12 Exciting Christian Sports Gifts (Athletes will Love! - Click Here)

Christian Sports Gifts

My daughters are both highly athletic. They compete on a competitive level. Athletics runs through our veins.

My brother was a professional football player in Europe and a university football coach in Canada. Fencing was my birth father's sport, and he won an Olympic medal.

In our house, we like sports, and as a mother, one of my favorite pastimes is watching my daughters compete.

Keep reading below to see our handpicked 12 Christian Sports Gifts for Athletes or people who love sports!

1. Barbell #5 Joshua 1:9 Be Strong and Courageous Wall Art by Scripture Wall

1. Barbell #5 Joshua 1 9 Be Strong and Courageous Wall Art - Christian Sports Gifts

I shocked my husband a few years ago when I cleaned out a junk room in our basement and purchased second-hand gym equipment from Craigslist, giving him a home gym.

I managed to keep this from him as a Christmas present. On Christmas morning, he was utterly taken aback.

It's interesting to note that, while my spouse uses it daily, so do my daughters. It is one of our most often used rooms.

The only thing we are missing is the perfect art piece. I have had this one in mind for a while now and I want to get it for the room. A reminder for him to stay strong!

2. Football Champ #7 Joshua 1:9 Be Strong and Courageous Wall Art by Scripture Wall

2. Football Champ #7 Joshua 1 9 Be Strong and Courageous Wall Art - Christian Sports Gifts

My brother is a football player. He played through elementary, high school, and university. He was a QB.

In his senior year of college, he encountered his most difficult obstacle. His team was involved in a drug controversy. The school halted the entire season and refused to allow the squad to play since so many players tested positive for drugs.

This was upsetting to hear. My brother was a Christian on the team, and despite losing his senior year unfairly due to his refusal to use drugs, he handled the matter with Christian honesty.

Because of his demeanor, he was appointed as the school's media spokesperson. He was interviewed by sports journalists from all over the world.

As a result, he was discovered by European teams and was allowed to play professionally in Europe.

He went through a lot, yet he remained strong and fearless.

If you have an athlete in your life who is facing a battle give this artwork and show how much you believe in them.

3. Football Cross by BriarBeachDesigns

3. Football Cross - Christian Sports Gifts

Young people can become frustrated as they try to find out what they want to do with their lives and what they're worth. We must instill in our children the belief that they were made for a certain purpose. They were made to worship.

If you have a football player in your life, you can remind them that they were designed to worship God in everything they do, even football. This cross is incredible, with hand-carved wooden silhouettes of football players.

4. Lift Like Samson Workout Shirts by KingOfKingsApparel

4. Lift Like Samson Workout Shirts - Christian Sports Gifts

I'm a sucker for a good witty tee. This is a fantastic present for your man! As long as your man lifts like Samson but doesn’t live like Samson!

This is the gift for the man in your life who enjoys lifting and has fantastic humor.

5. Squats Low Praises High Workout Tanks for Women by DisciplinedApparel

5. Squats Low Praises High Workout Tanks for Women - Christian Sports Gifts

This is the mom tee for the woman in your life who works out. My sister enjoys working out and sharing images of her workouts on social media.

She volunteers at her church when she is not at the gym. She sings on the praise team and works in children's ministry.

This is a fantastic tee for her. If you know a woman who enjoys working out and loves Jesus, this is the shirt for her.

6. Jesus and Football Sweatshirt Jesus Lover Sweater by ActiveDesignTX

6. Jesus and Football Sweatshirt Jesus Lover Sweater - Christian Sports Gifts

On Sundays, it's all about Jesus and football. Church and football don't have to be at odds on Sunday. We are to have a day of rest, according to God. And we're supposed to begin the week by worshiping God.

Sundays begin with the worship of Jesus. Spend time in church together, worshiping and learning the Bible.

When you go home, you can unwind and enjoy time with your family and friends. One way to unwind is to watch a football game.

Have a wonderful day. If you know a young lady who enjoys spending Sundays at church and watching football, this is a gift for her.

7. I Can Do All Things Basketball Tee by JadeAndHarlow

7. I Can Do All Things Basketball Tee - Christian Sports Gifts

I often see the verse “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”  Philippians 4:13 used in athletics. This doesn’t mean that God will make you win the game.

This is something I just discussed with my class on Sunday. Before Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, I told his story.

The Lord's army commander visited him. Joshua inquired as to whether he was on their side of the enemies. No, said the angel.

The question was not, "Is God on my side?" but rather, "Is God on my side?" Is it true that I am on God's side? You will be able to accomplish anything if God is on your side.

That means you'll be able to win with grace and dignity if you win. You will be able to win with elegance and dignity even if you lose.

Remind your young athlete it is not important if they win or lose, it matters HOW they win or lose.

8. Apple Watch Silicone Sports Band by Pidgeongraving

8. Apple Watch Silicone Sports Band - Christian Sports Gifts

Stand firm in your faith

Keep the message on your wrist at all times. It can be worn everywhere.

This is a present for a young person in your life who needs to carry this message with them everywhere they go.

This apple watch sports band is a fantastic present for any young athlete.

9. Vintage Bible Page Verse Scripture Colossians 3:23 by Art4theMasses

9. Vintage Bible Page Verse Scripture - Whatever You Do, Do It For The Lord - Colossians 3 23 - Christian Sports Gifts

I love the Bible print in the background of this small piece of artwork to have on a shelf.

This would look great on the shelf next to your Bible, and devotional books. If you have a young athlete in your life who needs to be reminded of the importance of spiritual workouts, this is the gift for them.

10. Sports Charm Football Necklace by Cocomallowcharm

10. Sports Charm Football Necklace - Christian Sports Gifts

I love these charms.

They are a wonderful gift for a girlfriend. This is the charm to present if you're a football player and want your girlfriend to wear to your game.

As you play the game, remind your girlfriend to pray for your safety and integrity.

This is a romantic gift that your girl will like.

11. Do The Work by DisciplinedApparel

11. Do The Work - Christian Sports Gifts

It takes time to get fit and strong. You don't gain spiritual strength and wisdom in an instant, either. It requires effort and time.

Remind the athlete in your family that they must prioritize their relationship with God.

I recall sitting down with my kid and reminding her that she spent 20 hours a week doing gymnastics. It was not enough to spend one hour a week in church. One hour in the gym, for example, would not suffice.

She needed to spend time in the Bible, listen to Christian music, and study Christian materials if she wanted to be a strong Christian.

Give your athlete this gift to remind them.

12. Faith Family Football Shirt by CustomBull

12. Faith Family Football Shirt - Christian Sports Gifts

Are you throwing your husband's Superbowl party? The shirt to wear to the party is this one.

If you're the guy throwing the party and want to show your wife how much you appreciate her efforts, this is the present you should give.


Having a Christian athlete in your life is a privilege. Show them you are proud of them, not just for their athletic abilities, but more importantly because of their walk with God.  These are great gift options.