14 Funny Jesus Gifts - Hilarious Ways to Love Him

Funny Jesus Gifts

Funny gifts are the best gifts. They make people laugh, which is the best gift you can give. We have a vast selection of funny Jesus gifts for all occasions. Everyone loves a good laugh, and a good laugh is the best gift you can give!

I had my four teenage daughters help me find the perfect Jesus Funny gifts. I have a weird sense of humor, so they made sure the gifts were something teenagers would find funny.

Surprise people with a hilarious twist on the traditional ideas! Let people have something new to laugh at every time they look at it—surprise people with a hilarious gift.


1. Funny Magnet by Designs by Pampers

1. Funny Magnet - Funny Jesus Gifts

Jesus is always looking at us. He sees us in all forms: good, bad, beautiful, ugly, hilarious, and dull. He sees us at all times of the day and night. He notices us both when we are unhappy and when we are joyful.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that Jesus is keeping an eye on us. However, adding a dash of humor to the mix makes it simpler to take in the lesson. This is ideal for the fridge, especially if you're attempting to eat healthier.

This magnet is the perfect funny gift for friends, family, and even that co-worker you love to have fun with.

2. Coffee Mug by Bougie Brands

2. Coffee Mug - Funny Jesus Gifts

How does God make coffee? Hebrews it!

With our Bible study, we recently completed the book of Hebrews. It is one of my favorite biblical writings. The men in the group like exchanging "dad jokes" from time to time. This mug is the epitome of a fatherly joke. This is a terrific idea for someone who leads a prayer or Bible study and has a good sense of humor.

Give someone a witty coffee cup as a gift! Every coffee mug comes with its own amusing story, so people will be able to chuckle at something new every time they look at it.

Everyone enjoys coffee, and the most acceptable gift you can offer is a good cup of coffee!

3. Jesus Wine Glass by Shape Even Six

3. Christmas Wine Glass - Funny Jesus Gifts

I don't drink alcohol, although I have a few pals who enjoy a glass of wine now and then. Even though I do not drink, I can see how this may be amusing.

If you have a wine-loving acquaintance, they might find as a funny Jesus gift.

4. Jesus Tee Shirt by Road Apple Designs

4. Tee Shirt - Funny Jesus Gifts

My home is in a bit of town. Because of the modest size, there are no traffic lights. Despite this, our village is busy on Saturdays throughout the winter. That is because we do have hockey.

We have a giant ice rink and several hockey teams. On game days, all of my daughter's coffee business employees are required to wear team jerseys.

Hockey families have a specific personality that sets them apart from other families. If you have a hockey-loving friend, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

This tee is ideal for the hockey enthusiast in your life. It has the design "Jesus Saves!" on it. Could be a great funny Jesus gift for Hockey players :)

5. Clean/ Dirty Magnet by Rather Rude

5. Clean Dirty Magnet - Funny Jesus Gifts

Sometimes it feels like all I do is wash dishes. When I remark, "Hey, you can put that in the dishwasher," they invariably respond, "I thought it was clean."

I make an effort to ensure that our kitchen is a place of love and laughter rather than conflict. That can be challenging for me at times. I have to remind myself not to be enraged.

However, I must ensure that my children learn to assist in maintaining our home. The best medication for learning is laughter.

This clean/dirty magnet is a hilarious Jesus gift that informs everyone.

6. Jesus Hoody by Arise Appear Co

6. Hoody - Funny Jesus Gifts

I'm always snatching hoodies from my husband. I have my own, with an entire shelf in the closet dedicated to them. Despite this, I continue to take his. I'm not sure why, but I adore him. Is there anyone else who can relate to that?

I might wear this hoody instead of his if he bought it for me. It's fantastic! So, if your wife is constantly snatching your hoody, this is an excellent solution for you.

Hoodies make a terrific present for both men and women, and they're a great way to remain warm when it's cold outside. There are a variety of hoodie designs to choose from, so you're sure to find one that fits your personality and style.

This one fits the style of someone who loves Jesus and can’t stop telling everyone.

