14 Stay Strong Gifts for Him (Christian Reminders from God!)

Stay Strong Gifts for Him

The guys in our lives need to know that they are capable of remaining strong. When our men are tempted, they need to know that those who care about them are rooting for them.

Our males are constantly confronted with temptations. They are fighting a battle that we do not comprehend.

Whether our husbands, sons, brothers, or friends are involved. We must ensure that the males in our life are aware that we are on their side.

Read our handpicked ideas for Stay Strong Gifts for Him below.


1. Be Still & Know I am God Wall Art by

1. Be Still & Know I am God Wall Art - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Men require constant reminders to be still. Men are fighters who desire to battle. However, God warns us that we must be still at times. God wants us to remain silent while he fights our battles.

God is moving ahead of us, paving the road for us. He'll find a way. This is a good reminder for the males in your life to be still.

Giving them this wonderful piece of artwork to keep will serve as a constant reminder to let God fight for them.

The men in your life can remember that real men pray. Be still and pray.

2. You Will Never Walk Alone Token by Suessmaedchen

2. You Will Never Walk Alone Token - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

In the military, the challenge coin is given out as a token of respect. Soldiers are given coins to carry with them at all times as a reminder of why they are fighting.

Coins are also provided to those who are battling addictions. They are given a coin to take with them to remind them to be strong when they finish a time period without succumbing to their temptations.

This coin is a terrific present option if you have a loved one who needs a regular reminder to stay in the fight and stay strong.

3. Stay Strong, Spiral Ring by FamilyHouseStampin

3. Stay Strong, Spiral Ring - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

This ring is for the man in your life who needs to be reminded to keep strong.

My cousin suffered with addiction and had to enter treatment. He had been gone for over six months. He needed to be motivated to be strong when he returned.

This ring would make a wonderful gift for someone in your life who is struggling with addiction.

4. Stay Grateful & Stay Strong by JoysCustomGifts

4. Stay Grateful & Stay Strong - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

“The struggle ends when gratitude begins. Be strong you never know who you are inspiring.”

When the man in your life is able to perceive the blessings in his life and be grateful for them, he will gain tremendous strength. It is tempting to focus on the negative aspects of our lives rather than the positive aspects.

With an unique statement on the back, you may remind your man of his personal blessings.

5. STAY STRONG Dumbbell by Gliget

5. STAY STRONG Dumbbell - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Every day, my husband and brother go to the gym. It is a necessary element of their daily routine.

My sister-in-law and I both want our men to know that we support them. This ring is an excellent way to do so.

This ring is perfect for your husband's exercise bag. He'll remember you care about him every time he pulls the zipper to unzip his backpack, and he'll be inspired to keep going.

6. Galatians 5:23 by Christian Walls

6. Galatians 5 23 - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Gentleness and self control… against such there is no law.

This is a fantastic work of art! The backdrop of the city is fantastic!

My friend is relocating to Toronto. He'll confront many temptations, and he'll need to remind himself to be the man his parents raised him to be. While males are constantly surrounded by temptations, there are more temptations in the city.

This is a terrific present option for a loved one who is going to a metropolis, especially if he or she is a son or brother. The artwork will look fantastic in a small space.

7. Decal/Sticker by RustyLanternMarket

7. Decal Sticker - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Stay Strong!

If you're crafting a handcrafted gift, you may use this! I really like the arrows, and this is a terrific gift idea for a young man in your life.

My friend enjoys finding old furniture and refinishing it to make it one-of-a-kind. I'd love to see this on a young man's dresser or desk as he prepares for college. I wish I was talented enough to refinish furniture.

Those who have such capacity can make wonderful gifts! Furniture manufactured to order.

These decals and stickers are a fantastic way to transform your furniture.

8. Be Bold Necklace by JKCEDesigns

8. Be Bold Necklace - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

While this is a necklace, I would see putting this on a mirror in the car. The words are “Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life your always imagined”

What a fantastic message to send to the males in your life. First and foremost, we can encourage children to take risks.

