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10 Commandments Wall Art | Unique & Framed Home Wall Art for Sale

Our framed art and canvases will style your house while featuring your love and dedication to Christ. God’s work will catch your eye and warm your heart with love and loyalty at a good price.

The Ten Commandments were written by God on stone tablets. God gave these instructions to Moses on Mount Sinai to spread the moral-based information with the Israelites after they escaped Egypt. All religions have been based on the types of rules that Christianity has used.

Seeing the Ten Commandments based in your home offers you a daily reminder of your commitment to living life according to God’s will. Whether it’s looking up from your work and pushing through, or a lazy glance on Sunday, appreciating the Sabbath Day.

The Commandments need a striking place, allowing everyone who enters to know your family’s Godly practice. Search through our ten commandments wall decor for a perfect new gift for your house address. Otherwise, take a look at other Christan family wall art, it’s better than anything you’ll find on Etsy. You no longer need to hassle when shopping, the search is over. All our products come in various color and frame options to match the style of your home. Shopping here, you’ll find items like no other. Time to get a new spot ready on your wall, you can even shop online from the comfort of your own home.

The Great Power of the 10 Commandments Wall Hanging

The laws that were given to Moses paved the foundation of a new Israelite-based community. The Ten Commandments provided a beginning for personal and property rights found in some of today’s legal systems. Although Christians don’t believe you need to fulfill a law for salvation, they are the pillars of God’s moral law.

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me

This is a reminder to man that each should hold God in a supreme place in their heart. No need to search for spiritual or magical gods or items, business, or money. This art for sale will add a holy touch to the living area and be a sign that there is only one God. God wants his people to know that they have a choice to disobey him and it will influence their lives. Not in a vindictive form but rather warning a kid who is venturing toward the edge of a cliff.

You Shall Make No Idols

In Exodus 20:2-6, God says you shouldn’t carve idols from anything heaven, earth, or ocean-like. God is jealous and appreciates your commitments to the commandments, thus showing mercy to thousands of generations who show him a sign of love. This art is a must-add at a great price. It will add a united sense with God and acts as a sign to worship God in “spirit and truth” as Jesus said in John 4:24.

You Shall not Use The Lord’s Name in Vain

Thy name is as holy as himself. To use God’s name in vain will render you guilty in His eyes, a price we are not willing to pay. Having this wall art stands as a sign to all those who read it. A sign to only add God’s name to the proper occasion.

Keep The Sabbath Day Holy

United in Godly spirit and truth is the day of rest. The Sabbath day represents the 7th day of God creating the earth. This day He rested and looked upon all the beauty He had created. This commandment is a sign to abide by the holy day and search for the love and belonging God has provided.

Honor Your Father and Mother

In Ephesian 6:2, Paul says this is “the first commandment with promise”. God never goes back on a promise. Children owe love, respect, and obedience to their parents. Think of the happiness this commandment brings to united homes everywhere. Mother’s and father’s day should be every day. And you’ll find this art portrays just that.

You Shall Not Murder

God forbids murder, the unlawful taking of human life in private vengeance. Humans should be united, not die at the hand of another. This is the shortest of the commandments but its length doesn’t indicate its importance.

You Shall Not Commit Adultery

God instructs his people to be committed when they enter into marriage. You should add an amount of respect to other people’s promises as a sign of faithfulness in a relationship with God. Devaluing this commandment will devalue the relationship between husband and wife and to God. In Luke 17:30, our savior prophesied that Sodom-like moral status would precede His return. Get an excellent price when you add this sale to your home.

You Shall Not Steal

According to reports, the amount who still need this commandment is more than we please. Our wall art for sale will give those struggling a sign to search for God in their hearts. And in a time of “might makes right”, respect each other’s property-like claims.

You Shall Not Bear False Witness

This commandment prohibits bribery, fake-like actions, and even half-based truths. It forbids libel, scandal, and lying, and beckons for the truth at any price.

Add this ruling set of art for sale to help steer your family to God in trying times.

You Shall Not Covet

In Romans 7:7 an apostle Paul says that he wouldn’t have comprehended sin unless the law had stated, “You shall not covet.” The commandments point out sin and the way God’s families should live their life. Add this united art for sale into your home as a constant sign of the knowledge and direction God can add to our lives.

Our Ten Commandments Wall Art for Home Decor

The Ten Commandment art shows us that our lives are out of harmony with God’s will. Find the perfect art to represent your family’s harmony with God, at a fair price. We offer an extensive range of customizable framed and canvas decor to sort through. Need ideas? Check out our mixed bible verses or email us and we will help you find the perfect order to add to your home at the right price.

Exclusive Features of Our 10 Commandments Art

We strive to produce the best quality art decor that will add value at a fair price to Christan homes. We want to showcase God’s words in a beautiful and unique way that can be loved in homes all over. Search no further because we put in as much care in creating, as God did when he created this world. Your perfect piece is just a shipping screen away. Experience top-quality images and materials searched for at an unbeatable price. Our artwork for sale is intended to get you close to God and create a united family home at a good price. All those who see your art will grasp how close your family is to God and the order it creates.

Great Canvas Quality

Our top-quality material used to make our canvases showcase museum standard results. They are printed on clean, white 342 GSM grade 14m cotton, finished off with a satin sheen. In the privacy of your home, the light will bounce off, creating deepening contouring and the light that shines for God within us.

Use of Brilliant Quality Colour

Showing off God’s work is a top priority. You’ll experience mesmerizing colors in your home thanks to our use of water-based latex ink that floods the art with a vibrant rainbow of rich color. The color is guaranteed to give 100-year non-fade results on the material. Creating well-interested guests as they enter.

Perfect Gallery Wrapping

Looking to add more? All our canvas items are for sale for order with gallery wrap. Gallery wrapping is another sale feature we add. The wrapped items add a sort of 3D effect. Leaving the final sign hovering seamlessly in your home. You can see gallery wrapping used in professional wedding photos.

Framed Ten Commandments Wall Art Quality

A good frame can add a beautiful edge to your ten commandments wall plaque. We will help you order, search and sort through frames to pick one that works for you. Not only are our frames competitively priced, but come in any size. Our frames won’t add a lot of weight, making it easy to take off and put back.

Add Protective Finishing

We add protective finishing to your order for a well-united finish. Keeping unwanted distortion, scratches and other things at bay. Our offers will give you the best experience and leave you interested to see more.

Easy Installation of Wall Art

No matter the size or order, you’ll have your artwork up in no time with no help needed. All our canvases are easy to install, allowing you to unpack, hang it, step back and enjoy your new addition. We wanted to find a way to add art with less hassle. Our hook-based installation will add a world of ease.

Custom Ten Commandments Wall Hanging Art for Sale

The search is over. Add this gift to your house with an order of Godly information and an array of radiant-based colors. When we sell our exclusive art, we remember privacy and security. Making the shipping process safe and seamless at a great price. Please feel free to contact us via our email address

You can also subscribe with your email address to receive exciting news on Christian decor. Some things stick with you throughout life, and we hope that it’s your ten commandments framed artwork.


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