14 Powerful Philippians 4:13 Gifts (Get Motivated Now!)

Philippians 4:13 Gifts

14 Powerful Philippians 4:13 Gifts (Get Motivated Now!)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

There are a few verses in the Bible that have become popular because of the comfort they bring. This is perhaps the most used verse for brining encouragement. 

I remember one day about six years ago. I was visiting a home of a child from one of the programs I was running. The boy lived on the 14th floor of an apartment building known for high crimes. There had been a shooting in the building just a few days before.

When I arrived, the elevator was broken, and I had to take the staircase. That staircase was one of the most frighting places I have ever been in. There was a group of older boys in the staircase about halfway through that I had to pass.

I was in that building because God had sent me to visit the family of a child from our club. I spoke the words under my breath I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. God gives us the strength we need to do the jobs he has called us to do.

Here are some gift ideas to help other people remember the message.  

1) Philippians 4:13 Pendant Necklace by Dhgate

1. pendant necklace part of Philippians 4 13 gifts

My mother took a necklace off her neck and gave it to me, just two weeks before she passed away from cancer. I wear that necklace every day. When I need courage, I reach for the necklace and remember the words she spoke to me.

There is something powerful about a necklace. It is something tangible to hold on to when you need hope. This pendant has that power because it has the words from Philippians 4:13. Perhaps you have a friend going though medical treatments, or saying goodbye to a spouse heading overseas, or saying goodbye to their child headed off to college. Life throws things at us, and we need to know God will be with us all.   

2) I can do all this Through him who Gives me Strength Canvas Wall Art by Christian Walls

2. i can do all things through him part of Philippians 4 13 gifts

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Do you know someone facing a mountain? I am not talking about a literal mountain, but a problem that seems as impossible as climbing a mountain.

This statement piece artwork will remind your friend that with God all things are possible. Whatever mountain they are facing will be overcome with the strength that God is offering. 

3) Philippians 4:13 Gift basket by The Kingdom Heiress Co

3. gift basket part of Philippians 4 13 gifts

Life can be hard for teenage girls. There are some turning points in their life. The start of woman hood, the entrance to high school, or the first heart break. 

You want your teenage daughter to know they are loved. As our girls go through these turban waters, they need to know there is a place where they are secure. As parents that place is us. Give them the strength you know they are going to need.

4) Philippians 4:13 Pop Socket by Christian Phone Stands Bible Verse Grips Gifts

4. iphone stand as part of Philippians 4 13 gifts

Pop sockets are a fun addition to a phone. Since our phones are always with us, putting Bible verse on the pop socket means we will see the verse all day long. 

If you are giving a phone as a present this is a perfect addition. 

5)Philippians 4:13 Leather Tray by Twin saint’s leather

5. leather tray as part of Philippians 4 13 gifts

I am always looking for unique household décor, and this is special. It is manly, yet classic. If you’re looking for gift for a man in your life who has good taste in design this is an excellent option.

The verse implanted into the tray is beautifully printed and is a way to shine God’s light.

This would be a great idea for an adult son who is moving into his own space. 

6) Philippians 4:13 Dog Tag by Christian jewelry for men

6. Philippians 4 13 dog tags gifts

When I was in college I worked as a nanny for military family. That was the first time I saw how important the dog tag was. 

We are called to be soldiers for Christ. Our enemy is roaring lion who prowls around looking for people to deceive. Satan attacks us with fear.

The Bible says that God doesn’t give us the sprit of fear, but a spirit of power. When we are attacked with fear, we can use the scripture from this dog tag to remember who we are fighting. We are soldiers in God’s army. And our enemy is the devil.

7) Philippians 4:13 Bible Cover by Christian art gifts

7. Philippians 4 13 bookmark gifts

When I was in college, I took an advanced theology class. I was the only person in the class not getting a theology degree. I used a Bible that was written for children. So many times, the class would be discussing what a complexed verse meant.

