15 Gifts For Sunday School Teachers (The Sweetest Ideas inside!)

Gifts For Sunday School Teachers

Every Christmas and the end of the school year we give presents to our children’s teachers. This is something we all remember to do. But we often forget about our Sunday school teachers.

Our Sunday School teachers teach our children the most important thing they need to know. Most of our children will never need to see the algebra formulas they memorize. However, they will need the Bible Verses they remember every day of their lives.

Let’s encourage the beautiful volunteers to equip our children for the spiritual warfare they will face every day of their lives.

1) Custom Mug by Raising Rooster

1. Custom Mug - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

I love this mug! It is custom made. Everyone loves to have their name on it. I love that they are hard-working, dedicated, passionate, and caring.

Do you have a Sunday school teacher that always has a cup of coffee or tea? This is a beautiful idea for them. Each time the have a drink of coffee with this mug they will be motivated to keep going. I think this would be a great gift for a Sunday School Teacher :)

2) Focus on the Lord Wall Art by Christian Wall

2. Focus on The Lord Wall Art - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

Our Sunday School teachers are teaching our children to focus on the Lord. We can give this message back to our outstanding teachers. If you have volunteered in Children’s ministry, you will know there are Sunday mornings that can be difficult.

Children who have anxiety about being away from their parents, children fighting, or childhood misbehavior. Our volunteers can sometimes wonder what they thought when they signed up on Sundays like this!

Let’s remind them to focus on the Lord and the mission He has given them.

3) Plaque by Living Words Shop

3. Plaque - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

“For every lesson you’ve prepared, the love of God has been shared”

This quote makes the difference between a school and a Sunday School teacher. We are planning lessons that share the love of God. There is no more important lesson to prepare.

This is a great gift and way to show appreciation to your children’s ministry volunteers.

4) Pen by Christian art gifts

4. Pen - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

There are different times of the year, such as Christmas when it is tradition to give gifts. But the best gifts come when they are not expected. Leaving a thank you card with a small gift for the Sunday school teacher is a way to encourage your volunteers and make sure they know they are appreciated.

A pen is an excellent idea for this, because your volunteer will use it often for a long time, and they will never forget that someone appreciated their work

5) Pocket Prayers for Teachers by Max Lucado

5. Pocket Prayers For Teachers - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

This is a gift you could give to a Sunday school teacher; however, I have another idea I would use this book for.

I have worked in Children’s ministry for many years. I have a box in my library with every encouragement note that people have left for me. Most of them are from children.

Leaving encouraging notes is one of the best ways to keep our teachers motivated. Having a book like this in your home office gives you things to write on cards. I am not saying to plagiarize. Write one of these prayers in a card, list the author, and add a sentence directed toward the teacher.

Kind words of encouragement given at an unexpected time might be one of the best presents you can give someone.

6) Teachers Prayer Figure by Dicksons

6. Teacher's Prayer Figure - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

I have a figurine with the word hug on it. This is very special to me. It is unique because it was given to me by my birth mom. She gave it to me when I met her at 25. She told me she had bought it for me when I was born, and she had thought of me every time she saw it.

A figurine has a value not based on who created it but who gave it to you. When you provide this figurine to your Sunday school teacher, make it a special moment.

A Sunday school teacher is different than a schoolteacher because you are part of the same church family. Spend some time, go out for coffee together, and then read this quote to her before giving her the gift.

Here is the quote:

“God grant we the wisdom to educate with love, to see each student as a gift that’s sent from up above. God grant me the patience to help each student grow by giving them the tools to learn what they need to know. May I be a blessing, tolerant, and kind as I teach the lessons that will influence each mind? May I take a moment each day in prayer to show each student just how much II care? Amen.”

7) Pen and Key Chain by Dickson

7. Pen and Keychain - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

I love when a product comes in great packaging. This pen and critical chain are an example of great packaging. You can give this gift, and you don’t need to get a gift bag or wrap the present.

Teachers need pens! So, gifting a pen will always be a good idea. The other thing teachers have is keys. There are keys to the building, the room, cabinets. So, giving a keychain for your teacher to keep all their church keys together is a fabulous idea.

This is a gift I would recommend a Children’s pastor give to their teachers when they first take ownership of a class. When you give them the keys, they need to do their job, you can also give them a beautiful keychain.

