15 Christian Gifts That Give Back (Make a Difference! Click here)

Christian Gifts That Give Back

15 Christian Gifts That Give Back (Make a Difference! Click here)

I have an uncle that gives me a Christmas present every year. The Christmas present one year was a goat. Another year I got a chicken.

The cool thing about this goat and this chicken was that all I have in my passion is a picture. The goat and the chicken are with a family in Uganda. That family now has eggs and milk to keep family nourished.

If you are looking for ideas for gifts that give back, here are some great ideas.

1. Emergency Food by World Vision

#1 Emergency Food - Christian Gifts That Give Back

We can help hungry children. There is an urgent need for food in many different humanitarian crises worldwide. This is an excellent idea for the person in your life who loves to do things to help other people.

Donate in their name and let them know children are eating because of them. I love how this Christian Gift gives back!

This present is a way to show the world that He is God. 

2. Stock a Medical Clinic by World Vision

#2 Stock a Medical Clinic - Christian Gifts That Give Back

My oldest daughter is in school for nursing. When she graduates, we will want to find gifts to give. One idea is to stock a medical clinic in their names.

Many communities around the world do not have access to basic medical supplies. Imagine a clinic stocked full of medicine, supplies, and medical equipment. What a blessing that would be.

For those who have graduated from nursing or medical school, this is an excellent gift for them. I would put a picture of the stocked shelves and a country map into a nice frame.

This can be hung in an office and is a wonderful reminder of a Christian gift that gives back to those who are sick.

3. Raw Hope Monthly Donation by World Vision

#3 Raw Hope Monthly Donation - Christian Gifts That Give Back

One last idea from World Vision. The Raw Hope partner provides an extensive list of essential items to families with children. Imagine having a little baby with no way to feed or cloth him or her. The hopelessness you would feel. This donation will give hope to the mother and food for the baby.

For the person in your life who wants to impact the world, this is a great idea. I would buy a map or a picture from the part of the world you donated to. Put that picture or map in a frame.

The person you are giving the gift can put the frame up in their office and always be reminded by this Christian gift that gives back to poor children.

4. Tree of Life Nativity by Hands of Haiti

#4 Tree of Life Nativity - Christian Gifts That Give Back

While donating to organizations is always a great idea, I love the idea of purchasing products made by the people who you want to help. This is a stunning piece of artwork. Although it is Christmas, I would put it in my home all year round.

When you give this gift, the person receiving it has stunning artwork. And the person who created it has money to feed their family. Most importantly, the creator has the dignity of knowing they earned money.

5. Haiti Life T-Shirt by Hands and Feet Project

#5 Haiti Life T-Shirt - Christian Gifts That Give Back

When my daughter turned ten, she had a Hands and Feet birthday party. All the little girls had pedicures and manicures, and instead of presents, she received money to donate to the Hands and Feet Project.

This project was created by Mark Stuart, from the band Audio Adrenaline. When he lost his voice and could not sing anymore, he started this project and ran an orphanage for Haiti's children. This is a great project to which our family has been proud to donate money.

This shirt is super cute, and the project is also a fantastic place to donate to.

6. Art Class by Compassion

#6 Art Class - Christian Gifts That Give Back

My Aunt is an artist. Her artwork is displayed in art galleys and has won national awards in Canada and the USA. She also teaches art.

Many children who have experienced trauma find healing in the artwork. This is true in Canada and every part of the world. Compassion has a program for children living in poverty.

Art classes are given to these children to provide them with a way to find the beauty around them. Compassion uses these classes to share the truth of God’s love.

If you have a friend or family member that loves art, give this gift through their name; if you can receive a picture of some artwork to put in a frame, that would be a perfect way to present the gift.

7. Mighty Warrior Sticker by Hope Outfitters

#7 Mighty Warrior Sticker - Christian Gifts That Give Back

"When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, he said, 'The LORD is with you, mighty warrior,'" Judges 6:12

Stickers are trendy today. Teens use them  to decorate laptops, water bottles, phone cases, or binders. My middle daughter uses them all the time. Stickers need to have special meaning.

