12 Educational Christian Easter Gifts for Kids (about Story of Jesus!)

Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

12 Educational Christian Easter Gifts for Kids (about Story of Jesus!)

Easter is my favorite Christian celebration. One of the things I like about how we celebrate the holiday is that gifts given are supposed to connect to the holiday. Unlike Christmas, where gifts are not related to the birth of Christ, Easter gifts are connected to the story of Jesus Christ.

This is an opportunity to give gifts to your children and give gifts to the other special children in our lives: our grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, or family friends. Whatever the relationship is, use this opportunity to build into these special children.


  1. Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family

#1 Adventures in Odyssey Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

I grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey. When I was little, I fell asleep every night to audio dramas. This is a great way to give your son or daughter a good night’s sleep. I also raised my kids with Odyssey. The lessons learned are for life. My kids, who are older teenagers now, still talk fondly of the adventures in Odyssey CDs.

If you are a parent of a young child, you will understand that children’s music, and stories can be very irritating. However, the adventure in odyssey is not only loved by them, but parents as well. I am not ashamed to say that many times I listened after my children had fallen asleep. I think this is a great Christian Easter gift for kids :) 

  1. Love Tree & Love is Patient, Love is Kind Canvas Print

#2 love is patient Christian Easter Gifts for Kids
Change the background, bible verse and more for no extra cost on our Love is Patient, Love is Kind wall decor collection

What is love? This is a question that we have from childhood. As kids we need to learn how to love our siblings, friends, and even ourselves. As we grow, we need to learn how to recognize true love.

This is an essential lesson we all need to know.

This large piece of artwork is a beautiful addition to a little one's room or playroom. I love how the leaves are made from hearts.

Have you ever sat beside a piece of artwork and imagined climbing inside the artwork? This is the kind of artwork that promotes this kind of imagination. I can imagine climbing this tree or dancing under its branches.

Keep the Bible on the walls.


  1. The Jesus Storybook Bible and DVD by Sally Lloyd-Jones

#3 Jesus storybook bible and dvd Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

This is my very favorite Children’s Bible. This option is not just the Bible; this is the deluxe edition that includes video options. If you can be in the child’s life, then make sure you take the time to read this Bible to your little one regularly. What kids needs are consistency in Bible reading. Help them start early developing a habit of Bible reading. This could be a good idea for a Christian easter gift.

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia Collector's Edition Audio CD by Focus on the Family

#4 chronciles of narnia audiobook Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

When my son and daughters were little, my husband read the chronicles of Narnia to them every night. It was a great tradition. One year when we were taking a long road trip for a family vacation, I purchased this radio drama by Focus on the Family. I was blown away by how amazing it was produced. Our whole family loved it! Even as teenagers my girls love this series. This is a gift the entire family will love.


  1. Life of Jesus Magnets, Set of 12 by Dicksons

#5 life of jesus magnets Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

Are you looking for an option to add to an Easter gift basket? This is a great option. Kids love magnets! The bottom of my fridge was full of magnets when the kids were younger.

The Bible tells us we are supposed to always keep the Law of the Lord in front of our children. Ideas like this help us accomplish this. Even in the simple moments of life, such as playing with magnets, your little one will be reminded of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  1. The Passion of Jesus - Audiobook on CD by Your Story Hour

#6 passion of jesus audiobook Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

Here is another Audiobook Easter option for your son or daughters. This is a perfect Easter gift. The passion of Jesus tells the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Your Story Hour is a trusted source for biblical stories told accurately and at an appropriate level for kids.

I remember one time I was teaching the story of Jesus Christ to a group of children who had no biblical knowledge. I watched their eyes as their hearts broke at the news of Jesus’s death. It was so overwhelming for them I had to jump ahead to the resurrection quicker than I had planned.

As adults who have celebrated the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for many years, we can forget the overwhelming grandness of the story. Allow your son or daughter to hear the story of Easter and be impacted by it.


  1. Christian Inspirational Bible Bracelets, Variety Pack – by Inkstone

#7 bible bracelets Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

If you are putting together Easter baskets for a group of children, here is a great idea. These bracelets are a fun way for them to remember that Jesus is with them all the time.

Sometimes when I need to remember to do something, I will either write it on my hand or a string around my wrist. When I look down at my hand, I will remember. When my daughter was in kindergarten and struggling with being apart from me, I drew a heart on her hand so she could see it all day long and remember I love her. Having a reminder on your hand or around your wrist is a great way to remember a message.

While at school, Our son or daughters will have many opportunities to make choices. Wearing a bracelet with a message from Jesus will help them remember always doing what is right.

  1. Melissa & Doug “On the Go Water Wow!” By Melissa & Doug

#8 melissa and doug Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

A critical part of the celebrations of Easter is attending church services. Perhaps you will be bringing a little one with you. Sometimes it can be challenging for kids to sit still during the easter service. This is a gift they can use quietly and without causing distractions.

This is a three-pack, one for animals, the alphabet, and the other for Bible Stories. You can find the story of Jesus, and your son or daughter can color while hearing the message. I have found that children who are distracted easily will retain more if their hands are occupied.

  1. Mini Moments with God Devotions for Families by Christian Art Gifts Store

#9 mini moments with God devotions

Help your child start the habit of daily devotion time. You can read these cards to them. If they are old enough, this is a way for them to take ownership of their journey with God.

These cards have verses for them to memorize, inspirational thoughts to inspire them through the day.

There are many gifts you can give to them. The advantage of starting a habit of daily devotional time with God is the best gift you can give.

  1. I See Me! ® God Loves Personalized Book by

#10 God loves me personalized book Christian Easter Gifts for Kids

There are two things’ Children love to see. Pictures of themselves and their name. This is a book you can have personalized for your son or daughter. They can read a book about how much God loves them.

Here is another great thing about this book. You can write the dedication page. That means you can leave a special message for them.

  1. Galatians 5:22 Fruit of the Spirit Canvas Print by Christian walls.

#11 galatians 5 22 fruit of the spirit Christian Easter Gifts for Kids
Our Fruit of the Spirit Wall art collection is a great reminder of God & his Love for Kids!


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

Give your child a large piece of artwork to remind them of the fruit of the spirit!

Kids will love this artwork. The colors are bright and vibrant. Kids love to have bright colors on their walls.

We all need to be reminded to be loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, gentle, faithful, and in control.

I remember the artwork on the wall of my playroom from my childhood. I remember everything about it. Give your son or daughter a way to keep God’s work in her heart and mind.



#12 MEET HELLOBIBLE kids subscription box

I love monthly subscription options for gifts. For children, subscription boxes are even more special. Kids love to receive things in the mail. This gift option allows you to send a gift once a month and bless the little one in your life monthly. If you cannot be with the child, this is a way to remind them that you love them and pray for them all the time.

In conclusion

      You have the opportunity to pass on the importance of the Easter celebration to the next generation. The significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Kids are never too young to learn about this vital part of our faith.

      Never underestimate the critical role you have in a child’s life. You have a huge influence on them!