14 Manly Christian Gifts for Father's Day (Nod of Approval from Dad!)

Christian Gifts for Father's Day

14 Manly Christian Gifts for Father's Day (Nod of Approval from Dad!)

I am very close to my dad. I was adopted and although the first year of the adoption was a struggle for my father, after that first year I was a daddy’s girl. My dad is in his 70s now and lives with my family. I would do just about anything for him.

I am also married to the most amazing man in the world, and so Father’s Day is a celebration in our home. Celebrating the two most important men in my life, my dad who raised me, and my husband the love of my life.

I start looking for Father’s Day gifts months before third Sunday of June when we take the day honour the men in our lives. Here are some ideas.  

1) Stainless Steel Black ID Wristband Cross Bracelets by Mealguet

#1 cross bracelet as Christian gift for fathers day

The world is a dark place, and it is getting darker every day. The men in our lives who are fighting to honour God are in a constant battle. Integrity, purity, and honour are not values that are encouraged. Instead, men are encouraged to lie, cheat, watch pornography, and dishonour their families.

Being a man of God today is a daily battle. Having a reminder that you believe they are a man of God will help your husband or father stay on the right path.  Having that reminder on their wrist means they will see it often through out their day.

2) Joshua 1:9 Be Strong and Courageous Wall Art by Christian Walls

#2 joshua 1 9 canvas as Christian gift for fathers day

The Joshua 1:9 Be Strong and Courageous Collection is customizable, has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping if you are in the 48 US states.

Four years ago, for Christmas I surprised my husband by converting the storage room into a gym. I found used gym equipment and created a great space. All that is missing is the perfect piece of art.

I think I just found it!

If you have a home gym this artwork would be stunning! It is motivational both physically and spiritually. I really want to put this in the gym. It would be a great surprise. 

3) Blessed Is the Man Psalm 84:5 Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Christian Art Gifts

3. Psalm 84 5 Christian gift for fathers day

My husband is a truckdriver. He leaves the house early in the morning and always has his coffee with him. Through out the day he will get a few coffees. Just this week I got him a special stainless steel travel mug for his coffee. He loves it. Since it is steel, he doesn’t have to worry about it falling and breaking.

I love this mug because it has the Psalm 84:5 verse printed on it. “Blessed are those whose strength is in you.”

4) The Founders Bible

4. the founders bible Christian gift for fathers day

I discovered this Bible while I was listening to a podcast, and I absolutely love it!

Godly preachers stood in pulpits of New England and preached the Word of God. They taught how we should live. It was the writings and preaching of these preachers that shaped the foundations of the United States of America.

I was shocked to read so many historical documents that showed verse by verse the reasoning behind the structure of the USA.

This is a full Bible and can be bought in a few different versions. As you read a passage, you will find extra handouts with letters, and documents from Americas founding fathers about the passage you have just read.

This is a great option for the historian in your life.

5) Men's Navy-Blue Christian Bibles & Crosses Necktie Tie by Parquet

5. cross navy blue necktie as Christian gift for fathers day

A tie is always a great option. This tie has Bible and crosses printed on it. This is a great idea for grandpa to wear to church on Father’s Day. I know some grandfathers who would love this tie and wear it very proudly.

I remember growing up my dad had a very close friend who was also the music director of our church. He would whistle everywhere he went. He also loved to have ties with Biblical meaning. I have known his since I was a child. He is in his 80s now, and I want to buy this tie and send it to him. As soon as I saw it I thought of him. 

6) Mini LED Flashlight - Man of God: Rooted in Christ by CTA

6. man of God flashlight as Christian gift for fathers day

Yesterday the power went out in our town. The whole town lost power. I have this flashlight in my desk drawer, and since I was sitting at my desk writing a blog when the darkness hit, I opened the drawer and grabbed the flashlight.

My husband has the same flashlight in his work bag, in case he breaks down during the early hours of his drive before the sun is up.

My girls have taken the flashlight with them when they went on camping trips. We never think about needing a flashlight until we need it. When we find ourselves in sudden darkness, that is when we realize we need a flashlight.

The print on the flashlight is a reminder we need to be THE light in dark world. When we are rooted in Christ we will be the light when the light is needed.