Samaritans Purse created this sticker. The money goes towards ending Human trafficking.

8. TisBest Charity Gift Card

#8 TisBest Charity Gift Card - Christian Gifts That Give Back

We meet in a few days with a friend that we see only once or twice a year.  We exchange gifts. My oldest and my youngest daughter went shopping yesterday to find a present. They could not find anything. This is a family that has everything. It is impossible to find them a gift.

This is the perfect gift for the person who has everyone.

Often, we can donate money to a cause in their name in this situation. But what if you don’t know what charity is the most important to them?

This is a card they can use for any charity they want. It is a gift card for Charities. Such a great idea! 

9. Necklace by Thirty-One Bits

#9 Necklace - Christian Gifts That Give Back

“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for the task” - Proverbs 31:17

This necklace comes from Uganda. The artists create these beautiful necklaces, and the money they make gives them a paycheck, pays for their education, and even gives them parental leave when they have children.

I would wear this with pride to any occasion.

10. Hand Woven Bag by Sawa Sawa

#10 Hand Woven Bag - Christian Gifts That Give Back

Movies and TV shows often show women excited to receive designer handbags. I have never understood those scenes. I enjoy a nice purse, but I don’t usually think those designer bags are exciting.

However, these bags are stunning and are created by hand by artisans who live in Kenya's rural areas. This company aims to end poverty and give women living in poverty a way to become world-class entrepreneurs.

Funds from these bags create menstrual hygiene kits for young girls living in poverty.

11. Unisex Hoodie by 139 Made

#11 Unisex Hoodie - Christian Gifts That Give Back

Micah 6:8 – "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." 

I am looking for a hoody for my husband. I think this is the perfect one. For one thing, I can tell this is a hoody I can steal. Let’s be honest. I steam my husbands’ hoodies all the time. So, when I am looking for a gift for my husband, I try to find one that will look hot on him and steal.

This hoody has my favorite verse on it.

The proceeds for this hoody help to end human trafficking.

That is pretty much the perfect hoody!

12. Life Defender T-Shirt by Culture of Life Studies

#12 Life Defender T-Shirt - Christian Gifts That Give Back

I am a pro-life speaker. I love to speak and motivate people to stand for life. This shirt is a great way to stand for life everywhere we go.

I love to wear statement T-Shirts when I am grocery shopping.

This is a great statement T-Shirt. I like the definition on the back of the shirt. The proceeds for this shirt go to organizations fighting for life. I think it's a perfect Christian Gift that gives back to the community. 

13. Person Inside And Out by All American Life League

#13 Person Inside And Out - Christian Gifts That Give Back

Here is another excellent shirt option. I like this one for younger people. Wearing a shirt to show publicly that you are pro-life can be scary. But being proud of your Pro-Life stance is essential. We will only end abortion when those willing to stand for truth do that openly.

If you know someone willing to stand for life publicly, please encourage them.

The proceeds from this shirt also go towards organizations fighting for life.

14. Be The Change Children’s Book by JoAnne Simmons

#14 Be The Change Children’s Book - Christian Gifts That Give Back

What if you want to give a gift that gives back to a child? This is a great idea. This book is for kids aged seven and up. The book encourages children to be kind, loving, hopeful, and change their world.

The way to change the world is through their God-given gifts. Kids can change the world.

Show the child in your life they can change the world and give back to the world with their Charity works. 

15. Canvas Tote Bags by Café Press

#15 Canvas Tote Bags - Christian Gifts That Give Back

When I go grocery shopping on Friday mornings, I always take my bags. I like using my bags because I can fit more things into the bags, which means fewer trips from my car to the house.

Imagine if a shopping bag could end Human Trafficking! Yes, there is, in fact, a shopping bag that does just that. This shopping bag is apparent with its message. End Slavery Now!

The proceeds go towards ending modern-day slavery.


Giving gifts is fun. I love to give to people. It is a win-win when we have ways to provide a present for someone while also changing the world.

As a mom working from home, I can often feel there can be no way to change the world. But it is these little things that make an impact. There are many times throughout the year when we give gifts. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, each one is an opportunity to change the world.