7. Tee Shirt by Rip Some Lip Today

7. Tee Shirt - Funny Jesus Gifts

I'm looking forward to Jesus' return! The past two years have been the most trying of my life. I want Jesus to come back right now!

There are many different sorts of shirts available, so you'll be able to choose one that matches your personality and style. This is the shirt for those looking forward to Jesus' return.

I enjoy discussing the Second Coming of Jesus. If you have a buddy who enjoys discussing the end times and Jesus's coming, this is their ideal funny Jesus gift.

8. Welcome Doormat by I love Matz

8. Welcome Doormat - Funny Jesus Gifts

I am looking for an excellent idea for a doormat. I am trying to find the perfect one. While looking around, I found this one that made me laugh. I live in an area where it is impossible to have a gun, but my best friend lives in a state where everyone has a gun.

She carries it on in her purse. This would be the perfect doormat for her. She would love this.

This is an excellent idea for the people who have a lot of company or people who like to talk about their guns. If you are one of these people, you will appreciate this.

A doormat is a great gift idea if you have a friend who has just moved into a new home. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows you care about their home, and it’s something that will come in handy.

9. Mug by Hot Design Gifts

9. Mug - Funny Jesus Gifts

This mug essentially summarises the entire Bible. Because you only have one life, live it for Jesus. Except for Jesus, of course. He has risen from the dead! And He's on his way back.

If you're the type of person who likes to talk about their faith and is looking for a way to start a conversation, this is a terrific mug to bring to work or school. This mug is sure to create a discussion!

This would also make a wonderful present for a Sunday school teacher.

10. Bumper Sticker by Designs by Jang Sley

10. Bumper Sticker - Funny Jesus Gifts

It's difficult to choose just one of the numerous amusing bumper stickers available. Bumper stickers are a fun way to convey your sense of humor while displaying your personality and style.

There are so many various designs and styles to choose from that you'll be sure to discover one that matches your personality and style.

"Do you follow Jesus this closely?" asks this bumper sticker.

We all despise it when other drivers tailgate us. This is an excellent & funny Jesus gift idea for someone in your life who is constantly whining about people driving too close behind them.

11. Tee Shirt by Top Banana Clothing Co

11. Tee Shirt - Funny Jesus Gifts

Easter is approaching. I would not wear this shirt. However, I have a friend who enjoys making outrageous statements and initiating talks with strangers. He wants the chats so much that most of us try to avoid them.

This shirt is for a friend who enjoys having difficult conversations.

12. Sticker by Tipsy Creations Studio

12. Sticker - Funny Jesus Gifts

Stickers have always been a favorite of my middle daughter. It was aggravating when she was younger because she would throw them everywhere; the worst was when she threw them all over our brand new van!

However, now that she is 18, she keeps her stickers on her belongings, and the princess stickers have been replaced with message stickers.

Teenagers adore stickers, and nothing beats giving them a funny sticker to paste on their stuff.

Stickers are a terrific gift option for teenagers since they're a fun way to communicate your sense of humor while also demonstrating that you care about your friend's or family member's sense of style.

13. Mug by Studio Jutnto Tees

13. Mug - Funny Jesus Gifts

Here is another mug idea, because you can never have to many mugs, and they are the best gift for a fun way to give a message. BRB means Be Right Back, just in case you don’t know abbreviations.

I love mugs, and I can never have enough of them.

Mug is a great Christmas gift for everyone on your list. Mugs are practical gifts that will always be useful, so you can be sure that everyone on your list will love receiving a mug as a Christmas gift.

14. Sweater by Flax creative

14. Sweater - Funny Jesus Gifts

Jesus is my Rock, that is how I roll.

My husband has a friend who loves the old classic Christian rock. He loves to play it loud. The funny thing is he is the exact opposite of what you would think of a rocker. He is very shy, sweet, and a great father and husband.

Not the person you would think would be a rocker. This would be a great sweater for him.

For those cold winter days, there’s nothing better than a big comfy sweater!


I hope you like all of our suggestions for these funny Jesus gifts :)