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Give it to God and Go to Sleep Wall Art & Decor | Framed

Difficult relationships, strained finances, health-related issues, and business troubles can sometimes get the best of us. And when it gets too much, we don’t have to feel as though we need to deal with all this alone.

But these aren’t problems too strenuous for our Lord. Instead, we can hand our problems over to God. When this is the case, you can turn to wall art which offers gentle relief in troubling times.

How to Give it to God and Go to Sleep

Our faith and trust in God comes when we read the Bible and attend prayer meetings and church. It can even be found in our homes. Our canvases encourage you to find faith in God and turn to His word when we no longer find the motivation within ourselves.

When it’s hard to put this trust in Him, we know that our faith is running low and our problems are running high. In these moments, it’s most important to allow our faith to grow. As we read scriptures, we are giving ourselves the chance to allow our fear to dissolve.

2 Chronicles 20:3, “Jehosephat was afraid, and he resolved to seek the Lord” shows us that even someone as powerful as King Jeshosephat relied on Him. Instead of consulting his men, he found his strength within his faith in God’s power.

The powerful 2 Chronicles 20:15 verse states that “the battle is not yours, but God’s.” As one of the most simple verses, it proves that all we really need is God

The Important of a Give it to God Wall Wood Canvas

Some of the most meaningful moments with God come from us admitting our weaknesses and saying that we need His help. His words tell us that if you want to be strong, you first have to find the courage to show your weaknesses.

That’s where a lot of us find it hard. But if we can’t accept help in hard times, how would we ever be able to see God in all His glory, and the power of His love?

Those who follow in the footsteps of Jesus are resilient. Each day, we wake up to a set of challenges and follow our Lord’s guidance in solving them in a Christian way. And while we have the strength to do things on our own, the truth is, we rely on God’s love and wisdom to solve our related problems.

Shop Your Give it to God and Go to Sleep Frame Canvas Art

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of what is important to us. In stressful situations, we might not even remember the word of God. There’s no better way to remind yourself of His presence and power than with unique Bible framed art.

These pieces are great additions for all rooms, the bedroom, offices, churches, and schools. There’s no worry when it comes to ordering a canvas; every item is made with care and a commitment to quality. Not only does this allow for the pieces to shine brightly, but it also means that your purchase will last for many years to come.

Color Guarantee

When it comes to God wall art, one of the most important factors is the depiction of color. Given that these are His words, we want them to shine boldly and brightly no matter where in a bedroom they may be placed. Using non-toxic inks, our pieces are safe for your home. Not only that, but they are sturdy enough to withstand outdoor conditions - as long as they don’t get wet with rain.

Personalized Framed Decor

Each item is personalized to your liking. Whether that be in terms of size, scripture, color and fonts, or imagery. Our customizable products can feature a free image of your choosing. It can be an image of your family, holiday destinations, a cherished memory of a loved one, or add an image of Jesus - great for a gift.

Get in Touch

The easiest way to organize personalized wall art is to send an email to I’ll be happy to assist with any personal touches for no extra price. Customer reviews are saying great things about our exclusive customer support - if you are not happy with your decor, you will receive a full refund.

Canvas Prints and Protective Finish

To provide you with the absolute best results, we only use the highest quality canvas material. All of our canvases are made with 100% cotton and finished with satin; this allows your art to retain a glossy sheen and glow in your home.

The added sheen means that the light can beautifully reflect off the canvas and be an even more Godly image. You can choose black, white, or color text to accompany your perfect item - the price will not increase.

To ensure that the quality of your canvas remains in top form, our canvases are coated with a protective finish. This finish prevents the piece from being damaged by wear and tear, which includes accidental scratches and sun damage. You can have peace of mind knowing that your image won’t fade.

Easy Installation for Your Framed Decor

When buying a Give it to God and Go to Sleep sign, there’s no need to worry about bringing the hardware out or getting a repairer in, even if it is a large size. Your ready-to-hang purchase has pre-installed hanging hardware (sawtooth hangers) that can easily attach to nails or stick-on hangers.

Depending on the size of the item, you can have various pieces around your bedroom to create a magical atmosphere. You can choose different panels, large or small, which come in groups of three or five.

How the Frame Prints are Made

Gallery wrapping is a technique in which the entire canvas is hand-stretched and wrapped around the wood frame. This is the exact same technique that is used in museums, so you can be assured that your gift is of the highest quality.

Our canvases are made from pine wood, making the art lightweight but sturdy. A major perk of being light is that it can easily be transported or moved around the house. If one day you feel like redesigning the house, you can simply move your art from one place to another.

Delivery and Shipping

After shopping and making your online purchase, it will be 3-5 business days until your piece ships out. Please note that customized products will take an additional 2 business days to be shipped to your address.

Shipping is possible to a number of destinations; if your address is in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the United States, you’ll be happy to know that this unique decor can feature in your home. We offer free shipping and have been highly rated in our customer reviews.

All packages are carefully wrapped and packed in order to secure them during transportation. When you receive your decor, it’ll be in perfect condition and ready to be hung in the bedroom or family room.

Buy Your Give it to God and Go to Sleep Framed Canvas Today

It’s amazing how much potential a Godly piece of art has to transform a room. While these pieces are beautiful, it’s really the importance of the Lord’s love and words that we want to encapsulate.

These Give it to God and Go to Sleep pieces serve as a daily reminder of our faith and the connection that we have with our Lord. No matter what kind of trouble you are facing, I hope that these hanging Give it to God and Go to Sleep framed artworks can strengthen your faith.

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