I would read the verse from my children’s Bible and the verse didn’t seem so complex.  When I gave my interpretation, the teacher often commented how I was able to see the point so easily. I guess that is why Jesus said we should come to Him as a child. We make things to difficult. 

I never did let the men in my class know what Bible I was using. I had a really great Bible Cover, so no one saw the cartoon drawing of Noah’s ark on the cover of the Bible. 

That story is to say, Bible Covers are great, and always a good gift option.  

8) Philippians 4:13 Bookmark by Elysian Workshop

8.Philippians 4 13 bookmark gifts

My husband is a reader. He has a unique chair in our room where he sits every evening for 20 min. It is a leather chair, with an antique table and lamp sitting next to it. And always a book sitting there that he is reading.

The bookmark is an essential part of the reading experience, especially for the avid reader. 

Gifts that are given for no reason are the best kinds of surprises. If you have a reader in your life, provide them with this surprise.

9) Philippians 4:13 Shoe Tags, by Christmas Stocking Stuffer

9.Philippians 4 13 shoe tag giftsjpg

My daughter is a track and field athlete. She came to our family as a foster daughter when she was in jr. High. We encouraged her to join a city track team. She was nervous about being the new person on the team.

She was also the only person on the team who had not participated in organized sports for years already. She was a natural athlete but overwhelmed at the task of catching up with her teammates, who had been coached for years.

We gave her Bible verses to help her know that she was not alone. 

If you have a track athlete in your life, show them you are cheering them on. 

10) Philippians 4:13 Golf balls by Zazzle

10. Philippians 4 13 golf ball gifts

Do you have a golfer in your life? My brother is a golfer. He loves golfing. I don’t understand the obsession, to be honest. But I love my brother, and he loves golf. So, finding golf objects to give is always fun. 

Here is a great item you can add to another gift or use as a stocking stuffer. 

11) Philippians 4:13 Boxed Pen by Punch studio

11. Philippians 4 13 engraved pen gift

My daughters have been looking for the perfect pen to give my father Christmas. This is it! Today more and more people are carrying their pens. There was a time when that was common, and then that tradition faded away. With people being concerned about germs, fewer and fewer pens are sitting out for people to borrow. So, the practice of carrying your pen is back. 

My father never stopped carrying his pen. He always has one with him. And after Christmas, he will have a new pen to bring that his granddaughters gave him.

12) Philippians 4:13 Notebook by Zazzle

12. Philippians 4 13 notebook gift

I am currently going through a hard time right now. I sometimes wonder how I will find my way through this time. People keep wanting to talk to me about how I feel; I am not ready to talk about it. But I found this great notebook. I can write about my journey. When I reach the other end and find the healing, I want to remember how God walked me through the trial.

If you have someone in the middle of a trail, a notebook is a great gift. Tell them you know they can’t talk about things right now, but maybe they can write about their feelings. 

13) Philippians 4:13 Personalized journal by Custom Journal Designs 

13. Philippians 4 13 personalized journal gifts

Like I said, I love to journal! Journaling is a way to work through your thoughts and feelings.

Here is another great option. 

 Just today I was talking to a friend who said journaling is the way she found herself. After a year of journaling, she had seen mistakes in her life, and changes she needed to make. Those changes were the start of a career that tripled her yearly income. 

Who do you have in your life who needs to work through a difficult situation? A journal is a great way to for them to do that.

14) Philippians 4:13 Canvas Wall Art by Scripture Walls

14. Philippians 4 13 canvas wall art gifts

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Have you ever faced a trial so severe you felt as if you were living in the middle of a storm? The Bible says that God will lead us by still waters. That doesn’t mean that nothing bad will happen to us, that we won’t face storms. What it does mean is that when we put ourselves in God’s presence, He will still the waters, even during the storm.

This calming artwork will remind you when God’s strength is given to us, we will have peace. 

If you have a friend who needs this reminder, this is the perfect gift for them.


No matter what we are facing in life, we don’t have to give up. We can know that with the strength of Jesus Christ we can do anything! There are many hurting people in the world who need this message. Let’s share that message of hope with them.