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I've always believed in God. It's simply always made sense to me that God exists. When I look outside and see all the beauty in nature, it makes sense to me that it was created by God, and that we were created with the capacity to enjoy it.

Nature is one of the ways in which God has revealed Himself to me and you. The trees, mountains, the beautiful sunshine that beams down on us and the world is full of AMAZING miracles.

That’s why I created Christian Walls.

I wanted a way where Christians like you and me could enjoy God’s nature at home. That’s why most of the art here will feature some of the world’s most beautiful places to brighten up your rooms with God’s love and creation.

All of the bible verses here at some time or another has given me strength and encouragement when I needed it the most. And I hope when buying my canvases for your home that it will do the same for you like I did for me.

My Mission Statement

My Mission is to make affordable Christian artwork available for your home or church to serve as a daily reminder of God’s beautiful creation, the earth. My team and I strive to create pieces that is meaningful rather than just decorative. I want my art to:

  • To Do Something Beautiful for God
  • To Be Reminded of God’s Word through Scripture
  • To Minister to Guests through the Love of God
  • To Bring People Closer to God Through Beauty in Art
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