Our Story

About Us and Our Christian Canvases

How It Got Started

Hi, I'm Peter, and it's my privilege to thank you for reading these words. My words. My story.

Christian Walls is, more than a business, a vocation. A task I feel I must do. Now, more than ever in my life, I believe we are all in a position in the world to bring value to the lives of other Christians, and God wants me to do so through art.

For many years of my life, despite being a faithful believer in God and his Holy Lessons, I have never managed to understand the beauty of the Holy Father's message in our daily lives. I was convinced that businesses and religious beliefs should have no relation whatsoever, other than the simple ethical foundations that every good Christian must respect and follow in order to be a good Son of God.

Until one day, I decided that I wanted to surround my daily life with some kind of inspiration to always keep God's message in mind. I'm sure you have a favorite bible verse to look at. I do too. What was I looking for? An inspirational quote I could use to decorate my wall... but I couldn't find anything good enough. So, I thought that, like me, there could be hundreds, maybe thousands, of like-minded Christian brothers and sisters who wanted to fill their home with positive, inspirational energy through wall artwork.

Through this project, I found my vocation and, I hope, my reason for being: I no longer seek to make money, but to bring immeasurable value to the lives of my clients, to inspire their homes and to bring the Word of God into their settings in an artistic and elegant way, using the Nature he created and that I genuinely love!

Following my entrepreneurial spirit and adventurous nature, I made a change in my life. Currently, I am living in Malaysia, volunteering for the church and working to spread God's message. I love spreading joy and giving back to the community in any way possible. I founded Christian Walls with the goal of being able to bring value to all Christians while I can continue my work of glorifying the Name of God from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to this unbridled passion, I have become a digital nomad that travels the planet with the goal of working hard and reflecting God's message in each and every task I do. Along with my volunteer work around the world, I consider myself a humble servant of Our Lord, wishing to travel the paths of life with a smile and my dedication ahead of me.

Join me on this beautiful journey and start changing your daily life beginning with your walls!