14 Lovely Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for your Wife

14 Lovely Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for your Wife

14 Lovely Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for your Wife

The love of your life has been planning Christmas since the leaves started to change colours. She will have planned special dinners, made sure extended families receive gifts and decorated your home. Christmas day she will be making sure it is a special day for everyone.

You want to show her how much you love her and appreciate her. Here are some great ideas for you to give your wife a Christmas she will remember.

1. Custom portraits by Artist MaryAnn

    #1 custom portrait Christian christmas gifts for wife

    Is there a special moment your wife loved? Or perhaps she has lost her mother or father? Give her a custom painting of her with her mom or dad, or a painting of her fist time with her child.

    Show her that you know her, and you love her. A custom artwork is extremely special. She will be overwhelmed when she opens this.

    2. ImPerfect Life Project

      #2 imperfect life project Christian christmas gifts for wife

      Does your spouse care about social issues? If she does this is a great gift because the funding from this journey aids in the abolishment of Human Trafficking in Colombia, South America. Columbia is one of the worst places in the world for human trafficking. This gift is a way for her to support a great cause.

      When she wears this gift, she will be able to tell her friends about the project. This is a wonderful idea for Christian Christmas gift for your wife. 

      3. NIV Coloring Bible by daysprings

        #3 NIV Coloring bible Christian christmas gifts for wife

        I love these Bibles. In the world today there is much stress. One of the things women enjoy doing that helps with stress is colouring. As Christians we know Bible reading and study is a good way to work through our stress. These Bibles with areas for colouring is a way to combine the two.

        If your wife is looking for a new Bible this is a great idea as a Christian Christmas gift for your wife.

        4. Christmas Pajamas BY Sugar bee clothing

          #4 Christmas pajamas Christian christmas gifts for wife

          Family pajamas are awesome! This is a super cute Christian Christmas gift to give to your wife a few months before Christmas. It would be fun to give this gift on the day of the first snow fall. Show her you are excited about Christmas and thankful for all she does to make the day special.

          Show her you took the time to get matching pajamas for everyone in your family. Tell her you know she is a great mom!

          These pajamas have the worlds O Come let us Adore you. Beautiful Christmas pajamas for your whole family.

          5. God Loves You - Relaxed Fit T-Shirt by Candace Cameron Bure

            #5 god loves you tshirt Christian christmas gifts for wife

            Candace Cameron Bure is a popular Christian actress and Instagram influencer. Her shirts with messages about God are very popular. Your bride will love any shirt by Candace Cameron Bure.

            Wearing shirts with message about God’s love is a way to shine your light everywhere you go. If your wife is bold in her faith and wants to share Gods love everywhere she goes then these shirts can be a Christian Christmas gift idea for your wife. 

            6. Live with Joy – Clay-Dipped Pitcher and Mugs Gift Set by Life with Joy

              #6 live with joy pitcher Christian christmas gifts for wife

              Christmas is a time of celebrating with other people. Gatherings with loved ones makes the holidays glow. Give your wife these beautiful pitcher and mug gift set. The sayings on the pitcher and mugs such as love is always fullest when its shared, make the set extra special.

              She is going to want to use this gift Christmas day. Add a package of her favorite coffee or specialized Christmas hot chocolate mix.

              7. Love is Patient, Love is Kind Wall Art by Christian Walls

                #7 love is patient love is kind Christian christmas gifts for wife
                Our 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 wall art & decor is super popular as a gift for your loved ones. Made in the USA and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

                Give your better half this special piece of artwork to show your bride how much you love her. Tell her about the times she has shown you exceptional patience. Tell her all the reason you love her.

                This is a grand Christian Christmas Gift idea for your wife. This artwork is simple and yet profound. It will look amazing in any room.

                Of course, another part of this gift is going to be hanging it for her. So, make sure you have everything bought and ready that is needed for hanging the gift.

                8. Illustrated Faith - Tool Kit by Day Springs

                  #8 illustrated faith tool kit Christian christmas gifts for wife

                  If the love of your life enjoys crafts this is a gift that will be extra special. Your wife will love this Bible study gift that gives her the ability to create a Bible Journal. These tools will help your wife being creative in her personal biblical journal.

