14 Footprints in the Sand Gifts (Best Ideas to Remember Poem!)

Footprints in the Sand Gifts

I can remember the first time I heard this poem. I was a small child sitting in church. We had a special speaker who came to our church. He read this poem before we sang. I remember it making an impact on me. Growing up in Newfoundland, Canada, I spent time on the beach.

Throughout the years, whenever I am at the beach, I always go for a walk, look at footprints, and think about the message of this poem.

There are two possible authors to this poem. Mary Stevenson wrote a poem in 1939 when she was a teenager. Canadian Margaret Fishback Powers wrote a second poem in 1964. In 1995 Margaret published a book entitled Footprint's book of inspirations.

This book made the poem famous. So many people have been inspired by this poem, which has helped them survive difficult situations.

If you know someone who needs hope, here are some Footprints in the Sand gift suggestions inspired by this poem.

1. Footprints In the Sand Custom Made Using Your Photograph by Zellner Primitives

1. Footprints In the Sand Custom Made Using Your Photograph - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

Everyone who has visited the beach has excellent beach pictures. We love to show them off. I have many beach pictures from our family vacations. My favorite beach picture is a picture of my husband holding my toddler daughter looking out at the water.

Today my husband is taking my daughter out to practice driving the car. It has been years since that adorable picture, and I still have it as my wallpaper on my computer.

If you want to give a gift that will touch a heart, find a picture someone has posted on social media from a beach trip. You can use that picture to make this custom art. They will love this!

2. Red Jacket at the beach by Christian walls

2. Red Jacket at the beach - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

I am in love with this picture. The black and white with red jacket jumps out to you. This would make a great focal point to a room. Imagine walking into a church prayer room and seeing this artwork! I would gift this artwork to a church.

I visit a lot of churches as a public speaker. I love to see churches have a quiet space set aside for prayer and reflection. If your church doesn't have such a space, I recommend making that change. And this is the artwork you should use for this space.

3. Footprints in the sand Ceramic Ornament by Cute Comfy Designs

3. Footprints in the sand Inspirational Christian Ceramic Ornament - Footprints in the Sand

I have a friend who has a great family tradition. Whenever they have a significant event, they buy an ornament throughout the year. They have a second smaller Christmas tree that holds the ornaments that remember these occasions at Christmas.

Sometimes these are memories from vacations. Sometimes they are memories of new family members, and sometimes memories of loved ones who passed away.

I love this tradition. It is a way to once a year remember all the family events. This is an excellent ornament for someone who needs a reminder that God is with them. If you know someone who survived a challenging year, this is a great way to give them hope for the year ahead.

4. Footprints in the Sand Pillow by Zazzle

4. Pillow - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

I love pillows! When rooms need a new vibe, pillows are the way to go. I have Christmas pillows, summer pillows, and neutral pillows. A fun pillow is a great gift idea if you know someone who has a new home or apartment.

5. Footprints in the Sand Pocket Tokens by Kellie's gift

5. Pocket Tokens - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

When you are going through a hard time, it helps to have something you can hold in your hand. This is a great gift idea if you have someone who will have to walk through a rugged valley.

I have a friend who is starting chemotherapy this week. No one can be with her because of hospital restrictions. Getting up in the morning, getting in the car, and driving to the hospital is a hard thing to do. When she can reach into her pocket and hold this token, she can know she is not alone.

I have another friend who is in court with an abusive x-husband.

There are so many journeys that people must take. We can't be with them as they walk those journeys. This is a small token your loved ones can keep with them as they travel the path God has given them.

6. Footprints in the Sand Blanket by Bartz Viviano

6. Blanket - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

I always think blankets are a great gift. This would be an excellent idea for your grandmother. It can be used to either wrap around yourself or hang as artwork. My grandmother is 94 years old. I try to visit her once a week.

It can be hard to find something to give to your grandmother. This blanket is a great idea.

7. Footprints in the Sand Locket by Glass Gem Jewelry

7. Footprints Locket - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

Lockets are one of my favorite gift ideas. This is something special that can be passed down from generation to generation.

This locket is gorgeous and can be worn with casual or fancy clothing. Like the token idea, this is present to give to someone walking through a difficult journey.