This is an important lesson for them to hear. We can also remind them that they have the ability to use their voices. When they perceive injustice, they have the ability to speak up.

They can also be resilient enough to persevere and enjoy the life they desire.

This is a good reminder for our sons. This is how a strong man appears. This is a fantastic present idea for people with teenage sons.

9. Stay Strong, Washer Bracelet by PawlowskiCreations

9. Stay Strong, Washer Bracelet - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Do you have a beach-loving guy in your life? Are you a surfer or a swimmer? We take our kids to Florida for vacation every winter.

Because we live in a place where winter lasts for almost half the year, a trip to Florida to get away from the snow is needed.

Shopping is one of our favourite things to do in Florida. And this bracelet appears to be like the type of jewellery found in Florida.

It appears to belong on the beach. If you know a young man who enjoys the beach and needs a reminder to stay strong in the face of the challenges that life throws at him, this is the perfect present for him.

10. Joshua 1:9 Wood Sign by EandNMarket

10. Joshua 1 9 Wood Sign - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

When my children were younger, I worked as a house cleaner for a short time. A young teenage boy lived in one of the houses I cleaned.

His mother had placed a sign on the counter next to the sink, indicating that the youngster had his own restroom.

Every time the boy got ready in the morning; it was the first thing he saw. It served as a reminder to make wise decisions.

This is an example of a little plaque that can be displayed on a bathroom shelf or somewhere else where your young man gets ready in the morning. This is a fantastic concept.

11. Script Block - Be Strong & Courageous by PaiAvaDesigns

11. Script Block - Be Strong & Courageous - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Another little piece of block art. This would look fantastic on a shelf in a box. In my living room, I have a box shelf. That's where I keep the most crucial items. There is only one thing in each box.

A little block like this one would look great on a box shelf. This is a terrific gift idea for a loved one who has recently moved into a new home or their first apartment.

Ascertain that they have this message of courage and power with them.

12. Be Strong and Courageous Pillow Cover by OurRusticHomeDecor

12. Be Strong and Courageous Pillow Cover - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Pillows are something I adore. I mean, I have a pillow addiction. In addition to my couches and bed, I have cushions on my chairs. This is a method to decorate a room with a message of love and hope.

Pillows are also fantastic since you can shift them about to change the feel of your room without spending any money.

This pillow would look great on a tiny chair.

My daughter has just signed her first apartment lease. She'll be moving in a few months. I'm seeking for items for her new place. Pillows make an excellent hostess present.

13. Stronger Faith by sweetsolacescripts

13. Stronger Faith - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Pintables come in handy whether you're doing crafts or making homemade gifts. If you are unable to draw with wonderful script spontaneously, purchasing the script is a terrific option.

This is one of my favourites. We would utilise amazing scripts like this one for a variety of reasons.

I wish I had the ability to create beautiful crafts. My relatives are constantly making things and giving them away as gifts. I'm envious of their abilities.

However, with a terrific printable like this, even non-crafty folks like myself can make fantastic homemade gifts.

14. Be Strong in The Lord T-Shirt by LLTrinityDesigns

14. Be Strong in The Lord T-Shirt - Stay Strong Gifts For Him

Shirts are fantastic. This shirt is suitable for both men and women. So, you may acquire shirts for a couple or even a family.

When my buddy and her family go on vacation, they always get identical clothes for the entire family. I've never been so well-organized in my life.

I enjoy wearing shirts that have a message on them. Messages encouraging individuals to be brave. For the males in your life, this is a fantastic tee.


It's crucial to give a present to the men in your life who need to be reminded to be strong and fearless. They require assurance that God loves them.

They can be bold and face the war that lies ahead of them because of God's strength.

We ensure that the man in your life knows he is not fighting the struggle alone by giving him a present that reminds him to be strong.