14 Starfish Story Gifts & Wall Art Ideas (For Favorite Teacher! )

Starfish Story Gifts & Wall Art Ideas

This story is about a young man who starts to collect starfish from the ocean. He finds that they are dying and try to save them, but he can't. He continues to collect them, hoping that he can save at least one of them. As he does this, other people join him in his quest and together they save many starfish.

The moral of this story is that we may not be able to change the world on our own, but if we work together, we can make a difference in someone else's life and maybe even save the world for someone else.

Many people are working today to change the world for the people in their lives. Teachers, social workers, pastors, Sunday school teachers, adoptive parents, and foster parents. You can encourage these people with these gifts.

1. Starfish Adoption Gifts, Key Ring by ItsAllAboutYouAmy

1. Adoption Gifts, Key Ring - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

We all want to make a difference. At least, I hope we all do. But how often do we feel like it's just not enough? The story of the Starfish tells us that while we might not change the world, we can change the world for one person.

We need families who can adopt older children and sibling groups.

Older children are often in need of a family because they have been in foster care for a long time, sometimes since they were very young. Sibling groups also need homes because they have spent time apart, and they may not have the same opportunities as other children if they are separated again.

If you know someone who has adopted older children, or siblings group, I can tell you that they need your encouragement. Let them know you see them and care about them.

2. Starfish Personalized Hand-Stamped Teacher Keychain by StanleyWinked

2. Personalized Hand-Stamped Teacher Keychain - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts-min (1)

Teachers change lives. The end of the year is a time to show your appreciation. Whether it's with a simple thank you card or a more elaborate gift, teachers deserve to know how much they're valued by their students and the community at large.

You can put the name of your child on this key chain. This is an idea for you to give to a teacher who taught you. Maybe you were impacted by a teacher. Do you know this teacher? Do they still teach in the same school?

You can go by and visit them, and thank them for what they did for you.

3. SEA LIFE STORY Pendant by SilverStoriesStudio

3. SEA LIFE STORY Pendant - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

This is a beautiful pendant that tells the story of the starfish. This is a great gift for someone who collects pendants for a charm bracelet. My nieces have charm bracelets and always find charms that have special meanings.

If you know someone who collects charms, and they also work to help people this is a great gift option.

4. Starfish Coffee Mug by LCAApparelandGifts

4. Coffee Mug - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

The entire story is printed on one side, along with the phrase It Matters to This One and a picture of a starfish on the other. Coffee mugs are one of my favorite things. Most people do.

This is an excellent alternative for a co-worker who, you know, serves others but is often overlooked for their efforts.

Demonstrate that you care and that you recognize the impact they have, even if no one else does.

5. Starfish Story PRINTABLE by ManaleiDesigns

5. Starfish Story PRINTABLE - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

This printable includes the entire story as well as lovely blue and white imagery.

This is an excellent craft for a support group. Support groups for adoptive parents are common.

If you organize an adoptive parent support group, this is a great idea to print and use as a craft.

6. Starfish Cuff Appreciation Gift for Teacher or Mentor by JewelryWithWords

6. Cuff Appreciation Gift for Teacher or Mentor - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts-min

Teachers change lives. The end of the year is a time to show your appreciation—and you can do that in a really simple way: by giving them something they'll use!

We know how much teachers mean to us, so we want to make sure you get the exact gift you need for them! I love this bracelet it is one that I think a teacher would wear!

7. Rose Gold Stainless Steel Swarovski Starfish Bracelet by BeachCoveJewelry

7. Rose Gold Stainless Steel Swarovski Starfish Bracelet - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts-min (1)

These bracelets are lovely and would make a wonderful gift for a social worker.

The social worker is sometimes overlooked during the fostering and adoption process.

We must take the time to express our gratitude for what they do. This is a fantastic approach to going about it.

8. Choose Profession Charm by MyInitialCharm

8. Choose Profession Charm - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts-min

You make a difference one life at a time. Who do you know that is making a huge difference in someone's life? Maybe it's your mom, your best friend, or the neighbor down the street.

Maybe it's someone you don't even know but who is having an impact on the world without even realizing it!

Think about all the people in your life who have inspired you, helped you grow into the person you are today, or do something that made your heart swell with gratitude.

Those are all examples of people who have made a difference in your life—and they're just like the ones who are making big impacts on other people too!

9. Copper Hand Stamped Starfish Keychain by BeachCoveJewelry

9. Copper Hand Stamped Keychain - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts-min

This keychain is appropriate for both men and women, as well as teenagers. This is a fantastic present for your kid who will be working at summer camp this summer.

My daughter worked at a summer camp for at-risk kids for several seasons. In a world of at-risk adolescents, each life she touched was just one child. After a summer at camp, she didn't change her mind.

However, the lives of the children she assisted in finding calm have been altered.

10. Starfish Hand Stamped Aluminum Bracelet by BeachCoveJewelry

10. Hand Stamped Aluminum Bracelet - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

This bracelet is stunning, and I adore the hand-drawn starfish. My aunt is a talented artist. This is the type of bracelet that a creative person would adore.

Do you know of any art teachers or artists who have influenced your children or other children?

Demonstrate that you are aware of and appreciative of their efforts.

11. The Starfish Story Necklace by BeachCoveJewelry

11. The Starfish Story Necklace - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

Two small charms, a starfish, and beach shoes are hidden inside this necklace. What a sweet present for the woman in your life who is always willing to help others.

I'm usually on the lookout for lovely jewelry like this when our family visits Florida. I adore beach jewelry or jewelry with a beach vibe.

12. Copper Hand Stamped Keychain Male Teacher Gift by BeachCoveJewelry

12. Copper Hand Stamped Keychain Male Teacher Gift - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

Teachers change lives. The end of the year is a time to show your appreciation. Here are some ways to show your teacher how much you care: Send a handwritten note with a small gift in it.

Take your teacher out for dinner and drinks as a thank you for all they do. Send them an email or text message saying how important they are to you, and why.

This keychain is a great keychain for the male teacher, if you have a male teacher in your life that whom you want to show appreciation this is a great option.

One of my favorite teachers in high school was my political law, and history teacher. He made a huge impact on my life and changed the way I think about life.

13. Starfish Wall Art by NemoPrintGallery

13. Wall Art - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

This is my favorite gift option for this blog. I love the idea of artwork that is a dictionary definition. I saw this for the first time when visiting a friend’s house.

This one is a difference-maker – A dedicated person who can make a big impact even with a small action of a few words, someone who improves the lives of others, one who rallies or encourage other to propel themselves forward and bring about change.

I want to order this and put it on my wall in my office. I love this so much.

14. Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet by MyInitialCharm

14. Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet - Star Fish Story Wall Art and Gifts

Last but not least, there's another bracelet option. Bracelets are a terrific way to encourage folks who work with persons who require assistance.

It might be difficult at times and having a continual reminder on your wrist that what you do matters can motivate them to keep trying even when they want to give up. Making a difference in the world is an amazing thing.


Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. I am currently in a time when I wonder about this. Sometimes I want to give up. Then just last weekend I heard about a kid I had worked with about fifteen years ago.

He was a kid living in low-income housing and involved in gangs. My husband and I worked with him, showing him God’s love and bringing him to church. We moved, and I didn’t know what had happened to him over the years. I found out that he is now married, with children.

A godly husband and father who is also very successful. He made one million dollars last year. He said our time spent with him as a young pre-teen changed his life.

Don’t give up.

And encourage others so they don’t give up.