inspired to create a horizontal design because I have seen that my other paneled designs sell well. I hope that there are some awesome choices for you below and I'm also willing to work a deal with you on the prices. All you need to do is email me private and we can work something out.

I have more things in the works such as engraved plaques, Christian wall decals, metal plaque, paintings, cross and more. I believe our Lord God gave me the power to design a sign for home for you. And I hope that my work will bring you and your kids closer to Jesus and his grace. If you wanting to order in quantities of 5 or more, I can offer you a wholesale price and shipping will be free! You can hang them at home, farmhouse or anywhere with a wall. And since they are made to order, they will always be in stock. The spiritual sayings, quotes or bible verses on canvas is great decor and I pray that the the quote, illustrations, or style represents who you are as a spiritual person.

Once you place an order, it will take 3-5 business days to create, hand stretch and frame. Then another 3-5 business days for delivery (its shipping out of Florida) so if you are on the East coast, it’ll get to you a little sooner. My office hours are 9-5am est. But if you are in Alaska or Hawaii, I'm sorry but I can't offer you free shipping. Canadians too :( But I do give free shipping to everyone within the 48 US continental states. 

I believe it's important to have a Christian sign for home decor. Having your favorite verse on the wall is an ever present reminder and will continue to brighten your room. And if it's your favorite, it will standout on your wall :) If you don't want this, I can put any inspirational faith quotes  on it or any of my products / items. Feel free to browse around, I think you'll find my choice of colors and overall vibes to be inspirational. If you want some more photos, please let me know!

Basically I get make work to be an amazing gift that is personalized for you or your family. It's beautiful decoration, that is unique, new and fresh. I hope you feel the same as I do but I believe my art is the best :)

Some of the Quotes here are not from the bible but are great inspiration quotes. Imagine hanging a christian sign in your living room (great for decor) with your favorite psalm on there. How poetic! Everything is handmade and crafted with love. You'll be reminded of Christ love for us and how he blesses us. Having something on your wall that shows your religious beliefs is great decor and awesome to show that you Love JESUS! 

The colors you see below are more of a wood or metallic, rustic color but if you want some more ideas on colors please let me know and I can send you some mockup examples. Also if you want a specific bible verse or scripture, I can do that too. Alot of my orders are custom with customers adding their own favorite bible verse or scripture so I have no problem making this christian sign something inspirational for you. 

Custom Christian Signs for Home

A Christian sign for home is great religious decor but I hope whatever quote on there will motivate you. Its awesome as a gift as well! The reason I call my collection below; a sign for christian home decor is because a sign is the first thing people see when they walk in to your room. So this sign should show your christian or religious beliefs. I know you'll be able to choose from many different types of christian decor for your home. But these christian signs are beautiful and will be a great gift for any of your friends. 

A Christian sign is also a great way to witness to non-believers.  So when considering a religious gift, or looking for gift ideas I hope that you put something here on your wishlist. And if you want to change the bible verse or scripture or quote on any of the signs, that is very possible. All you have to do I send me an email. Many of the signs below were inspired by other art but its all unique. The decor is made to be on a wood pinewood frame and the background is not entirely wood or metal, its just the image is like that. But I think this can be a nice little gift for someone with matching furniture or decor. Could also look awesome in a farmhouse too. 

I have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so if you are unhappy please let me know and I’ll get it fixed. But I have a feeling you'll love it because I have alot of great reviews :) Also I have a price match guarantee so you will know that you are getting the best price.

Everything here is Made in the USA (the home of the stars and stripes), so you can be assured that all my Christian signs for home is of excellent quality. I wish I could put all types of scripture or any bible verse on them but I only have 12hours a day so the Christian signs below are my best designs. 

If you are looking for ideas or gifts from your family or wedding anniversary then you have come to the right place. I also sell in etsy as well, so if you see some deals on etsy but the sale is not on my store, I will also price match that too. One thing however is I won't sell on Amazon but I will lost them on pinterest. There are alot of cheap bible verse or scripture art decor on there made from China and I really can't compete so I just stay away from those 2 markets. 

And finally alittle abit about the inspiration that I get from my earth. I believe that God created this beautiful earth. So when looking around different canvases, I didn't see many images of the earth. And I know people like you and me love to travel to see all of the beautiful nature and exotic life that God created. So that's why I created this store. I wanted to show the work of God with quotes. I really hope that people will worship God more. I also believe in the second coming of Christ and will faithfully wait for this day. 

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