16 Top Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband (He'll Love these ideas!)

Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

16 Lovely Christian Valentine Gifts For Your Husband

I have been married for almost 20 years. That is many valentines’ gifts. Every year I try to find something new and unexpected. There are years we can do more considerable gifts and other years when the present is small.

But on Valentine’s Day, it is more about how you give the gift than the gift itself. This is important to remember. On Valentine, you want to show that you put thought into the present.


  1. 1. Date Box Subscription by Crated with Love

#1 subsription box Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

After five years of marriage, we chose to have weekly dates nights. It was the best choice we made as a couple. When people ask me for advice, I always give this advice. Date night.

Then comes the problem of needing to come up with ideas. We have had almost 15 years of weekly date nights. Coming up with ideas is the hard part.

Here is an idea—a gift for Valentine’s Day that gives you a new date idea each month.


  1. 2. Love languages for men book by Gary Chapman

#2 Love languages for men Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

Your husband wants to show you he loves you. He wants to know how to make you feel loved. He also wants to see that you adore him. Two people may think they are telling the other how much they love them, but they might speak different languages.

This book helps people understand the different love languages and how to speak each of those languages. This book has saved many marriages.

  1. 3. Cross necklace by Lily Coty

#3 Cross necklace Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

Men can receive jewelry also; it isn’t just for women. This is a way for your spouse to have something with him all the time to remind him of your love and God’s love for him. Not every man likes jewelry. My man would not wear a necklace. However, my friends have given their husbands necklaces like this one, and they have really liked it. 

  1. 4. Book & S'mores Skewers By daysprings

#4 Book & S'mores Skewers Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

A great idea is an experience. If you live in an area that isn’t covered in snow in February, I have a fun idea for you. Have a bonfire in the backyard ready for when your man comes home.

We live where February means snowstorms; however, I often make this surprise for my husband in the spring. It always turns out perfect.

It was sitting wrapped in blankets, eating S’mores, and talking. I wish we could do this in February. Chocolate, gooey warm marshmallows, blankets, and a fire. That is pretty much as romantic as it gets.


  1. 5. Ecclesiastes 4:12 A Cord of Three is Not Easily Broken Scripture Wall Art by metal shack

#5 ecclesiastes 4 12 metal art Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

A few years ago, we bought a house that needed everyone’s room gutted and rebuilt. The house is over one hundred years old. We decided that we would put a Bible verse on the wall every time we finished a room. I wanted to find the perfect Bible verse for our bedroom. I think this is going to be the verse for our bedroom. I really like this verse because it shows me the reason, I love my better half so much. He helps and encourages me to grow closer to God.

This is an excellent gift for your husband. As a couple, you need to remember that God is part of your marriage. Tell your other half you appreciate how he is leading your family. You are thankful he is helping you grow closer to God.

Telling a man, you appreciate his leadership in the family will be the best present you can give him.

6. Jeremiah 17:7 Blessed Is the Man Leather Journal by Christian art gifts 

Jeremiah 17-7 Blessed Is the Man Leather Journal christian valentines gifts for husband

Men used to journal. One of my favorite things is to read is journals from historical greats. Tell your man you want your children to have a journal to read and learn from when he is gone. You want to keep his wisdom forever.

My husband started a journal as part of his personal Bible study. I am thankful that our children will have these books to read someday.


  1. 7. Personalized Wood Watch Case by JM Labonne impressions

#7 Personalized Wood Watch Case  Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

If you have a man who has watches and different watch bands, this is an excellent gift for him. This box can be personalized, so I suggest engraving his favorite Bible verse on the watch case.

Giving a personalized gift shows that you took extra time. You planed this present a while ago and didn’t wait until a few days before Valentine to get the gift.


  1. 8. Custom design, Wooden box, By collect your moments

#8 personalized box Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

This was an idea I have used, both when we were dating and when we were married.

The importance of a memory box is what is inside, so this works if you have been keeping unique items. I made one for my husband after fifteen years of marriage. I had tickets from plays we had been to see, napkins from our favorite restaurant, a map from one of our first roundtrips, etc...

This box also is customed. You can ask to have a verse engraved on the top to make the gift even more memorable.

This is something you can continue to add to. When you come home from a particular date, you can put your memory item into the box. Here is a tip. Write a note about why the date was unique and the meaning behind the object you saved.

