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The Cross Wall Art | Unique Hanging Home Decor For Sale

Our cross canvasses will add a unique flair to your home while spreading the word of God in a colorful way. This cross wall decor is not only beautiful and durable but carries the all-important daily reminder that Jesus conquered the grave.

A piece of tailored wall decor will not only brighten your room but also your heart. The image of crosses carries a universal message that will be received by every visitor that enters your home.

These timeless pieces are extremely durable and versatile. Made with top materials and honest intentions, the cross wall decor will complement any space. It will also be able to withstand generations of use.

From your office space to your kitchen wall, these designs will be a constant subtle reminder that Jesus is with you. Anyone using or entering this room will be reminded that God is looking over you and that he loved you to the point of offering his only Son.

A reassuring message from God needs a prominent spot on your living space wall.

So, have a look at our cross wall decor, and pick your favorite.

Every item can be ordered in a number of different sizes and panels which will make it easy to incorporate into your home. It’s time to spread the good news to your family and friends by selecting one of our masterpieces to display in your home.

The Power Of The Cross Symbol

The symbol of the cross is the most famous Christian symbol. It can be found in jewelry, in the media, and of course, adorning walls world-wide. The Christian cross has become a widely accepted image, but it’s still easy to lose sight of what it really means.

Let's take a look at the historic and significant meaning of the cross and how it became such an integral part of Christianity.

Prophecy And Promise

Promises of the fulfillment of God’s prophecy date back to the Old Testament, centuries before Jesus was born. In Psalm 22:14-18, the Word describes the exact method in which God’s plan will be played out.

God has always assured his children that he will carry the burden of our sins by sending Jesus to save us through crucifixion. The image of the cross carries a strong message that God will always fulfill his prophecies, and that we should place our trust in Him. God is in control.

Love And Sacrifice

The act of crucifixion was reserved for the worst criminals only. This unjust judgement was given to Jesus. He accepted his fate to die on the cross, even though he was the holy Son of God. This act exemplifies His humility and sacrifices even after death, all for the love he has for His children.

The Gift Of Life

God made a promise of eternal life to His children through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The cross is a gentle reminder that we should be thankful for God’s grace and that Jesus not only died for us but, more importantly, He rose for us as well.

It’s Final

While on the cross, Jesus uttered the very famous words “It is finished”. This verse in John 19:30 can be interpreted in many different ways from many different viewpoints.

However, the crux of the message remains that the prophecy has been fulfilled and that the suffering is over. Jesus finished the job on our behalf, and nothing we can do will ever be enough to secure eternal life. We already have the key thanks to

God’s mercy.

Crosses are a sign that Jesus loves you no matter what. He died for everyone and that is a gift we cannot repay.

Personal Meaning

The figure of the cross is open for interpretation. We all experience God’s grace differently, therefore have different experiences with God. A personal cross can refer to a difficulty that you’ve faced and overcame, with God’s help.

If God helped you weather a personal storm, the cross might be a reminder of His work in your life. God tailors a personal cross for each of his children to bear in order to change or character into the likeness of Christ.

Those who have been called to follow Jesus will find that the best way to carry your personal cross is to transfix your eyes onto Jesus’ cross. Then bear witness as to how he carried it with grace and learn from that.

Our Wall Cross Home Decor Quality

The exclusive quality of our cross wall decor stems from our fine printing methods. Using only top-of-the-line giclee technology, our canvases radiate with colorful hues. The wall decor has to go through great lengths of quality control before it enters your home.

A cross wall decor piece will make a perfect gift to give to someone who will enjoy the beauty of God’s Word. It adds a touch of hope to any room and can inspire all those who see it.

Special Features of our Cross Wall Decor

I am inspired to create only the best products and wall decor at a great price. Showing off God’s Word is my first priority. I believe that art is an extension of God’s work, and the canvasses reflect that.

Our unique style of producing high-quality color wall decor canvasses include a carefully curated selection of images. These decorative crosses get sourced from only the most fitting creators and will hold a dear place in your home.

Our canvases are stretched to museum-quality, which will bring an extra flair of style into your living space. They can be selected to be either framed or frameless, depending on the featured room and wall color. All the canvasses are supported by a well-built pine frame, which will ensure that the beauty of the canvas can endure for years to come.

Canvas Quality of Your Wall Art

The canvases are printed on crisp white 342 GSM Grade 14 Mil Cotton, with a satin finish. Light reflects beautifully off the surface. It feels like the canvas is reflecting God’s light when you see it.

Color Quality for Your Room

The canvasses are created using premium water-based latex ink, which makes for radiant color and deep blacks. The art is 100-year non-fade certified and the color will still pop generations from now. It’s important that the final results represent the true beauty of what God created.

Gallery Wrapping

An amazing way to enjoy God’s promise to his children is through beautiful artwork. We gallery wrap our canvases which creates a 3-dimensional effect to the end products. The seamless art flows beyond the borders of the pine frame, acting as a floating piece. This popular method of wrapping a canvas can first be found at large art galleries.

Frame Quality

It is an important part of the production process to have a strong and well-built frame on which to wrap the canvas. Heavy-duty pine is used to ensure that the frames can be enjoyed by even the next generations.

The frames are very light to carry, making them simple to take down from the wall and moved from one place to another. They make great quality heirloom gifts for friends and family due to their modern and sleek look.

Protective Finishing

All of the canvasses that leave from our workshop are guaranteed to never scratch, fade, or chip. We use a heavy-duty coating to add over the high-quality ink, to ensure a perfect seal from the top to the bottom.

Each hanging cross piece is designed with God’s glory in mind; therefore the quality products featured are very important to us. You can give a great amount of hope and protective energy to any home and its visitors. You can use them for years without any tarnish.

Easy Installation

All of our cross canvases are easy to install. Simply unpack the art, make use of the easy installation features to attach it to the wall and enjoy God’s message. Removal is also just as easy, making it fun to mix and match canvasses to create a unique feel throughout your home.

Custom Wall Crosses for Sale

We’ve carefully curated the most popular verses to display on our canvases. You’ll be able to find that special verse you’re looking for in no time. Or select your own verse to personalise your cross wall hanging. We also do offer translations of the verses to make them more personal and tailored to your needs. If you feel compelled to have a unique wall cross that is not listed on the website, please feel free to speak to us. We’ll be able to accommodate every kind of custom made order.

Our cross home decor makes for beautiful wedding and birthday gifts. They will add a personal touch of Godliness to any room.

Please feel free to get in touch via our email address so that we can help find and create the perfect set of crosses to fit your needs. We can create a custom piece for the right price according to your budget.

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