                  Show her you know her, she loves crafts, she loves Bible study, this is a way for her to combine these loves.

                  9. A Place of Plenty Lazy Susan by Mary and Martha

                    #9 lazy susan Christian christmas gifts for wife

                    May our table be a place of plenty, a place to share, a place for love.

                    Tell your bride that she makes the dinner table a wonderful place of love and kindness. You see the daily work she does as a blessing, and a vital role in the family.

                    Your wife can use this gift idea for Christmas dinner! And she can use it all year long. Every time she sets the table, she will be reminded of your words to her, telling her the work she does matters.

                    10. Love Big - Lumbar Pillow by dayspring

                      #10 love big lumbar pillow Christian christmas gifts for wife

                      Decorative pillows are awesome! I know I am not the only one that thinks this. I hear all the time from husbands that they do not understand the obsession with pillows. I can’t tell you why we love them. Honestly the better question is why men do not see how awesome pillows are?

                      This is pillow that says LOVE BIG. She is going to love this as a decorative pillow in either the bedroom or the living room.

                      11. Ceramic Coasters in Holder by Wholesale accessory market

                        #1 ceramic coasters Christian christmas gifts for wife

                        Coasters may seem a like a strange gift. I am going to show you three ways to give this gift.

                        If you are giving a larger gift such a new coffee table and you don’t want to wrap it and put it under a tree, you can give these cute coasters and then explain what the real gift is.

                        I would also add this gift to the ceramic mug and pitcher gift set we talked about earlier.

                        Here is the best idea. These coasters say Serve one another in love. If you’re hosting your parents in your home during the Christmas season, give your wife this Christian Christmas gift as she is preparing. Let her know that you love how much she loves to serve other people. You see her gift of serving and you are proud of her.

                        12. Happy Birthday Jesus Apron by zazzle

                          #12 happy birthday jesus apron Christian christmas gifts for wife

                          I want a Christmas apron, so I added this to the list. This is a present I would love to get. Cooking for my family is a big part of Christmas day. From our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls to our snacks of homemade fudge and cookies, to our turkey dinner.

                          But the cooking for Christmas starts long before Christmas day. I start cooking Christmas treats the last week of November. If your wife does the same thing then I have the perfect idea for you. This won’t work if you are shopping for a present last minute.

                          I would give the love of your life a gift on the day when you know she is going to start prepping for Christmas. Leave the present wrapped with a bow sitting on the table waiting for her. When she enters the kitchen to start her prep for Christmas baking, she will see the present.

                          Show her that you love that she takes the time bake and make the season special for everyone!

                          IT is always great to get presents on Christmas morning. But getting an unexpected gift is far more special!

                          13. Bless this House with Love & Laughter - Wall art

                            #13 bless this house sign Christian christmas gifts for wife
                            Our Christian signs for your living room, home, office and more can greet your guests with your favorite Christian quote or scripture. Change the scripture, background and more at no extra cost and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

                            Your wife creates a home filled with love and laughter. Tell her how important that is. Give her this large artwork to show her just how important this atmosphere she creates is.

                            The atmosphere she has created is what has taken your house and turned into a home. She is very special, and she needs to know that. Telling your spouse that you see the work she does on a regular basis has created a life for you as well as your children that is full of love and laughter.

                            She is a blessing, a gift to you from God. You honour her and want to bless her as well. This Christmas Christian gift for your wife will tell her that.

                            14. Willow Tree Shepherd and Stable Animals, by Demdaco

                              #14 nativity scene stable horses Christian christmas gifts for wife

                              Every year on Christmas eve my dad reads the Christmas story and his grandchildren put the nativity scene together. It is always a tradition that the youngest grandchild puts baby Jesus into the nativity scene.

                              My children are the oldest grandchildren. Even my college children still love to participate in this family tradition.

                              Nativity scenes are special. The Willow tree version of the nativity scene is one of the nicest ones.


                              Christmas is a day to celebrate. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We celebrate family.

                              But it is not just one day. Christmas is a season. Gifts can be given throughout the season. In fact, gifts given when unexpected are the gifts that mean the most. Celebrate the whole season with your wife.