13 Real Men Pray Gifts (Manly Ideas, Be Strong for God - Click Here)

Real Men Pray Gifts

When men pray, God has worked throughout church history. George Muller, for example, got up early every day and prayed for hours before beginning his day. In his ministry, he witnessed miracles that were answers to his prayers.

Today our society need miracles. We also require the prayers of God's men.

Here are some gift ideas with the theme of 'Real Men Pray' that remind the men in your life to pray!


1. Real Men Pray Tee by Tri7Entertainment

 1. Real Men Pray Tee - Real Men Pray Gifts

My husband, who prays every day and with our entire family, makes me really proud. I've been reading a lot of articles about men who are open about their faith, and I'm glad to see that they're starting to understand the importance of prayer transparency.

Get your husband a shirt that says, "Real men pray" if you want him to start talking about his faith more openly. He isn't looking to impress anyone; all he wants to do is be real and demonstrate his faith.

2. Quiet Hands in Prayer Wall Art by Christian walls

2. Quiet Hands in Prayer Wall Art - Real Men Pray Gifts

A man's hands reveal a lot about his personality. Hard labour has left my husband's hands rough and blistered. My brother-in-hands law's have become brittle from playing the guitar.

We need to be reminded that the hands that are folded in prayer are the manliest. This piece is both simple and powerful. Because the message is in the image, there are no words. Men are the ones who pray.

We need more men of God.  This artwork celebrates them.

3. Pray Sweat, Praying Hoodie by LakeHouseDesignArt

3. Pray Sweat, Praying Hoodie - Real Men Pray Gifts

My hubby is a big fan of hoodies. I also enjoy stealing his hoodies.

This year, I've started wearing his hoodies a lot more. They're one of my favorites because they're so comfortable.

The reminder to pray is printed on this hoody. I really like the graphic on the hoodie, and I'm sure the young men in your life would enjoy it as well.

Giving this hoodie, is a way to give the armor of God.

4. Real Men Pray Christian T Shirts by LovingProductsCo

4. Real Men Pray Christian T Shirts - Real Men Pray Gifts

My hubby has a couple of favourite clothes. He has a drawer full of shirts, but he only wears a few of them on a regular basis.

This shirt appears to be one of his favourites. I like how straightforward it is while still conveying the important idea that Real Men Pray.

5. Real Men Pray Travel Mug by VaozCorp

5. Real Men Pray Travel Mug - Real Men Pray Gifts

My husband works as a truck driver and is a coffee addict. He always carries a travel mug with him. He currently utilizes a travel mug provided by his employer.

This cup, on the other hand, has a fantastic message. A gentle reminder to the man in your life to make prayer a priority.

6. Pray/Decal/Sticker by SassyDecalsCo

6. Pray Decal Sticker - Real Men Pray Gifts

When producing a homemade present, this prayer Decal can be utilised. If you're crafty, homemade presents are a terrific suggestion. I am not a creative person.

However, I adore receiving handcrafted gifts; these are my absolute favourites. This decal can assist you in making a handcrafted gift if you are the crafts sort.

7. Prayer Journal by iGotCrafts

7. Prayer Journal - Real Men Pray Gifts

For father’s day this year, I'd like to give my husband a special journal.

For every man, keeping a notebook is an excellent idea. It could be a devotional book, a prayer notebook, or a journal filled with photos of things that inspire you.

A journal is effective because it allows you to concentrate on your spiritual needs while also allowing you to record your thoughts and feelings.

For the man in your life, a prayer journal is a wonderful gift idea. To assist him in remembering what he has prayed for and seeing what God has accomplished.

8. Cross Ring for Men by Rcustomstore

8. Cross Ring for Men - Real Men Pray Gifts

I purchased my hubby a ring at a thrift store when we were dating. He worn it for years till it finally gave out. So I started looking for a new band, but because we've been married for almost 20 years, I wanted something more meaningful than a thrift store find.

This ring is well crafted. It appears to be a ring that a distinguished gentleman would wear. It also features a spot for a personalised engraving.

This is where you should keep the reminder to make prayer a priority.

9. Prayer Warrior Bracelet by Route22Designs

9. Prayer Warrior Bracelet - Real Men Pray Gifts

We need daily reminders that we are warriors when we are going through difficult times. We're prayer fighters. Having that reminder on our wrist allows us to maintain the message in our minds at all times.

Give this bracelet to a man in your life who is undergoing a difficult situation to remind him that he is a warrior.

10. Prayer When You Can No Longer Stand Kneel by TheGoodLifeSigns

10. Prayer When You Can No Longer Stand Kneel - Real Men Pray Gifts

This past year, I've struggled with my religion. Our family has experienced a number of terrible catastrophes. Sometimes we've been beaten so badly that we can't take it any longer.

When we can no longer stand, though, we must kneel.

11. Silver Pendant by WMJewelleryServices

11. Silver Pendant - Real Men Pray Gifts

This is a simple pendant that can be worn as a prayer reminder. This pendant can be worn on a keychain or hung on a work bag.

If you're looking for a present for your grandfather, this is a terrific option.

12. I stand For the Flag; I kneel For the Cross by Christian walls

12. I stand For the Flag; I kneel For the Cross - Real Men Pray Gifts

We need men who will fight for America in a country when there is so much uncertainty. Kneeling at the cross, however, is the only way we may fully succeed. We need a revival to save our country, and the revival must begin in the church.

Kneeling at the foot of the cross, we need true men of God. Then and only then will we be able to save America.

13. Real Men Pray Coffee by LovingProductsCo

13. Real Men Pray Coffee - Real Men Pray Gifts

My husband and I decided to give each member of our Bible Study group a mug for Christmas. It's a fantastic opportunity to show them how much we value their participation in our weekly lesson.

This mug is a great pick for the males in our Bible study. Our weekly meeting concludes with prayer, which is always at the end of our lesson.


Men of God, it is time to rise up. It is time to be the warrior God created you to be. You will find the strength to be that warrior when you start on your knees. Real men pray.