15 Best Joshua 1:9 Gifts (Feel Strong & Courageous!)

Joshua 1:9 Gifts

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

Today we are living in a world run by fear. Diseases, war, political uncertainty, and a divided nation have created a world of uncertainty. People feel uncertain, and no firm foundation makes people feel secure.

You only need to spend a few minutes on social media to see the fear and frustration of everyone. As Christians, we have the cure. The Bible says that God does not give us the spirit of fear. So that spirit of fear comes from the Devil.

In Joshua chapter one, Joshua was about to lead the nation of Israel into a new land already occupied by nations. This was the definition of uncertainty. Joshua was given the commandment to be strong and courageous, not afraid or discouraged because God was going with Him.

We can give this cure to our friends and family living in fear. Here are some Joshua 1:9 gift ideas.

1) Joshua 1:9 Dog Tag by A Little Bit Of Faith

1. Dog Tag - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

The dog tag is a symbol of a soldier. This is a great Joshua 1:9 gift idea for the men in our lives who need to be reminded they are soldiers in God's army.

In college, I worked as a part-time nanny for a family whose husband was in the military. It was the first time I truly understood the sacrifice and reality of the military. The young children loved their father, and it was complicated to have him far away in a dangerous situation.

I always respected the military before this, but this situation helped me see how a family dealt with a world of uncertainty. They were courageous. This wonderful family knew that God was sovereign over the world. This strength made them fearless.

This is a perfect idea if you have a hero in your life who needs a daily reminder that God is with them.

2) Barbell Print by Christian Wall

2. Barbell Wall Art - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

This is one of my favorite pieces of art. I have the spot in my house already picked out where I want this piece of artwork to go.

Four years ago, I wanted to give my husband an extraordinary Joshua 1:9 gift. Without knowing it, I cleared out a storage room, painted the walls, put mirrors on the wall, and bought used gym equipment I found on Kiji and the marketplace. I made a complete gym for him.

On Christmas morning, he opened a small box with a note inside that told him to go to the storage room to find his present; he opened the door to find a gym.

For the last four years, he has started his day reading his Bible and then working out in his gym before work.

I want to hang this piece of art on his gym wall. That way, each morning, he will wake up with the message to be strong and courageous.

If you have an athlete in your home and have a home gym, surprise them with this artwork for their space.

3) Joshua 1:9 Compass by Best knife Survival

3. Compass - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

A compass may seem like a strange gift in a world of GPS apps. But a compass is a unique gift that can be handed down from generation to generation. The compass symbolizes finding our direction, both literally and figuratively.

There are so many different paths we travel down in life, and many of those paths lead us to crossroads. Points in our life where we must choose a direction to move in. During these crises in our lives, we need people to stand and pray with us.

If you know someone who is in a stage in their life where they are at a crossroads, give them a symbol like this compass to remind them too not to be afraid. The object of the compass won't provide them with the strength to find their way; knowing you are standing with them is where they will find that strength.

4) Joshua 1:9 Key Chain by Christian Art Gifts

4. Key Chain - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

My youngest daughter just got her learner's permit for her driver's license. I think of all my children; she is the hardest to let go of. I can't believe my little girl is driving a car! When our children hit this milestone, it is good to show them you are proud of them by giving them something tangible. A keychain is a great idea.

This keychain has the Bible Verse from Joshua 1:9. Since our children will always have their keys with them, they will always have this message of courage.

5) Joshua 1:9 Bible Cover by Atrio Hill

5. Bible Cover - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

Many people don't bring their Bibles to church anymore. Many only get their phones and use apps. Those apps have their place in our lives. But in church, we should carry our Bibles. A Bible case is a place for us to keep our notebooks and pens for taking notes.

If you have someone in your life that you have encouraged to leave their phone in the car and bring their Bible into Church, this is a good Joshua 1:9 gift idea.

6) Joshua 1:9 Pen by Christian Art Gift

6. Pen - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

Above I mentioned the Bible cover as a great Joshua 1:9 gift idea. This is an addition to that gift. A pen is a beautiful idea. In church, you can use a pen for taking notes. Besides that, a pen is used all day long. Over the last two years, keeping a personal pen on your person has become a trend. This is because many places that used to provide pens for people to use are no longer allowing that due to government regulations for health and safety.

I keep a pen in my purse, and my husband owns a pen in his pocket. Most people have an ugly BIC pen. But having a nice pen like this one will keep you on-trend.

7) Zippered Leather Journal by Christian Art Gifts

7. Zippered Leather Journal - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

Journal writing has been an essential part of my life since college. During the years since college, I have had to process many things. September 11th, finding my birthmother, marriage, childbirth, foster parenting, adopting a sibling group, dealing with my parent's health issues, and my mother's passing.

