11 Black Jesus Gifts (African Roots Pride! Click Here)

Black Jesus Gifts

We are made in the image of God and that's why the way we perceive Him has a huge impact on our lives. Today, we will take a look at some ideas for black Jesus gifts.

They will allow boys and girls to be confident in who they are and help adults to celebrate their African roots. Let's dive right into our handpicked Black Jesus Gifts you can give.

1. Black Jesus Men's Onyx Bead Necklace by Ancient Brand

1. Black Jesus Men's Onyx Bead Necklace - Black Jesus Gifts

I usually pick out four African themed dresses to wear to church during black history month. Sometimes I even go all out and wear a matching headwrap.

Maybe you have a friend or family member who enjoys celebrating their African heritage.

This beaded necklace has a black Christ image and would be much appreciated by someone who is proud of their African roots.

It may be a nice idea for a birthday gift or any other noteworthy celebration.

2. Black Jesus Nativity Ceramic Ornament by Wakko Greeting Cards

2. Black Jesus Nativity Ceramic Ornament - Black Jesus Gifts

For me Christmas is not the same without sorrel juice, pigeon peas, Christmas cakes, and a lengthy playlist with my favorite carols. These things have a special meaning and bring plenty of Christmas cheer in my home.

Maybe you have your own set of traditions and things that make Christmas a special time for you and your family. Or maybe you are looking to create some new experiences for the festive season.

Whichever it is, these ceramic nativity ornaments may be just what you are looking for.

You have the choice of adding family photos, images, and messages to customize these tokens and make them personal and unique.

3. Black Jesus Crown of Thorns Shirt by !RALUPOP

3. Black Jesus Crown of Thorns Shirt - Black Jesus Gifts

Growing up, local television stations had a roundup of movies, documentaries, and other programs that focused on black history for the month of February. My cousins and I need not worry about fun and entertainment because we had a nice collection of shows to choose from.

If you are worrying about getting a gift that acknowledges black history and celebrates black pride then worry no more. There is a wide collection of clothing and other accessories you may choose from and this shirt is just one example.

It's bold, endearing, and features a black Jesus wearing a crown on his head.

4. Black Jesus Throw Blanket by Purefly Store

4. Black Jesus Throw Blanket - Black Jesus Gifts

My grandfather's bed was never without a blanket. Yes, even during the hot summer months one was on his bed and it wasn't there for decorative purposes. Without a blanket that comfortable and cozy feeling would be lacking from his nap time.

You may know someone who is totally into blankets. Maybe they keep it on their bed all year round like my grandfather or maybe they use them while watching a movie as they lay on the couch.

One thing is for sure, this person will always appreciate a warm and cozy gift.

This ultra-soft, flannel blanket will provide the right amount of comfort while displaying scenes from the life of Jesus.

5. The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible by Amazon

5. The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible - Black Jesus Gifts

One of the topics my daughter covered in her kindergarten class was focused on celebrating who she is.

What I love about this topic is that children are taught to embrace who they are while at the same time accepting others even if they may seem different.

To reinforce this topic, I had her memorize Psalm 139:14, a Bible verse that celebrated who she is.

You are able to help a child celebrate who he or she is with this beautifully illustrated Children's Bible. The stories depict Jesus and other Bible characters with a darker skin tone for children of color to better identify with the word of God.

6. Black Jesus Prayer Candle by Brownskin Things

6. Black Jesus Prayer Candle - Black Jesus Gifts

Candles have a way of setting the right mood and lighting a space. There's a wide selection of scents, colors, and designs to suit different purposes and personalities. I'll never get tired of cinnamon scented or red candles. They somehow speak to my personality and taste.

This prayer candle will set the right mood in a prayer room. The portrait of Jesus on the jar will help to keep the mind fixed on Christ during intercession.

It may serve as an excellent gift for the members of your prayer group or a nice token for a special friend.

7. Coffee Mug by Stanley Rayfield

7. Coffee Mug - Black Jesus Gifts

My grandmother likes to brag about drinking from large mugs. I guess it's her way of hinting that she doesn't like a little bit of cocoa or small cups. I'm like her, I can't be bothered with constantly refilling.

Just give me a large mug and let me enjoy my fill. The more hot chocolate I have, the happier I will be.

This ceramic mug has the image of black Christ on both sides and can hold 11 ounces of your favorite hot beverage. Get it as a self-care token for that special someone who likes to drink hot chocolate and relax.

8. Black Jesus Carry The Cross Figurine by Black Art Depot

8. Black Jesus Carry the Cross Figurine - Black Jesus Gifts

I enjoy attending officers' retreats each year. Trying to put an entire year's calendar together and planning other ministry related activities may feel like a daunting task to take on in a weekend but there are some perks I look forward to.

I always get tokens to take home. Some of these tokens are physical items and keep-sakes that we use throughout the year while others are spiritual lessons.

The hymns, charges, prayers, and object lessons always feel right on target and this is why I usually return home feeling refreshed and excited.

If you are responsible for directing a ministry or motivating officers and other leaders at church these figurines are awesome keepsakes with a wonderful take home message.

Leadership is not easy but we all need to take up our cross and carry them if we hope to accomplish anything.

9. 100 Pack Black Jesus Prayer Cards by Altarnativearts

9. 100 Pack Black Jesus Prayer Cards - Black Jesus Gifts

When my aunt was in the hospital, she was constantly in my prayers. While at home, I sang and prayed for her healing and recovery. Sadly, when she was well enough to take calls, I struggled to find the right words to say to her.

I turned to hymns and songs that captured the essence of what I wanted to say. Yep, thank God for hymns about healing and prayers for loved ones. They really came in handy.

Sometimes it is not easy finding the right words to comfort our friends when they are facing health challenges. If you need a powerful prayer that claims the healing power of God then this would be a lovely gift.

This Afrocentric pop-up card with a prayer for healing will bring hope and lift the spirit. It will let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them and praying for health to be restored.

10. Holy Robe & Cross Keychain by Zazzle

10. Holy Robe & Cross Keychain - Black Jesus Gifts

A few weeks ago, I was on the lookout for Mother’s Day gift ideas. I knew exactly what I would get for my mom but it was a little more challenging selecting gifts for the women in my congregation.

I had to consider the different age ranges, personalities, and taste of all the moms. I must admit it was a little tricky.

If you find yourself in charge of getting gifts for a group then the holy robe and cross keychain is an excellent idea to consider.

Almost everyone will need a keychain at one point or another. If not it's always a nice keepsake to admire every now and again.

11. Prince of Peace Gift Card by Carlos Maraz Design Studio

11. Prince of Peace Gift Card - Black Jesus Gifts

For some individuals the Christmas holidays are not complete without greeting cards. As a part of their celebrations, they use them to express warm sentiments and best wishes for the upcoming year.

Other individuals treasure these tokens and artfully display them in their homes during the holidays.

If you are looking for a card that will express your best wishes this Christmas, this one is a great choice. It has Isaiah 9:6 along with a picture of the Prince of Peace.

It's a great way to remind someone that Jesus is the reason for the season while adding a cultural touch.

Final thought

I hope you enjoy this list of black Jesus gift ideas. It includes Christmas tokens, clothing and accessories, figurines, and other items that celebrate African heritage and inspire black pride.