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Check out my Thankful Grateful Blessed Wall Art, Decor & Sign collection. 

All designs will be in the sign, multi panel or 1 panel design. All you need to do is click on the art and you will see all the different variations that I have created for the 'Thankful, Grateful & Blessed' quote. 

I was inspired to create this collection because quote has alot of meaning for us Christians. We are taught to be Thankful and Grateful for our Blessings and as you and I know, there are many references in the Bible of this. Also thinking of each word in this quote to a specific memory or instance of our life is another powerful way of really appreciating the meaning of this saying. 

For this time, I wanted to make sure that every product in this collection was available in different colors, styles and variations. So if you are looking for a 'Thankful, Grateful and Blessed' Sign, Wall Art or Decor for your dining or living room or maybe your office, then I really hope you find something that you like.

If you want to change the font, add different scripture or even change the background, please let me know and email me at I won't charge for any changes and you will get free shipping, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and also you will be supporting an American Christian business as well :)

 In this 'Thankful, Grateful & Blessed' Wall art collection, you will notice that I have tried to use some different backgrounds that you might not have seen in my other designs. I tried to move away from more natural backgrounds and tried to experiment with night city scapes, lone nature portraits  and different shapes and colors because I feel like this quote tells a different story for everyone individually. So I wanted to portray that in this series.