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The Lord's Prayer Wall Art & Decor

The Lord’s Prayer is much more than a collection of words. Christ taught these words to his disciples to teach them how to pray and speak to our Father. The words tie together beautifully and summarize what it means to be Christian and how one should live as a Christian.

The Lord’s prayer, which is also known as ‘Our Father’ and ‘Pater Noster’, is made up of seven stanzas. We see the number seven as a glorious number as it often connotes perfection in the scriptures.

This beautiful summary of the divine teachings is the perfect addition to your home. Allow the words of Christ to flow through your house and serve as a gentle reminder to follow God’s will.

As a way of encapsulating these spiritual words, our wall art displays this prayer wonderfully. With a bright color, clear fonts, and high-quality canvas materials, his words could not be more divine.

Not only are these words wonderful in the home, but the prayer can be shared in any space. Light up the working environment and allow these words to be true in your everyday life. Hang these pieces tastefully in the Church to welcome all those who are serving God.

What the Lord’s Prayer Means to Us

As we all know, sometimes the business of life can get in the way of what’s really important to us. At times, we may be at a loss for words and in search of the best way to express our emotions to God. This simple prayer can show us that we need not fumble for words if they are not there; instead, we can rely on Christ’s teachings.

Each line carries its own message as a way of showing the greatest that is within all of us. Take ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name’ as an example. It shows us that we are all connected to one another. ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’ offers us the chance to show compassion and justice in our everyday lives as well as to help others, which results in us being better Christians.

What better message could you display than the Lord’s Prayer?

The Lord’s Prayer Picture Transforming Your Home

Keeping the Lord’s Prayer art in your home serves as a daily teaching and as a way of getting closer to God. These wall art pieces have been created with you in mind. We carefully source images that are calming, inspiring, and elegant. Based on these images, we can accompany them with a clear and beautiful type of font.

While these are a meaningful display of art, the words are thought-provoking and can be used as a gentle reminder to take a moment with God. Allow the bright color to help create your own united kingdom at home.

Shop these framed prayers to be inspired by these powerful words. They look lovely in kids’ rooms, against an empty white office space, or even above your bath. Search our wide range of Prayer canvases and find the time to select a size and design that suits your space.

Our Lord’s Prayer Art Quality

It’s important to us that we deliver high-quality products that allow the Prayer to shine. As the words and imagery are one of the most important features of our wall art, we ensure that we use top-of-the-range giclee technology.

The giclee technology allows for high-quality prints and works particularly beautifully with bold colors. We have a selection of serenity prayer artwork that embraces various images so that any of the pieces can complement your space. They can also be used in a number of uniquely styled homes or offices.

Canvas Quality of Your Prayer Wall Art

To provide you with the best wall art, our pieces are printed on crisp white 342 GSM Grade 14 Mil Cotton, with a satin finish. You can expect to find this exclusive quality on some museum-quality artworks.

To ensure that this quality remains up to standard, each of the hand-crafted pieces has been finished with a protective coating. This extra level of care means that your pieces aren’t at risk of being scratched or damaged - after all, these canvases should be a part of your home for many years to come.

If you choose to place your unique piece in a sunny room, the protective coating will also prevent sun damage. The imagery and words can still shine brightly without fading over time.

Frame Quality of the Lord's Prayer Wall Hanging Art

Our Prayer wall art products are placed in a pinewood frame, which supports the wrap of the canvas. The canvas is nestled along the inside of the pine frame in order to produce a seamless finish.

The heavy-duty pine ensures that the canvas remains tightly fitted over the years. This means that moving your frame isn’t going to do any damage to your piece. Although heavy-duty pine is used, the frame is still lightweight enough to simply remove it from the wall and place it in a new environment.

Easy Installation of Your Prayer Wall Decor

To make life a little easier for you, our canvases are easy to put together. It’s as simple as using the installation features and finding a magical spot on the wall. Removing the items is just as easy, which means you have more freedom when it comes to mixing your Prayer displays up and keeping it fresh.

Shop Custom and Unique Wall Items

While we’re sure that you’ll find items on here that have stolen your heart, there may be times when you are shopping for something a little more specific. We can help you find a piece that works perfectly for you, whether that be sourcing a personalized image, finding the right color for your home, or adjusting the canvas size.

These Prayer art items also make a spectacular gift for a loved one - be it a thoughtful wedding or birthday gift, even for kids.

Please feel free to get in touch via email so that we can help you in creating a one-of-a-kind piece. Our email address is We can also sort out a budget to help you save money and time.