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Baptism Gifts for Baby Girls

This is a very special day, and you have been invited. Your loved one is making a promise to God that they will raise their baby girl to know and adore Him.

It is a tremendous pleasure to be invited to this event. You'll want to bring a meaningful present, something that shows your loved one that you'll be there for them while they raise their newborn girl.

Here are some great ideas for Baptism Gifts for Baby Girls below.


1. Book of Blessings Personalized Children's Book by ISeeMeBooksUS

1. Book of Blessings Personalized Children's Book - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

I used to read blessings over my children when they were small. I also have a blessings CD that I would play while kids slept in their rooms.

The most important thing we can do is pray for children's blessings. This book is a wonderful Baptism gift for your baby girl and is a means of achieving that goal. Children enjoy having books read to them, and this book is the ideal present.

Because the youngster will like the customized elements of the book, as well as hearing the blessings.

Children are a blessing from the Lord. They are a sign that He loves us very much. Our task is to raise them to know this and to make sure they know it too. It is important that children know they are a blessing to their parents.

2. Personalized Baptism Picture From Godparents by RiverRootsCollective

2. Personalized Baptism Picture From Godparents - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

Your lovely little daughters won't remember this day, but they'll want to remember it. When your little girl sees this photo, she will know she is loved and treasured.

My daughters have photos from the dedication of their newborn. And they are aware that they have been prayed for and loved their entire lives. My daughters are now in high school and college.

It is critical for them to understand that they have been valued by God since the day they were born as they grow into adulthood.

If you are attending a baptism, baby dedication, or christening, this is a great Baptism gift for for baby girls. 

3. Rosary Bracelet by AveMariaRosariesCA

3. Rosary Bracelet - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

My daughters each received a ring for their baby dedication as a baptism gift. The ring was meant for them to have when they were older. At the age of ten, we gave them the ring to wear, to show that they were now older and ready to understand the vow we made before God.

This beautiful pearl bracelet is special. Your little girl is going to love it. This is a wonderful tradition to continue. It lets your daughter know that she is loved and that she is treasured.

4. Christening Teething Ring by FromElizabethGrace

4. Christening Teething Ring - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

Teething rings are essential to every baby. Every mom knows the horrors of a baby that is teething. My youngest had the most difficult time teething, and her lungs were powerful. So, she cried very loudly. At night it was difficult for the other children to sleep.

Teething rings were a miracle worker. Teething is a natural part of a baby’s development. It is difficult on the gums and the jaw, which is why it is so important for babies to get teething rings.

They provide instant relief, which helps the baby to relax, which helps the teething process to be more comfortable. A baby that is teething will let you know by how loudly they are crying. This could be a practical yet extremely useful gift for babies. 

I love these teething rings; they are cute and have the remainder of the cross. Jesus is always with us. This is a reminder mom needs when going through the teething season.

5. Personalized Cross by UsefulLittleThingsCA

5. Personalized Cross - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

The cross is a great reminder of God’s love for us. The cross is God’s message to us. His message of love. Those of us who have bowed before the cross and confessed our sins are children of God. The horror of the cross is the message of hope today for us.

This special reminder of your little girl’s baby dedication can be hung anywhere. It can be added to other artwork, hung on a Christmas tree, or hung on the crib.

6. Baptism Keepsake Box by BlushinGifts

6. Baptism Keepsake Box - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

I have a special box to remember the first year of my firstborn. I never got around to getting that box for the other children. I know I am not the only one.

This day your little one is dedicated is the most important day as a parent. You are promising God you are going to care for the treasure He has given you. Make sure you have a great memory box.

7. Engraved Gold Baby Bracelet by MountainMoverz

7. Engraved Gold Baby Bracelet - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

When my daughters were younger, they were fascinated with jewelry. They still adore jewelry today. My mother, who wore a lot of jewelry, instilled in them that love. She left her valuables to me when she died. I wear at least one of her pieces of jewelry every day. They've also been worn by my daughters.

I have never seen anything more charming than jewelry for small girls. It's fantastic.

This is a wonderful present to give prior to the baptism. It's also a gift that can be passed down to the generations. Your young girl will be able to gift it to her own little girl one day.

8. Personalized Baptism Towel by GiftOfEmbroidery

8. Personalized Baptism Towel - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

Baptism does leave a child wet. That is part of the baptism. This beautiful, personalized towel is a way to remember this day, and also have a gift that can be part of the special day.

When your little girl is being dried off this wonderful towel can be used.

This is a wonderful way to add to the special day for a child. You can have it embroidered with the child’s name or any message you want. This is a nice Baptism gift to give to your young girl on her big day. It will look great in her room as artwork. 

9. Baby Bib by TheBeezKneezDesigns1

9. Baby Bib - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

After each of my children were dedicated, we had a huge party for family. The party is a big part of the day. This is the time when there are lots of pictures with grandparents.

I made the mistake of having my girls wear the same dress. Now I can’t tell who is in the picture since their baby pictures look so much alike.

This very sweet bib is perfect for the party, especially if you have multiple children. If you have twins being baptized this is a great Baptism gift for them!

10. Baptism Print by GoldHousePrints

10. Baptism Print - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

When my girls were dedicated, we received many different kinds of gifts. The gifts that were personalized were the ones I cherished the most. 

A gift that lets your loved one know just how much you care.  It’s a personalized gift that gives a special meaning, and a great keepsake for the child.  This baptism gift is a personal touch that lets your friend and family know just how much you care. 

It’s a personalized gift that gives a special meaning, and a great keepsake for the child. This beautiful artwork can be customized with a poem you like and the color you want.

11. Personalized Baptism Gift Blanket by ArtfulJen

11. Personalized Baptism Gift Blanket - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

My first-born daughter was given a blanket by a young girl in our youth group. My husband worked as a youth pastor and this young girl had come to Christ through his ministry.

She made a beautiful blanket for my daughter and that blanket went with us everywhere. I am pretty sure she will take it with her when she goes to college in a few months.

Blankets are a great gift to give a baby. I think this is a thoughtful Baptism gift for a baby girl. 

12. Baby Girl Personalized Baptism Bunny by Roseandlilyboutique

12. Baby Girl Personalized Baptism Bunny - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

Every child loves stuffed animals! Stuffed animals are a baby's best friend!

My daughters nicknamed them "stuffies." Each Stuffy had a unique meaning and was adored as if it were a real person. Teddy bears and other stuffed animals make wonderful gifts for children.

It's adorable, cuddly, and personalized with your child's name and the date of their birth dedication or baptism.

13. Nursery Name Sign by LettersbyLeslie

13. Nursery Name Sign - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

On each of my children's bedroom doors, I have a letter for them. I adore the concept of using my children's first letters as decorations. The note is still on their door, even though my daughters are all grown.

The letter from their name is the first letter that children recognise. When a kid is born, parents are ecstatic to design the ideal nursery.

Most of my friends' nurseries include the baby's name. This personalized name sign is a unique gift for a child's nursery entrance.

14. Baptism Booties by SoftSoulBabyShoes

14. Baptism Booties - Baby Girl Baptism Gifts

Socks with phrases on the bottom have become increasingly fashionable in recent years. They make for some adorable photos. Every year, I get my teenage daughters Christmas socks with words written on the bottom.

This is the baptismal version of the same thing. It's a fantastic idea to personalize the booties for your adorable little girls.


So, you've been invited to a really special day in the life of a family you care about. This is a privilege. Take advantage of the day. Take the time to express your admiration for the new parents. They're also fantastic parents. To show you care, bring one of these gifts.