This is a perfect 1st Valentine’s gift. As the years’ progress, you can keep adding to the box. It can become a tradition to open the box on Valentine’s Day and see all you have done so far.


  1. 9. Let's Have Coffee Together Forever- Engraved Spoon by Boston creative company

#9 engraved spoon Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

This is a fun idea if you’re a couple that doesn’t do big things on Valentine. I have a friend who was married the week after Valentine’s Day, so for them, valentines day is not a huge celebration. However, they still find simple small things to show they care.

Imagine making your better half a cup of coffee and then putting this spoon next to the coffee cup. It is so sweet.

  1. 10. Brass Wallet Insert by Modern Expression

#10 wallet insert Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

I didn’t know this was something I could buy. I love it. This is a metal card the size of a credit card. It will fit in your husband’s wallet. This is another idea that can be customized. So, leave the message you want on the card. You can add a bible verse that has special meaning to either both of you.

Every time your man opens his wallet, he will have this note from you.

  1. 11. Be Still - Magnetic Sign by Candace Cameron Bure

#11 be still magnetic board Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

Many people are working from home now. Does your husband have a home office? If you can put this into your his home office the night before and leave a special note on the board, then your Valentine’s Day will start with a bang.

Then, you can keep leaving love messages all year long.

My favorite thing in the world is when I wake up, head into the bathroom, and find my husband has left a note for me. The day just starts perfectly.

Having a place in his home office where you can leave him a message is a way to show him love every day.

  1. 12. Male And Female Created He Them Ring by Christian art and gifts

#12 ring Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

If you have been married for 25 years, this is a great way to celebrate your 25th Valentine together. After 25 years, you can remember the very first marriage, the first family. God created the first family, and he started your family.

Let him know that you have loved the last 25 years, and if you had the opportunity, you would marry him all over again.

  1. 13. Love Never Fails Bible Verse Keychain by Picturesque Truth

#13 Love never fails keychain Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

If it’s your first Valentine, then here is an idea for you. Here is how I would give a keychain. I would put the keychain on his keyring before I went to bed. I would leave a card next to his keys. As your husband runs out the door in the morning, he discovers an unexpected gift.

Unexpected presents are the best kinds of gifts.

  1. 14. Family Conversation Jumbo Dice by day spring

#14 dice Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband

Perhaps your valentine’s day dinner is going to be with the whole family. I really like this fun idea. It is a way to start some great conversations.

How often have I asked the kids how their day was only to hear the response, “fine.”

Your spouse can have similar answers. It isn’t that your family doesn’t want to talk to you. They just need some help. Have fun with this!

  1. 15. Be Strong and Courageous Wall Art by Christian walls

#15 be strong and courageous Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband
Does your Husband have a favorite football team? we'll add it on here with his favorite scripture. Just send us an email! Click here to see more Joshua 1:9 canvases.

Does your man have a room that is special for him? If he doesn’t, then create one for him. The best present I ever gave him was a Christmas gift where I made room for him. I cleared out a storage room and then found used gym equipment online. It took me months, and it wasn’t easy to hide from him. But it was the best surprise. Al I was missing was the artwork.

This is the artwork I plan on adding to the gym this Valentine’s Day.

We have four teenage daughters, so my man needs a place in the house that is his space.

Today men of God are under attack. They need to know that with God’s help, they can be strong and courageous.

  1. 16. We are called to be Bold Canvas Wall Art Print by Christian walls

#16 we are called to be bold Christian Valentine Gifts for Husband
Add your Husband's favorite scripture on any background, we'll change any canvas you'd like for free. 

If your husband has an office that he can decorate himself, this is a fantastic option. As your man is working, he will have this enormous piece of artwork. This artwork would be appropriate for a workplace setting. While it is not overtly Christian, it is a reminder to him to be bold in his walk with the Lord.

There are so many temptations at work—the temptation to be unethical or to hide their faith. Let him know that you support him. You believe in him. You know that with God’s help, he will be bold in his faith.

In Conclusion:

Valentines is an excellent way to have a yearly reminder to show your love to your husband. But you should be showing him your love all year long. Learn to know what makes your husband feel appreciated and respected. Then do those things every day.

Be the woman who helps your husband be all that God has created him to be. Pray for him. Love him. Everyday.