15 Amazing Grace Gifts (Ideas with the Lyrics, Custom & Bespoke!)

Amazing Grace Gifts

I am the host of the Church History Podcast. I love to study Church History. There are a few stories that are my favorites.

The story of John Newton is probably my favorite. John Newton worked as a sailor. He was sold as an enslaved person and spent years working as an enslaved person.

When he was freed, he took a job as a captain of a slave ship. For years he helped move enslaved people from their homes to plantations. Many didn't survive the trip. Even after becoming a Christian, John continued in the slave trade.

The conviction of the Holy Spirit was too much to bear, and he walked away from the slave trade in 1755. He began to speak about the truth of the slave trade and inspired a little boy named William Wilberforce.

William grew up to become a member of parliament and fought to end the slave trade. John Newton was in the parliament when the vote passed to end the slave trade.

John Newton is famous for writing the song, Amazing Grace. It was sung in the revival meetings of the Great Awakening. This was a turning point in Church History.

Today the song Amazing Grace is probably the best-known hymn. Here are some great gift ideas with the words from Amazing Grace.

1) Amazing Grace Fragrance Set by tales of a pale face

1. Amazing grace fragrance set - Amazing Grace Gifts

This is a fragrant gift idea for the young lady in your life. Each morning as she starts her day, getting ready, she will be reminded of God's amazing Grace.

Every start of the day is a fresh start. We start the day with a new slate. Our daughters need that reminder.

2) Glassy Print by Christian Wall

2. Glassy Wall Art - Amazing Grace Gifts

This is STUNNING! I love the glassy look of this artwork. Our family has been part of three different church plants. One of the things I have done is help look for artwork. A church needs a beautiful painting that is both trendy and timeless.

This is a piece I could see in a church behind the baptism tank.

If you have ever been part of a church plant, then you know finding the funds for these little touches is hard to do. If you know someone who is part of a church staff, you can show them you support their journey with this fantastic piece of art.

3) Wall Sign by Wedding Appeal

3. Wall Sign - Amazing Grace Gifts

Sometimes the artwork is wanted, but the room needs something not busy. Wall signs are a great option.

We have hosted a weekly Bible Study Brunch in our home for the last two years. I have been looking for artwork to place on one of our walls. We can't use artwork because we have our T.V. on the same wall. A wall sign would be a great option.

If you are part of a small group Bible study or home church, you might want to find a gift for the host. I can tell you this would be a great host Amazing Grace gift idea.

4) Printable Vintage Sheet by Down the Path Creations

4. Printable Vintage Sheet - Amazing Grace Gifts

I collect old books. My two favorites are an old Nursing book and a 5th-grade reader. Both are almost 100 years old. My two other favorite books are two old hymnals from the 70s.

I love my old hymnals. Both used to belong to my mother, and I have memories of her sitting at the piano, singing and playing the hymns. There is something unique about hymns. I was looking for a great print and found this great sheet. This is a digital printable sheet that you can purchase and print what you need.

If you are a choir or worship leader in your church, this would be a great idea to purchase and print for each of your musicians.

5) Amazing Grace Tee Shirt with Definition by Design Creative CA

5. Tee Shirt with Definition - Amazing Grace Gifts

What is Grace? The definition of Grace is something debated by theologians. The dictionary definition is "The Exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor and the disposition to serve another."

I love this shirt because of the definition of the Grace printed.

When I was 19 years old, I spent the summer working with children from the inner cities of Chicago. A lady I had worked with in my church gave me an encouragement card. I appreciated that.

This shirt will be a great Amazing Grace gift idea if you know someone in your church who is on a mission trip. It shows you are proud of them.

6) Amazing Grace Wooden Music Box by with Me Gifts

6. Wooden Music Box - Amazing Grace Gifts

When I was a little girl, I was given a music box. It was very special to me, and I kept it until it was lost in a movie a few years ago. My music box had a little ballerina that spun as music played.

What about little boys? A young boy could also use a music box, but you need something different. This is a fabulous idea. A little boy can open the box and watch the gears move as the song Amazing Grace is played.

Remember, John Newton might be famous for writing Amazing Grace; however, his most significant accomplishment was mentoring a little boy named William Wilberforce. It was that little boy who grew up to end the slave trade.

What young boy could you be mentoring?

7) Amazing Grace Stackable Ring by Aurelian Studio

7. Stackable Ring - Amazing Grace Gifts

Stackable rings are on-trend right now. My teenage daughters love them. These rings are great because they come with the message of God's love.