When you present this locket to your loved ones, remind them that Jesus is with them, and so are you. Even if you can't be in the room with them, you are still praying with them and there for them.

8. Footprints in the Sand Medallion Coin by Recovery Chip

8. Medallion Coin - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

I have a coin in my wallet that I can't use to purchase anything. The coin is from my husband's trip and took for our tenth anniversary. When I open my purse and see this coin, I remember this particular time with my husband and why I love him so much.

Having a coin in a wallet is a great way to remind you where you need it.

9. Footprints in the Sand Ring by Jewellrix

9. Ring - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

This is a fabulous idea for your teenage or college-age children. I love the way this ring looks. It would work for either a male or female.

Leaving your childhood behind and stepping into adulthood is scary. Make sure your children know none of their difficult paths need to be traveled alone.

God is with them. If they lean on God, he will guide them through the ups and downs of life.

10. Footprints in the Sand Watch by Cindy Allen

10. Watch - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

Some people think we don't need watches anymore. There is always a place to look for the time with our phones in our pockets.

In fact, for many years, there were very few people who wore watches. This trend is changing. People have come to see phones need to stay in their pockets.

Most workplaces now have a "no phone" policy. Two of my daughters are not allowed to wear apple watches at work either. This is a beautiful idea if you have a child starting a job with a no-phone policy.

Not only will they be able to check the time, but they will remember God is with them as they work.

11. Footprints in the Sand Memory Box by Rustic Elegance LV

11. Memory Box - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

I lost my mother to cancer a few months ago. I have a few extraordinary things that I keep in a box to look at them when I need to feel her close to me. I am also adopted, and I am an adoptive mother.

I have a small box of memories from my birth father, who died without meeting him. My adopted children also have a box of memories from their birth mother, who passed away.

If you are an adoptive parent, this is a great idea. Use this box and put things inside your child will want to have when they are older. I speak at adoption conferences, and memory boxes are something most adoptive parents have.

12. Journal by Nimble Muse Printables

12. Journal - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

Journals are an excellent way to work through our problems. Sometimes you have thoughts and feelings you just can't share with anyone. The words are too hard to say out loud.

Somehow writing it is easier. Our family has gone through a challenging year. Looking toward the next couple of months, we have some medical journeys we know will be hard emotionally and physically. My teenage children have needed to process a lot of challenging situations.

I gave each of the children a journal to write the things they didn't feel they could say out loud. Parenting older children facing hard times is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I have found journaling has been very helpful.

13. Footprints in the Sand Mug by Abbey Gift

13. Mug - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

One of my favorite parts of the day is standing by my large picture window with my morning coffee, looking out into the stillness of the early morning. The calm and quiet of the small town is a reminder that God is in control.

I take those moments of silence to talk to God about the day that lays ahead. One day I received a mug in the mail from someone who had heard me speak. They wanted me to know they were very touched by what they heard.

That was one of the unique gifts I have received. It was unexpected and from someone, I didn't even know personally. Send an unexpected gift if you know someone who needs some hope and encouragement. They will love it!

14. Shoreline Art by Christian Walls

14. Shoreline Art - Footprints in the Sand Gifts

We are redoing the guest room in my father's apartment. He lives in an apartment above our home. I want to room to be very inviting when people come to stay with him. My mother passed away a few months ago, so the family came to visit him.

We need a piece of artwork to go over the bed. The art needs to be a focal point for the room. I love this piece of art. The colors are neutral, so that they will go with any color.

The footprints walking into the shallow wave make me want to climb into the picture and feel the water splash on my feet. The artist has captured the calm and peace from the ocean.

The poem adds the needed touch to bring peace into the room.

If you know someone who needs peace and calm, this is the artwork to give them.


There is a reason this poem has touched so many people. When we go through hard times, we can feel alone. Feeling alone is the worst feeling in the world. We can face anything if we know we are not alone. But alone is desperate.

This poem reminds us we are never alone. Jesus is with us.

We need to reach out to Jesus spend time in prayer with him. When we spend time with Jesus, we will know that he is near us.

Remember, you are never alone.