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Christian Serenity Prayer Gifts

12 Meaningful Christian Serenity Prayer Gifts

If you have a friend or family member struggling with addictions, you know that the highs and lows are celebrated and felt by everyone involved. When a person dealing with addictions reaches a milestone, everyone is excited and hopeful. It is a time to celebrate. Giving a gift to a friend who has reached a milestone is a way to show them you believe in them.

The serenity prayer is essential to the recovery process. Giving a gift with the words of this prayer will show the person you care about that you are praying with them.

Below are different gift ideas for the person you love who is celebrating milestones.


1. Prayer Plaque by DownhomeCraftByDiane (Etsy)

#1 wood plank serenity prayer gifts for men women

This is a small plaque that your loved one can keep in a prominent place. This is a way to help your friend have a way to always keep this important message close to their eyes.  This plaque is a trendy wood plank that would look good in any room.

Do you have a friend who has a cottage? They will need this reminder at the cabin as well. This plaque made of wood planks will fit in nicely in any cabin.

God will be there for you and your loved one. He cares about you.  Sometimes it can be easy to forget that you can trust God. Don’t ever forget that.

2. Serenity Prayer Gift Basket by Adorable Gift Baskets

#2 gift basket serenity prayer gifts for men women

If you have a loved one struggling that lives far away, sending a gift basket is a good option. Another possibility is that you have decided that it is best you don’t have direct contact with your friend for a time; however, you want to show them you care. A gift basket is a great way to do this.

As a person starts their journey, they must know family and friends will go on the trip with them. Let them know that even though you can not be with them, you love them and will be praying for them.

3. Serenity Prayer Engraved Bracelet by Cooper Wrist Design

#3 leather bracelet serenity prayer gifts for men women

For someone who has completed a more extended milestone, this bracelet reminds them how far they have come. This is a bracelet a man could like to wear.

When the man you care about is with his friends and feeling tempted to give in, this bracelet will be a reminder that you believe in them. You can’t be with him everywhere he goes, but you can give him something that will travel with him.

4. Personalized Mugs by Current Catalogue

#4 personalized mug serenity prayer gifts for men women

Personalized mugs are always great. This is a good present for someone starting their journey to recovery. As your friend starts or ends each day with their favorite beverage, they will be reminded that you are thinking of them.

I enjoy specialized mugs. Each time I use them, I remember where they came from. My favorite cups are unique because of who gave them to me or where I bought them.

When you give this mug, make it a special moment so they will remember it.

5. Serenity Prayer Cuff Bracelet by SparksAndGem (etsy)

#5 silver bracelet serenity prayer gifts for men women

If you are looking for a bracelet for your female friend or family member, this is one I recommend.

This simple bracelet will be an encouragement for them. Because of its simple charm, it is not noticeable for others in her life. However, as she faces temptations throughout her life, she will know that with God’s help, she will be able to overcome whatever is thrown her way.

6. Leather & Glass Cabochon Serenity Prayer Bracelet by CrownJewelDesigns95

#6 leather and silver bracelet serenity prayer gifts for men women

Do you have a teenager in your life recovering from addiction? This bracelet is created in a style that a younger person would appreciate. This would be a good gift for a teenager who is in recovery or has a parent that is recovering.

Teenagers who struggle especially need a reminder that someone believes in them. This bracelet will help them know that God loves them and cares about them. They can have the courage to change things that are in their control, and accept things that they can not change, and have the wisdom to know the difference. This is a difficult task for an adult. It can be almost impossible for a teenager.

This is something that tells them you believe they can do it!

7. Serenity Prayer Cube by HJ Sherman Company

#7 block serenity prayer gifts for men women

There are many scripture verses that are important for the recovering addict. This cube has prayers on each side that will aid them in recovery. This is a good present for the older person who has recovered.

The Lord’s Prayer, the Mustard Seed, Eagles Wings, and the Love Passage. These are all passages of scriptures that will encourage your friend. These are passages we should all memorize.

When we are in the deep waters, we can trust that God is our strength.

8. Serenity Prayer Mug by Pavilion Gift Company Store

#8 mug serenity prayer gifts for men women

This is a idea for the lady in your life who has a calming tea to drink. As she sips her tea, she will be reminded that God will help her have acceptance, courage, and wisdom.

I have people I love who have family members struggling with addiction. This is an excellent present for them. It is challenging to watch someone you care about working. If you love someone who is watching someone struggle, remember they need your help as well. This simple gift will be a way to tell them you deep care for them.

Let them know that if they ever want to talk about their feelings, this cup comes with the invitation to have tea and chat.

9. Serenity Prayer Engraved Gift Pen by InkStone

#9 engraved pen serenity prayer gifts for men women

Has your loved one reached a specific milestone, and do you want something extraordinary to mark this moment? This pen says you are proud of them!  If you have a businessman or woman in your life, you are proud of them. This is how to show them.

They can keep this pen in a place at work or home where they will be reminded of how far God has brought them.  If God has brought them this far, He will be with them always.

10. Serenity Prayer Blanket by Sinlley

#10 blanket serenity prayer gifts for men women

This is the gift for someone who is starting a new journey. They will have many difficult nights. They can wrap themselves in this blanket at night and know God, and you love them!

When I have hard days, I come home and wrap myself in a blanket and get a warm cup of soup. My anxiety seems to all fade away with this combination.

You won’t be able to be with them on these dark days, but they will know you are with them.

11. Serenity Prayer Wall Art

#11 serenity wall art serenity prayer gifts for men women

Look at all the beautiful Serenity Prayer canvases here. Add their favorite scripture on here :)

This stunning piece of artwork can be hung on the wall and be a constant reminder that no matter what happens, they will always be loved and cared for by God and you.

Having a piece of artwork this large hanging in a prominent place will mean they will always have the words of the powerful prayer in front of their eyes.

You also can know that God loves both you and them. He has a plan for each of you. With God’s grace, you can both have the acceptance, courage, and wisdom to walk this journey together.

Imagine on the darkest days standing and knowing that you are loved. Seeing this masterpiece and knowing the person who gave this to you believes that you can overcome anything with God’s help.


12. God Grant Me Serenity Framed Canvas Print

#12 God grant me serenity prayer gifts for men women
Click here to check out the designs or change the background / bible verse at no extra cost :)



This canvas print is great for the younger person in your life who needs to hear this message. The words are bold and powerful and will make sure the young person in your life never forgets these powerful words.

You can hang this canvas in the bedroom of the person you care about. This is for the young person who is either struggling themselves or is the child of someone who is struggling.

In the mix of the drama that can come with a person who is struggling with addiction, the children can often be forgotten.  Tell the young person in your life you have not forgotten them. Make sure they know they can talk to you any time about anything.  You will listen with no judgment.

In conclusion.... If you are just now starting this journey with someone you deep care about, let me encourage you. You know that God loves you, and your friend is the start.  God is going to be with both of you. These ideas are a way of showing the person in your life that you love them, and you are praying with them.