As our daughters face a world full of temptations, they have a constant reminder of God's Grace, mercy, and love.

We all have memories of temptations that came our way as teenagers. The attractions today are far more significant than anything we faced as teens. We need to equip our daughters to confront those lies of the devil and sending them with this reminder is a great way to do that.

8) Metal Sign. I Still Believe in Amazing Grace by J Marie Designed

8. Metal Sign. I Still Believe in Amazing Grace - Amazing Grace Gifts

I still believe in Amazing Grace, that there's Power in the Blood, that he walks with me, and He talks with me. Because he lives, I can face tomorrow all because of the Old Rugged Cross.

I love this!

The old hymns of the past are so beautiful. Many were written during a time when many people could not read. Songs were written with profound theological truths to help teach the congregations about doctrine. Many of these songs were written during the great awakening.

This is a beautiful Amazing grace gift idea if you have someone who loves the old Hymns.

9) Amazing Grace Necklace by Tiny Testaments

9. Necklace - Amazing Grace Gifts

When I saw this, I fell in love with it right away. I love not only the words but also the musical score. I have a friend who is a musician. She loves the old hymns. I would love to give her this necklace.

Necklaces can bring great comfort to someone who needs it. When you have something, you can instantly hold during a moment of stress that brings comfort.

10) Amazing Grace Windchimes by EPS Digital

10. Windchimes - Amazing Grace Gifts

We would go to a cottage every summer when I was a little girl. I loved my time at that cottage. One of my favorite memories is sitting on the back deck, looking out at the water, and hearing the wind chimes.

What is it about wind chimes that give us such peace and stillness? This wind chime is unique because it plays Amazing Grace.

Every cottage needs wind chimes. This is a great Amazing grace gift idea if you know someone who has a cabin. When you are invited to a place, that is an extraordinary invitation.

You are being invited into the social space of your friend's life. This fantastic Grace wind chime is a perfect option for a hostess gift.

11) Amazing Grace Door Hanger by Sherry Shabby Shack

11. Door Hanger - Amazing Grace Gifts

I love to have wreaths on my door. I have one for each season. One of the tips I have is to buy a wreath and then special ad hangers such as this one. These additions make your wreath stand out.

When someone gets a new home, one of the last things they will purchase for themselves is wreaths for the door. When someone you love moves into their first home, a wreath you have customized will make a great hostess gift.

12) Amazing Grace Pillow by Lemon Drop Images

12. Pillow - Amazing Grace Gifts

"Grace has brought me safe thus far, and Grace will lead me home."

When we have a friend who is going through a hard time, one of the ways to bring comfort is to remind them of all the things God has done for them and through them in the past. Take the time to write a list of all the things you have seen God do through them.

Give this pillow as a Amazing grace gift when you read the list to them. Your friend can remember the same God that walked them through their past will be there to walk them through their future.

13) Amazing Grace Movie directed by Michael Apted-  Book by Eric Metaxas

13. Amazing Grace Movie - Amazing Grace Gifts

This book by Eric Metaxes is my favorite book. In this book, you will learn the whole story of William Wilberforce, the little boy John Newton inspired to end the slave trade.

This book is on my list of five books every Christian needs to read. The movie is well done, so if there are people in your life you don't like to read, the film is a great option.

I would also say the audiobook is very well done!

You should buy this for yourself and anyone else who would be inspired by this fantastic story of God's Grace.

14) Amazing grace compact mirror by Christian Art Gifts Store

13. Amazing Grace Movie - Amazing Grace Gifts

Every young lady needs a compact mirror. But this one is extra special because before the young lady opens the mirror, she is reminded of God's amazing Grace.

While it is essential for our young ladies to have the ability to check their make-up, etc., when they are out with friends, it is more important that our young ladies know about God's Grace.

15) Bokeh & Cross by Christian Walls

15. Bokeh & Cross  - Amazing Grace Gifts

This is gorgeous! 

When I look at this artwork, I feel absolute peace and joy. The artist is very talented.

I grew up in a pastor's home. One of my memories is my mother helping him decorate his office. The pastor's office is essential. This is the space your pastor uses to prep his sermons, meet with people for prayer and counseling, and often host staff meetings.

October the 9th is pastor appreciation day. On that day, you can show your pastor you appreciate them. One way to do that is to present your pastor with this fantastic piece of art. This will make his office an inspirational space.


God has used the words of Amazing Grace to touch millions of lives. These words were used to free enslaved people.

In your world, many people need hope and comfort. Your own family, your friends, your church staff members. I hope these Amazing grace gift ideas give you a great place to start.