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Buy Motivational & Inspirational Bible Quotes on Wall Art Canvas Online

Everything you saw on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is here on canvas. If it's missing, we'll most likely add it later but please contact me to make sure!

Sometimes when we are down or feeling upset, just a few words from a friend can turn things around in a second. Sometimes when we need help, it's hard to find. However God is always there for us. But in our busy lives we often forget to ask him for more strength, motivation or inspiration to help us whenever we are feeling down. 

Here you will find Inspirational scripture and some of my favorite uplifting, motivational and encouraging christian quotes. I really hope you love this art. But more importantly, I hope it brings you closer to God. 

I really hope that you can hang this art in your living room, dining room, bedroom or office. So whenever you need encouragement or help that can look at it and feel at peace knowing that God is there for you. He has your back and you can rest your worries or fear on him. So if my art can help you by bringing you closer to God, then I feel like my job is done!

If you want a custom Christian canvas, we make them all the time. You don't have to pay extra for it. Just email me at to get started!