11 Super-Cute Home Made Christian Gifts (Family Friendly!)

Home Made Christian Gifts

11 Super-Cute Home made Christian gifts (Family Friendly!)

In my kitchen on the top shelf is five large mason jars each one hand painted by an artist that has since passed away. The artist was a close friend of my grandmothers, she had given the jars to my grandma as a present. When my grandma was 88 years old, she moved into an assisted living home and she could not take the jars with her. So, she gave them to me. They are one of my most treasured items.

The handmade present that artist made is now being passed on to the next generation. I will also pass that on to my children or grandchild one day.

It is Christmas time, and that means it is time to get your shopping list in order. Christmas is a time when we love to show our love by giving presents. But that doesn’t mean we need to spend a lot of money. Some of the best items I have received have been things that were hand made for me.

When my children were little, I loved to help them make crafts for their grandparents. The handmade items were special.

Here are some great ideas for home made gifts.


1) Home Made Prayer journal by International Grace

#1 Home Made Prayer journal homemade christian gifts

Give the gift of a spiritual journey. A prayer journal is an amazing way to equip someone in their spiritual development. A journal helps people to see how God has answered his prayers. A prayer journal is a way to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

It can be natural to pray about the anxieties of the day, and nothing else. This is not a disciplined prayer life. Having a journal is a way to keep your prays as more than a wish journal.


2) Family that Prays together Stays together Custom Canvas

#2 family that prays together stays together homemade christian gifts

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While this is not homemade, it is a product that calls for you to use your creativity. Find some great pictures of your family loving each other and showing the fruit of the spirit. Or perhaps this is an item for someone who has been married recently, and you can use wedding pictures.

When you are making a custom print, the options are endless. This is an idea that will work for just about anyone.


3) Mason Jar gift – Christmas version by A hundred affections

#3 mason jar gift homemade christian gifts

If you are headed to a Christmas gathering and you want to bring along a gift for the host this is the perfect option. The mason jar is adorable and festive. The printable tag tells the story of Jesus Birth based on the treats in the jar.

This would be great  for a Sunday school teacher as well.


4) Inspirational Jar by eMumWebshop

#4 inspirational jar homemade christian gifts

This will last a year! The jar is filled with Bible verses and blessings. One for each day. We do something similar at Christmas time with an advent calendar. We read a verse from the calendar each day at supper.

This is a great way to bring blessings and inspiration to people you love. As the verses and blessings are read the jar begins to slowly become empty, a countdown to the end of the year.


5) Photo Blanket by shutterfly

#5 photo blanket homemade christian gifts

A photo blanket is a great idea for children or adults. A great idea is to give your child a blanket with a drawing the child has made. Their own special custom made blanket that they designed themselves.

Grandparents would love a blanket with pictures of their grandchildren, or a design the grandchildren have made.

A parent deployed in the army would also appreciate a blanket with the faces of their children.

A photo blanket is a way to give a hug, and really that is the best present of all.


6) Photo Pendant by Sarah (learn how to make it here)

#6 DIY photo pendant homemade christian gifts

Wearing a necklace is a special way to remember someone and hold them close to your heart. If you know someone who has lost a loved one this is way to keep that person near your heart.

When my mother passed away, by children all bought a matching necklace in her memory. They wear it as a reminder. This homemade pendant is a perfect necklace to give in memory of someone.

This website makes it easy to make.


7) Photo Coaster by the Idea Room

#7 photo coaster homemade christian gifts

Who is hosting the party this year? Will you be celebrating the holidays at your parents, your in-laws, your sibling’s home, or maybe a friend? You will want to bring something for the host. A personalized photo coaster is a great idea.

If you know someone who loves to travel, try printing off pictures they have posted on social media and use those pictures. This will mean so much to them.

If you want to get your children involved, you can have your children draw pictures for you to put on the coaster.

8) Map Magnets by The Happy Housie

#8 map magnets homemade christian gifts

I am in love with these magnets!

If your family supports mission work, this is a way to remind your family of the countries where you support mission work. You can use the magnets to post missionary cards, or Bible verse about missions.

 If you are raising money for a missionary this is a great way to give to your supporters. At Christmas it is important to remember your supports and send them a gift as well.

If you know someone who loves to travel this is also a great way to show them, you love them and know what it is important to them. You can give them magnets from places they have travelled, or places on their wish list.


9) Recipe card box with recipes by A Beautiful Mess

#9 recipe card box homemade christian gifts 

If you are a grandparent looking for an idea for your adult grandchild this is my recommendation. What are some recipes you want to make sure is passed on in your family? Keep these recipes in your family by making this recipe card box for your adult grandchildren. They will appreciate this family heirloom.

As a side bonus, add a few Bible verses, or inspiration notes for your grandchildren. These notes will be a blessing to your grandchildren in the future when they have handwritten notes from you.


10)  Blessed Beyond Measure Custom Family Canvas

 #10 blessed beyond measure homemade christian gifts

Click here to see our custom family wall art here. Free shipping if you are in the US and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Creating a custom picture may not be homemade, but it is a way for you to use your creativity to make a gift that is special.

This is something grandparents will love to receive.

One of my favorite Bible verses is 3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” If you have pictures of your children serving God, use them to create this very special piece of artwork.  

Seeing your children, and grandchildren serving God is the best gift you can give.


11) Handprint snowman by Littlebit Funky

#11 handprint snowman homemade christian gifts 

This is the perfect craft for a child to give to a parent or grandparent. My children are all teenagers now, but my Christmas tree has homemade decorations the children made when they were little. These are my favorite Christmas decorations; they are priceless!

If you are looking for a homemade Christmas present this a great one!


Giving a present is a way to show you care about someone. But when you take the time to create the present yourself, put your creativity behind the present that makes the item far more unique.

The things I have received made by people I love are the gifts that I have kept forever. These are the items that I would never let go of. They are priceless to me.