8) File Folders by Christian 8. File Folders - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

One of the main things needed to be a good teacher is organization. You can have boring vanilla file folders, or you can have these exciting, fun file folders.

These are awesome!

I love that each one has definitions of words that are the foundation to our Christian life. As your teacher is prepping for a class, she will have regular encouragement from the messages outside her folders.

Keeping an office organized is essential. Help your teachers with this tool. This gift for your Sunday School teacher would be very useful :)

9) Tealight candle holder by Pavilion Gift

9. Tealight Candle Holder - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

I have a unique Christmas decoration with four electric tea lights. When we have our weekly Bible study, there is a family with a four-year-old little girl.

I have a separate Bible study for the children, and this little girl is obsessed with these Christmas decorations. As soon as she comes to our home, she goes to this decoration and turns on the tea lights.

When I saw this unique candle holder, I thought of her.

“A teacher inspires us to achieve our dreams.”

Make sure you add a bag of tea lights when you give this present.

10) Magnetic by Alisa Taylor Design

10. Magnetic - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

“Rejoice at all times.”

I Thessalonians 5:16

“He who calls you is faithful.”

Sunday School teachers are where they are because God has called them. Sometimes they need to be reminded they were called. The same God who called them will be faithful to sustain them.

A magnet is an excellent place for a message like this because it can be put in a place where the teacher will see it regularly.

I ran a children’s department for a few years, about ten years ago. One of the things I did was create a Christmas gift basket for the teachers. That meant finding little things that I could buy to put into each basket. This is the kind of thing that I looked for.

11) Personalized bracelet by Only Agape

11. Personalized Bracelet - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

The thing I love about this personalized bracelet is that your children can be part of this present.  Ask your child to write one sentence about their love for their teacher. You can have that sentence printed on the inside of this bracelet.

As teachers, when we hear thank-you or encouraging words from parents, that is always nice. However, when you get a message from a student, that hugely warms your heart.

This is the sweetest gift idea and I think your Sunday school Teacher would really love personal message from you. 

12) Cutting board by Straga Cutting Boards

12. Cutting Board - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

I love personalized gifts. I love personalized gifts because it shows you put extra thought and effort into your gift. You can’t pick up a personalized gift as a last-minute gift. You must plan.

A personalized cutting board is great because when your teacher is prepping their meals throughout the week, they will remember their students. This reminds them to pray for the children in their class.

13) Mug by Teachers R Us

13. Mug - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try doing what your Sunday school teacher today you to do!”

This mug is funny! I love gifts that make people laugh. Funnily giving a good message is like taking medicine with a spoon full of sugar.

Let me ask you this question. Have we forgotten what our Sunday school teachers told us? What lessons have you forgotten?

This mug has two messages. It tells your Sunday school teacher that their message matter, and it reminds them to think about the Sunday school teachers they had when they were little.

14) Hat by Deo Gloria Designs

14. Hat - Gifts for Sunday school teachers

“Doctrine matters”

I love this hat! I think I am going to buy this for myself. This is an excellent idea if you have a Sunday school teacher who loves to teach doctrine. This is an idea for the Sunday school teacher who teaches older students, such as Jr. high or high school.

Unfortunately, many young people are walking away from the faith or falling into false religions that use Christian language. Why is this? One of the reasons is that we have not been teaching doctrine in our children and youth ministries for years. 

I speak at youth and children’s conferences leading our ministry team with tips and strategies to teach philosophy in our classes.

This is a hat I would love to wear when I teach these sessions.

15) God 1st wall art by Christian wall art

15. God 1st wall art - Gifts For Sunday School Teachers

God is first.

In the ten commandments, we are told to not have any other God’s before Him. We are commanded to not take his name in vain, and we are commanded to keep one day set aside to worship Him. His is first.

It is a simple message, yet a message that holds so much truth. God is before politics, he is before our country, he is before our hobbies, He is before all.

This is a wonderful gift idea; the beautiful artwork will look great in any room.


We need to celebrate our Sunday school teachers. They are the lifeline of our churches. If we want to have a strong and thriving church in ten to fifteen years, then we need to invest in our children.

Our ten-year-old’s will be deacons, and pastors in fifteen years. These children will be the fathers leading homes, and the mothers caring for the next generation.

If we want a church in the future filled with strong families and theological sound preaching, we need to invest in our children’s ministry today.