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Serenity Prayer Wall Art & Decor 

“God, grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.”

Buying my Serenity Prayer Wall Art & Decor for your home or as a religious gift for your friends or family will brighten up your room but will give motivation, encouragement and inspiration to anyone who reads it. This quote is also used for encouragement to anyone in a twelve step recovery program and I believe its a great gift for men and women who are on the road to being clean and sober and also a great gift to anyone who believe in Jesus and God. All my Serenity Prayer wall art is ready to hang and features beautiful artistic scenes and a landscape that will help those in your prayers. 

When designing this series, I wanted to show beautiful, photographic and serene places. So that's why I used nature or floral backgrounds. I believe when using those type of backgrounds for my Serenity Prayer Wall Art & Decor collection I hope that its motivational, spiritual and inspirational. Also for the fonts and typography, I tried to use a variety of different styles including calligraphy but generally I love to use cursive type. 

I think I was inspired first by this quote. The backgrounds all came naturally because to be honest, it's not hard finding quiet beautiful places. I try to make everything perfect and modern and I trust that you see the quality in my work. Next time, I will try to add things such as watercolor and abstract photos but I definitely love my original style which likes to showcase a colorful sunrise / sunset, ocean and more. I mean, God created this for us to enjoy so that's what inspired me to create this store and offer this type of Christian Serenity Wall Art & decor for you. In addition, I'll be adding more religion based poems and quotes so please stay tuned. 

If you like this saying or want a different scripture or quote, please let me know and I can change or add anything you want for free. All of my Serenity Prayer wall art are a giclee print and the design is all done inhouse. So you won't find anything here for sell elsewhere like etsy or wayfair. 

All of my Serenity Prayer wall & decor are a canvas print and the canvas is wrapped or stretched around a pinewood frame. So they are all framed and ready to hang. This is called a gallery wrap, it's called that because its the same method that famous galleries and museums use when displaying their canvas art of artists and what not. So if you've been to a museum and looked at their canvas prints then you'll know that I have the same style. If you want to have more of a "framed" look meaning that you want to see an outside frame around the canvas I have floating frame options which makes it look like the canvas is floating off the wall. All of my products are made in the USA and I offer free shipping and free customizations. So if you want to change the quote, please let me know and I'll change it for no extra cost (its really easy for me since everything is digital). 



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