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Buy Motivational & Inspirational Quotes Wall Art Canvas Online

Everything you saw on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is here on canvas. If it's missing, we'll most likely add it later but please contact me to make sure!

Sometimes when we are down or feeling upset, just a few words from a friend can turn things around in a second. Sometimes when we need help, it's hard to find. However, God is always there for us. But in our busy lives we often forget to ask him for more strength, motivation or inspiration to help us whenever we are feeling down. 

Here you will find Inspirational scripture and some of my favorite uplifting, motivational and encouraging christian quotes. I really hope you love this art. But more importantly, I hope it brings you closer to God. 

I really hope that you can hang this art in your living room, dining room, bedroom or office. So whenever you need encouragement or help that can look at it and feel at peace knowing that God is there for you. He has your back and you can rest your worries or fear on him. So if my art can help you by bringing you closer to God, then I feel like my job is done!

If you want a custom Christian canvas, we make them all the time. You don't have to pay extra for it. Just email me at to get started!


Depression and anxiety are part of everyone’s life. Some people like sharing their stories with a friend for relief, whereas others could just be suffering without sharing much. For all such individuals, the inspirational bible quotes could be your way out.

These inspirational quotes from the Holy Bible are a great reminder that God is with you every time. So, you can share your problems and worries with God, and you will find a solution to your distress.

Besides, it is a great way to come closer to God.

But you cannot remember all of the inspirational Bible quotes to cheer you up at every moment. So, you can choose your favorite quotes from the Bible and make them a part of your daily routine.

What are some best inspirational bible quotes?

These quotes can make it easy for you to research further and find your area of interest.

God is the Greatest Artist:

This quote from the Bible can be part of your living room. It will remind you that you should beauty in everything. Everything is created by God, and He is the greatest artist.

Love One Another:

Another famous inspirational quote from the Bible is “love one another.” You all will agree that we all need to tell it to ourselves frequently. So, nothing would be better than a wall art hanging in your dining room.

Pray for your friends:

Bible teaches love and humanity. And this quote highlights the same. You might not know, but everyone around you can be going through a hard time in his or her life. So, to help them out of it, you can pray sincerely from God to give them success and all the other things they want.

Why Buy Wall Art from Christian Walls?

• We believe in sharing the goodness of religion with you by providing you with inspirational bible quotes that can change your life.
• We offer customized backgrounds as well. So, you can choose your favorite quote and the best backdrop.
• We aim to bring you closer to God and solve your general is issues with a touch of divinity.