11 Special Gifts for Christian Grandparents (to make them smile)

Gifts for Christian Grandparents

11 Excellent Christian Gifts For Your Grandparents

Getting gifts for grandparents is not easy. For one thing, they already have everything they need! There are a few reasons to give them something. We have our traditional gift-giving celebrations such as Christmas, Anniversary, and birthdays.

There are other reasons to bring a present. If they live a distance away and you only see them occasionally, then giving something when you do get to see them is a way to make the time together memorable.

This could be if you are visiting them or coming to spend some time with them. Having a wrapped and waiting for them in the room they will be staying in is a fun way to surprise them.

The other reason to give something is when you tell your parents they will be grandparents. This is an extraordinary, memorable time. If your child is going to be the first grandchild, then this is even more memorable.
Here are some ideas for them. Some for regular celebrations, some to say I love you when you have not seen them in a long time, and some to say, “You’re a grandparent now!”


1. Family Birthday Sign by J Waters Design

#1 birthday reminder Gifts for Christian Grandparents

I gave this present to my mother a few years ago. The family had grown quite large. All of us children are married, and we all have multiple children.

I got this idea from a friend of mine who lives in Holland. Every home in Holland has a unique calendar called verjaardagskalendar. This calendar is usually kept in the bathroom. Interesting right? It is a way to keep track of birthdays, weddings, and deaths.

This present is the North American version of the verjaardagskalendar. It is a way to make sure that every birthday and anniversary is remembered.

The verse engraved on the sign is I Corinthians 15:58. Therefore, my beloved brethren be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. This verse makes the calendar special.

2. Dad Est. Grandpa Est. Glass by Gray Fox Trading

#2 glass Gifts for Christian Grandparents

This is a gift to let your dad know he is going to be a grandpa. Have your dad over for a meal and serve him his drinks in this cup. Don’t say anything. See how long it takes him to understand what is happening.

Make sure you have a camera for this moment.

The glass is only the start. Have a list of things you want to thank your father for. Over dinner, tell your father why he was a good dad and why he will be a good father.

Make this day a celebration of him. That is the real gift.

3. Give Us This Day - Wooden Dough Bowl by Daysprings

#3 bread bowl Gifts for Christian Grandparents

If your grandma makes amazing bread as my mother-in-law does, then this is a present for them. I love the Bible verse, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Tell your grandma how much you love their bread. The chances are she is going to make you some of that fantastic bread.

This is an example of an idea you can give when you see them for the first time in a long time. Tell them you missed them and their bread! Granma’s love to feed their families.

4. Custom Wall Art

#4 custom product Gifts for Christian Grandparents
Make a custom Christian wall art canvas with their favorite scripture on it. Then make the background a scene from their favorite vacation together!

Do your grandparents have a favorite Bible verse? How about adding that scripture onto a picture of their best vacation or maybe a lake or a beach they really enjoyed some great memories?

All you have to do is browse and if you see a background you like, just send us an email and we tell us their favorite verse and we can make something custom for you :)

5. Sweet to The Soul - Honey Pot with Wood Dipper by Day Springs

#5 honey bowl Gifts for Christian Grandparents


This is another example to give when you have not seen your grandparents in a long time. I love to have tea with my grandma. And she always puts honey in her tea.

This is a sweet honey pot with a bible verse on it. Proverbs 16:24. Kind words are like honey. Tell your grandma that time sitting with her and drinking tea is very important to you. Her words of encouragement are very needed.

The time spent with your grandmother is a gift. Time is the best gift you can give.

6. Scratch-Off A World of Adventures Travel Map! by Massive Wanderlust

#6 travel map Gifts for Christian Grandparents

If your grandparents have spent time traveling, this is a great present. My grandparents were missionaries and it means they have traveled a lot. This is a wonderful idea. They can take the time to remember together all the places they have been as they scratch off all the places they have been.

The best part of the gift is sitting with them as they go through the map. Ask them stories of the places they have been. This is the best thing you can give them.

7. Metal art Great is thy faithfulness by The Metal Shack

#7 metal art Gifts for Christian Grandparents

Great is thy faithfulness Oh God my father. I can hear my mom singing this right now. Even today, I love to listen to my mom and dad sing while my mom plays the piano.

Every time we get together, we all sing as a family as my mother plays the piano. Great is their faithfulness is a favorite song.

Chances are it is a favorite hymn of your grandparents as well. This is a great idea that can be used either outside or inside. This is a present for regular celebrations.

8. Thankful, Grateful & Blessed by Christian Walls

#8 thankful grateful blessed Gifts for Christian GrandparentsImagine adding a beautiful canvas on their wall that says, Thankful Grateful & Blessed. It will really brighten up their room.  

Throughout the years, God has done so much for your family. Your grandparents first fell in love and got married. God started a family. They have chosen to do things God’s way.

Their choices have impacted your life. You have learned how to raise your family. You are the one who is reaping the rewards of the hard work your parents or grandparents put in. 

Tell them you are thankful, grateful, and blessed to be their child or grandchild. Tell them how glad you are that they lived their lives to God’s glory.

9. Handwriting Gift by Block Setc

#9 baby drawing wood Gifts for Christian Grandparents

The handwriting of little kids is the best!! I still had framed artwork from my children when they were in preschool. If you are looking for a present to give your parents to your children, this is perfect. Have your children draw something special for them. Then you can have that drawing turned into a cheese board for them.

They will LOVE serving their friends with these cheese boards. They are going to have fun boasting to their friends.

10. Family Tree custom art by Christian Walls

#10 family tree print Gifts for Christian Grandparents
Give your loved ones a canvas with all your family pictures together. Then add your favorite scripture like Joshua 24:15 on it!

Joshua 24:15 says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

This is a gift your grandparents will love.

You can take pictures of all the grandchildren and put them all together. Show your parents or grandparents the legacy they have built is serving God. This family tree is beautiful. 
What are some special events you have done together? Have you vacationed together, gone on mission trips together, served in church together? Try to find pictures from these special events.

11. Baby Announcement Pillow, by Asrin Co

#11 pillow Gifts for Christian Grandparents

Here is something to give to tell them they are going to be grandparents. It is a custom present, so add your favorite biblical passage or quote.

When you give this to them tell them you love them. You want to raise your child the way they raised you. Parents want to know that they did a good job. Tell them they did a great job, and you are thankful.

In Conclusion: 
Why are you giving a present? The reason for the present is the start to picking the perfect gift.

As you will see from the ideas, I have given you, time and thankfulness are natural gifts. No matter what you give them, and no matter the reason, time and thankfulness are the natural gifts.

Take lots of time. Spend the day with them. Ask them questions about their lives. Ask for advice in your life. Tell them how important they are to you.  They have created the legacy, and you are going to continue it.

Someday you will be the grandparent being visited and loved. This is the goal. That you will establish a family that honors God and will continue your legacy, they can help you reach that goal.