Sometimes, when we are processing significant life events, we have thoughts we can't say out loud. Voicing these thoughts is too hard. However, writing them in a journal allows us to allow these thoughts to leave our minds.

This journal has the reminder to be strong and courageous. If you have a loved one who is processing a traumatic event, give this journal to help them face the difficult road ahead.

8) Joshua 1:9 Bracelet by Family Surprise Gifts

8. Bracelet - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

When I was a little girl, my teacher would tie a string around my wrist if she sent home something I was supposed to give to my parents. This way, when I was home and saw the string on my wrist, I would remember.

In high school, I used to write things I needed to remember on the hand.

It is surprising how often we see our hands, and they are the perfect place to leave a reminder; what more excellent reminder do we have than the reminder to be strong and courageous!

I love this bracelet because it can be worn by either males or females.

9) Hebrew Jewelry by Janet Powers 1

9. Hebrew Jewelry - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

I love the nation of Israel and love the idea of a piece of jewelry with Hebrew printing. If I could travel to any place in the world, it would be Jerusalem.

In our weekly Bible Study, another couple also loves Israel. She has visited the land many times. We love to talk about what is happening in that part of the world.

Unless you are fascinated with Israel or know someone who does, you might not understand what I mean when I say I love Israel. But if you do have a loved one with an Israeli obsession, they will love this Joshua 1:9 gift idea!

10) Joshua 1:9 Candle by 4 Amazing People Like U

10. Candle - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

When you picture a calm space, the picture usually involves candles. A romantic dinner for two, a spa, a bathtub, all are upgraded with candles.

There is something about the flickering flame and low light that calms us.

I have a daughter that deals with anxiety. Having a candle in her room is a way that brings calm into her life. She is, of course, an older teen; you would not want to give candles to a young child.

I recently went through a very traumatic event, and people who visited me brought me gifts. Most brought me flowers. Although I appreciated this, I would recommend finding something other than flowers. We were overwhelmed with flowers, and our home felt like a funeral home.

A candle is a beautiful idea. It brings calm and lasts a long time.

11) Joshua 1:9 Picture Frame by Studio Dottie

11. Picture Frame - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

This is my favorite gift idea. If you have a friend or family member you love, you probably have a picture of you and them together. Print off that picture and put it into this frame.

Getting a picture frame is a nice enough gift but getting a picture frame that already has a picture of you, and your loved one is fabulous.

The trend today is to post a picture of you, and you're loved in your social media story as a way to say "Happy Birthday" Take that trend and upgrade it with this fabulous frame.

12) Joshua 1:9 Shirt by Made In USA Miami

12. Shirt - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

Remember in the early 2000s when Christian shirts were all one size fits all and tacky? Times have changed, and today the Christian apparel industry has become stylish and trendy.

There was a time I would not have worn a Christian shirt out in public because I thought it made Christianity looks silly. But I would wear this shirt proudly. I love the message, be bold, brave, courageous!

When you wear a shirt with a message, you speak to everyone you walk past. And this is a great message.

13) Cutting Board with a lion by Life Designs Store

13. Cutting Board with a lion - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

Most cutting boards with designs are feminine. If you have a son that has moved out on his own, this is a great gift idea for their new home. If you have a male loved one who loves to cook, this is a great cutting board for them.

I love to have cutting boards that can be used for serving. This is a perfect example of that. I love the design and would be proud to have this on display in my kitchen.

This is a perfect idea for the men in our lives who want their kitchen to be bold and masculine.

14) Magnetic by Sway Girls

14. Magnetic - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

One of the traditions in our home is to buy locker supplies for our children when they enter grade nine. This is the first year with lockers, and it is a right of passage. One of the essential locker items is the magnet. This is to hold the pictures of all the friends they will make in high school.

Being brave is the message every high school student needs. Imagine your child seeing this message every morning when they open their locker.

15) Sunset Journey wall art by Christian Wall

15. Sunset Journey wall art - Joshua 1 9 Gifts

I am redoing the hallway upstairs since my children are now young adults. I am looking for artwork that shows their new life stage and still reminds them of the Christian foundation we gave them. As they head out on the open road (that is so scary to think about as a mom), they can be reminded of the passages of the Bible we have memorized together as a family.

This is an excellent artwork for older teens. The most exciting thing about this stage of life is discovering their driver's license. This is exciting and scary for both the teenager and parent. I think it is more terrifying for the parent.

This artwork is a way to remind the whole family that God is in control.


We may live in a world controlled by fear. But as Christians we don’t have to live that way. When we know that God is sovereign and in control, the fear is gone. We don’t fear when we have a sense of security. Giving your loved one’s security and courage is the best gift you could give them.