7) Folding Hex Key Set - Forgiven and Free by CTA

7. forgive and free key set Christian gift for fathers day

Almost all of our furniture comes from Ikea. And if you have every put together Ikea furniture you know you need this key set. Not just the day you set it up, when you move furniture from one room to the next, or when you move to a new home.

Every Dad needs a Hex Key set, why not get him one with a message. Romans 6:23 says “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” This is the verse that is printed on the key set.

8) Ancestry

8. ancestry dna test as Christian gift for fathers day

This is the gift I am giving my husband this year. We have talked about it for years and I want him to know where he came from. I have friends who have used this company and learned a lot about who they are, and where they came from. They have also connected with family they didn’t know they had.

If you are looking for the perfect idea for someone who has everything, this is a great idea!  I am excited.

9) Personalized, Leather Men's Bracelet with Names. By PeraGiftDesigns

 9. personalized leather bracelet as Christian gift for fathers day



 Fathers are the foundation of our society. But to their children they are even more valuable. Each of their children are their greatest responsibility and accomplishment. This bracelet is a way to show the greatest treasure you have; your children.

10) 1 Peter 2:2 Bracelet by Tombey

10. Christian bracelet as Christian gift for fathers day

I Peter 2:2 As newborn babies desire the pure milk of the word, that you man grow thereby.

My husband must leave for work at 4:00am. He wakes up early enough to work out in our gym, and then spend time alone in prayer and Bible reading. I believe this is why we have a strong marriage.

The number one thing the man in your life needs is time with God in the Word. Satan will do anything he can to distract us from our time alone in the Bible. Wearing a daily reminder of the necessity of devotional time will keep you man on the right path.



11) Personalized Gift for Dad Star Map For Dad by WoodLifePrints

11. personalized starmap as Christian gift for fathers day

The moment our children were born is a time stamp I would love to hold onto forever. I have both birthed children and adopted children. I was not there when two of my children were born. If fact I would not meet them until thirteen years later. While my husband and I were not there when they were born, the moment they entered the world is still special.

This is the idea I have for an upcoming Father’s Day. My husband loves looking at the stars, and this is such a unique idea. We gave this to my father-in-law, and he loves is.


12) Gift Docking station Fathers Day Gift by WoodenPageGifts

12. jewelry box for men as Christian gift for fathers day

One thing I find frustrating is seeing things laying around. Keys, wallets, phones, change… I need things to have its place. I adore this docking station. I think I may get this for my dad. He has always has my mother look after his things, since my mother passed away he doesn’t always remember where he left things. This would be a great way to keep his things organized and in the place where it needs to be.


13) The Sword & Shield: A 40-Day Devotional Journey for Men by Robert Noland

13. the sword and shield book as Christian gift for fathers day 

In university I minored in literature, and specifically medieval literature. One of the objects that was essential in the literate of that time was the sword. The sword was used as a weapon, but also as a symbol of strength. The shield was the second most used item. You can’t fight with just a sword, or just a shield.

The Bible uses both the sword and the shield as metaphors in our Christian walk. We are to use the sword of the spirit, which is the word of truth, and the shield of faith.

The Sword & Shield Men's Devotional is a 40-day journey that challenges the men in our lives to be leaders. Our fathers, and husbands are called to lead their families, but they can also be leaders in their workplace, or among their friends.

This book will equip the men in your life to develop their daily devotional time with God.


14) One Nation Under God American Flag Patriotic Wall Art by Christian Walls

14. one nation under God flag as Christian gift for fathers day

The Christian American Flag & Patriotic Wall Art has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free shipping and made in the USA. Check it out!

My father-in-law is looking for an American flag piece of art, this piece of artwork will blow him away. I know exactly where in his house I would put it.

One Nation Under God. This is what the founders believed. If America will return to being One Nation Under God, then it will truly be a great country once more.

I like the way this artwork has a rustic appearance. It reminds me of the start of America. Rustic, yet beautiful.


Fathers are the best! I love my father with all my heart. I am who I am because of the love he poured into my life. I am so thankful for everything my father has done for me over the years. I can only hope that I can I show him my love and appreciation.