11 Essential Christian Back-to-School Gifts

11 Essential Christian Back-to-School Gifts

11 Helpful Back-To-School Christian Gifts

It is that time of year! Our students are going back to school. This year I have a daughter heading off to college. It is a beautiful and exciting time for everyone. As Christian parents, we want to make sure they remember all the lessons we have taught them over the years.

As we send our children off to school, we can send them a reminder of our love for them.

Perhaps the student you are praying for is not your child. I had a group of ladies from my church who prayed for me and sent me reminders of their prayers. I am thankful for these gifts they sent me.

Here are some gift ideas that your child will really like!


#1 Hope Planner by Hopefuel Co

#1 Hope planner christian back-to-school gifts

This planner will help them stay organized and get all their projects in on time. At the same time, it will remind them to do be in the word of God each day. The planner is designed to remind them to be reading God’s word. It also has an area for them to record what God taught them and any prayer requests or answers.

Starting a habit of being in God’s word daily is the most important lesson we can give our children. As they head out into the world without us, we can make sure they are grounded in God’s word.

#2 Psalm 150:4 water bottle by CafePress

#2 psalm 150 4 water bottle christian back-to-school gifts

Students take their water bottle everywhere they go. This water bottle has Psalms 150:4 “Praise Him with the Strings.”

This is an excellent gift for the Christian musician who is heading back to school. As your student musician starts his or her day off filling up their water bottle, they can be reminded their goal is to praise God.

The gift your child has was given to him/her by God for a purpose. Remind your child their goal is to praise God with their strings! 

#3 Cross Bracelet by Soul Statement

#3 men cross bracelet christian back-to-school gifts

This is a stylish bracelet for men. This is a two-pack bracelet. Fathers can take their son for an outing before he heads off to school. Remind your son of the temptations young men face in college. As a father, you face these same temptations as well.

As men, you can make the promise to each other that you will stand firm and pure. You can each wear the bracelet to remember to pray for each other as you both live as men of integrity.

#4 Pray for your Safety Christian Quote Wallet by Fundykee

#4 Christian Quote wallet back-to-school gifts

“Wherever your journey in life may take you, I pray you’ll always be safe, enjoy the ride, and never forget your way back home. I’m always here for you.”

This is a man’s wallet. As your young man embarks on life, he will see this message throughout his day. He will remember that you love him, and you are praying for him. My husband was given a wallet from his father when he left for school. He kept that wallet until we had married for many years. It was the favorite gift he was given before heading off to school.

If your son faces a difficult situation and wonders if he is alone, he will remember that you are always there for him. Great as an back-to-school gift for an older kid.

#5 How to Stay Christian in College Book

#5 How to stay christian in college book christian back-to-school gifts

Unfortunately, many Christian young people struggle in college to keep their faith. This is an excellent book to go through with your child before they leave for school. Grade 12 is an excellent time to start making sure your they are prepared.

If your student is already finished high school, it is never too late to get this book. This back-to-school gift can even be for college kids!

Take heart; we know that with God’s help, our Christian young people can make it through school with their faith intact. It will take prayer! But don’t give up hope.

#6 Rug with John 13:34 by Society 6

#6 John 13 34 RUG christian back-to-school gifts

Every dorm room needs a rug. While roommates might not feel comfortable with a bible verse run, this run has a message everyone will really appreciate. “Love one another as I have loved you.” 

There are going to be many times when your student is going to struggle with people. He/she will want to give up on people who treat him/her with hostility.

Don’t let them forget that God has called them to love.  I love the way Jesus loves them. He was willing to give us his life and forgive even the men who killed him.

They can have that same feeling. If they do, they will impact their school in a way that will change the world. 

I love this back-to-school gift, its so simple yet so powerful. 


#7 Jesus is the answer bookmark by JKCEDesigns

#7 jesus is the answer bookmark christian back-to-school gifts

When I was in college, an unexpected letter with a gift was always my favorite thing.

This is a great back-to-school gift to send within a letter to your student. Everyone really likes getting little presents in the mail. This is a great gift that they will appreciate. A bookmark they can use when they are studying.

As your son or daughter is studying and overwhelmed with the workload of college, this will be a reminder that both you and Jesus love them.


#8 Beauty in the Bible: Adult Coloring Book Volume by Pen + Paint

#8 Bible colour book christian back-to-school gifts

Your student is going to struggle with stress. It is a guarantee for them. One of the best things to calm stress down is to color. That sounds strange. But it has been proven to be true.

This is an adult coloring book full of scripture verses for your students to meditate on while letting their stress go.

This is a gift you can send your son or daughter congratulating for making it to the halfway point of the semester.  Let them know they are being prayed for, and you know they will do well as they finish the semester.


#9 Love Note Messenger Box by Lovebox

#9 love box christian back-to-school gifts

I found this gift, and it blew my mind. I am in love with this! 

You are probably thinking, “What is a LOVE BOX?”

According to the website, “Lovebox is a connected, messaging device that pairs with an app to go beyond regular communication and deliver special expressions of affection.”

You can send a message to your student: pictures or messages. When you send a message, the heart will spin, letting them know they have a message of love.

You can send them a Bible verse each day. You can pray for them and send the prayer so they can read it.

 #10 Proverbs 3:6 Canvas Wall Art

#10 Trust in the lord wall art christian back-to-school gifts
Click here to take a closer look. Make your own canvas at no extra cost


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding.”

Your student is going to be making decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. This is a time in their life when they will face many crossroads. They will need a constant reminder that they can take all their decisions to God no matter what happens. He will help them make the choices that will lead them down the path he has planned for them.

This canvas will look good in your son or daughters new apartment. I remember the first time I had my own place to decorate.  I looked for furniture at goodwill. Took hand-me-downs from students who were done school and made furniture out of things people had tossed.

But I was gifted something special to hang on the wall. It made the room look put together and adult space. I was so proud of that first apartment.

Help them have that same feeling with this beautiful canvas.


#11 Be still and know wall art

#11 be still and know wall art christian back-to-school gifts


College life is always on the go. You are always on the go by studying, classes, gatherings with friends, sports clubs, and jobs. There are times when your son or daughter is going to need to be reminded to stop and be still. It is in the stillness that they will hear God’s voice.

In my second year of college, I learned to take time each day to stop and be still and listen to God. I had these moments in many different places around the compass. During these still and quiet moments, God spoke to me and helped me make some choices I am living with today. One of those choices was my husband.

In Conclusion

Whether you are sending gifts to your child or a student you care about, these back to school gifts are a way to let them know they are loved and prayed for.  Giving something to them is such a thoughtful and wonderful way to keep them connected to their faith. Don’t let them forget where they came from.

These years are going to be wonderful, frightening, hopeful, and daunting. They will need to know that you are going to always be there for them.