14 Best It Is Well With My Soul Gifts (Personalized & Bespoke!)

It Is Well With My Soul Gifts

Horatio Spafford, a husband, and parent who endured many tragedies in his life, wrote “It Is Well with My Soul.”

He lost everything in the Chicago fire of 1871, and his four-year-old son died of scarlet fever a few weeks later.

His family was grieving and in pain, so he felt that a family vacation would be beneficial to all of them. He sent his wife and four daughters to England, intending to join them once business was completed.

His family's ship was involved in a collision and sank.

His four children perished in the water.

Horatio jumped on a ship and set sail for England to be with his bride. He created the lyrics to the song "It is well with my Soul" while driving over the spot where his children drowned.


1. It is Well with my Soul Pallet Sign Home Decor by WoodByStu

1. Pallet Sign Home Decor - It Is Well With My Soul

Pallet signs are my favourite. They are fashionable. Pallets are often used by my father-in-law to create items for our family. He made a rocking horse, ukulele, and our kitchen island out of pallets for my kids.

If you don't have a master woodworker for a father-in-law, you can buy this one. Give a gift that tells your family they are loved.

2. It is well with my Soul Throw Pillow by PCBHome

2. Throw Pillow - It IS Well With My Soul

If you've read any of my previous shopping posts, you'll know that I have a pillow fixation. My fixation irritates my hubby to no end. But, hey, what can you do? They're fantastic.

"It is well with my soul" is my favourite song, so pairing my favourite song with a cushion is perfect.

This is a great idea for a loved one who has just moved into a new home.

3. Hymn Wall Art/ Hymn Print by CornerstoneArtCo

3. Hymn Wall Art Hymn Print - It Is Well With My Soul

At every church my father pastored, my mother was the music director. I used to spend a lot of time in the music department of churches when I was younger.

My mother was always on the lookout for wonderful paintings to hang in her home. Some of that artwork has now found its way into my home.

This piece of art would have been perfect for my mother.

If you have a loved one who enjoys hymns, especially this one, they will appreciate this present.

4. It is Well With My Soul Printable by PrintableSky

4. It is Well With My Soul Printable - It Is Well With My Soul

One of the best things about today's art is that you can buy printables! That is, you print the art and use it to create new types of art.

This is a terrific printable if you are a crafty person who wants to make your own gift for someone you care about.

5. It is well with my Soul Bracelet by laureldenise

5. Bracelet - It Is Well With My Soul

Bracelets were highly popular while I was in high school. My children are now in high school, and bracelets are once again fashionable. The most meaningful bracelets are those that have a deeper meaning.

They are unique because they were given in memory of the person who provided them.

If you have a teenager who has lost a loved one, this is a wonderful bracelet to give them as a keepsake of their loss.

This bracelet is suitable for both men and women.

6. It is well with my Soul Shirt by TezzDesign

6. Hymn Shirt - It Is Well With My Soul

I enjoy wearing tees with a message on them. That way, I'll be able to spread the message everywhere I go. When I go grocery shopping, I make it a point to select a clothing that will motivate those around me.

Occasionally, I am the one who requires encouragement. It is well with my soul is a wonderful message to spread to others.

7. It is Well with my Soul Farmhouse Book Stack by VostandCo

7. Farmhouse Book Stack - It Is Well With My Soul

I cleaned the house of a lady in town a few years ago to supplement my income and pay for my daughter's grade eight graduation gown. This bookstack was on the office shelf of the house I cleaned.

It was my first time seeing it, and I was blown away.

This is a fantastic gift option for your family's bookworm.

8. Personalized Gift by OnlyAgape

8. Personalized Gift - It Is Well With My Soul

I enjoy receiving personalised presents because they demonstrate that you put extra thought and effort into the gift. When you receive a unique present from someone, you realise how much they value you.

I've only received a few personalised gifts in my life, but each one is meaningful to me.

This is a terrific idea if you have a loved one and want them to know how special they are.

This is a terrific idea if you know someone who has been through a catastrophe and needs a daily reminder that they are loved.

9. It Is Well With My Soul Ring by 10thFloorTreasures

9. It Is Well With My Soul Ring - It Is Well With My Soul

Rings are significant symbols of love. The obvious examples are engagement and wedding bands. When our daughters finished from eighth grade, my husband gave them each a beautiful ring.

It was a method to show children that they were unique, cherished, and cared for. He took them to an exclusive restaurant and presented them with the ring.

I have a ring that my mother gave me just before she died.

These are just a few examples of rings that are extremely meaningful to our loved ones.

10. Vinyl Sticker by OwlNElephant19

10. Vinyl Sticker - It Is Well With My Soul

Vinyl stickers make excellent gifts. These stickers are a big hit with my second oldest daughter. Vinyl stickers have always appealed to me. One of the reasons I like them so much is because they are really long-lasting.

They aren't like paper stickers in that they don't peel off. Stickers made of vinyl will last for years.

If you know someone who like stickers and this song, this is an excellent choice for them.

11. Desk Signs by SonAndLamb

11. Desk Signs - It Is Well With My Soul

My office was remodelled a few months ago. The only thing I need to find now is the ideal desk. This is a lovely sign to place on my desk once I locate the right one.

This is a fantastic alternative for someone in your life who spends a lot of time at work. This sign will serve as a nice reminder of where our tranquilly comes from on those days when work is difficult and your loved one is frustrated.

Our peace will not come from completing projects or gaining new clientele. Our tranquilly comes only from knowing that God is in charge.

12. It is well with my Soul Magnet by EternalCraftsCanada

12. Magnet - It Is Well With My Soul

I gave my kids things for their lockers when they started high school. Magnets were one of the gifts I gave them. They use these magnets to leave notes and reminders in their lockers, as well as to hang pictures.

Magnets are a great way to leave a positive message. The magnets can be placed in your child's locker or on your refrigerator.

The perfect place to leave these magnets is where your loved one visits on a frequent basis.

13. It is well with my Soul Pendant Necklace by ShopMoniqueLynn

13. Pendant Necklace - It Is Well With My Soul

“Whatever my lot, though as taught me to say, It is well, with my Soul.”

What does it mean by “whatever my lot”? Job once said, “The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

What both Job and the hymn writer were saying is this. They will worship God, no matter what happens in life. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

Do you have a friend or loved one who has been through a “lot” in life? This is a great gift for them. Tell your friend you are proud of them for not giving up and staying true to their faith.


14. ENVELOPES Hand EMBOSSING - It Is Well With My Soul

Everyone enjoys getting mail. Sending mail is the only thing that compares. This is a terrific approach to seal your cards if you are the type of person who enjoys sending encouraging letters and cards to loved ones.

This is a fantastic concept. I wish we could go back in time to when people used to send letters. People used to take additional care with the entire mail-sending process, including sealing the envelopes.


For nearly a century, the song "It is well with my soul" has influenced people's lives. It is still motivating and inspiring today. People today require encouragement because there are so many sad events taking place. To get through the challenges, our loved ones need God's help. With these presents inspired by "It is well," you can support them.