12 Mark 9:23 Gifts (Your Moment to Shine - Click Here)

Mark 9:23 Gifts

All things are possible if you believe – in Jesus

This message is one that we all need to hear. We need to not just hear this message; we need to believe it.

We need to know it is true in the very deep parts of our souls. We must believe that all things are possible. The wayward child who has walked away from God will come home; we just need to believe.

Whatever the hill we are facing, we can climb over it, if we just believe. 

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1. Bookmark Gift by JKCEDesigns

1. Bookmark Gift - Mark 9 23 Gifts

I love this paper clip bookmark.

My friend is undergoing cancer treatment, but it is not her therapy; she is doing it with her five-year-old kid. I can't think of anything more difficult to go through.

A book can keep her company when she sits by her sick child's bedside for long periods.

There is a plethora of excellent books available. If you have a friend who is going through a traumatic experience, give them a book and this bookmark.

As a result, every time they pick up their book, they will remember that with God, anything is possible.

2. Everything Is Possible For The One Who Believes Mug by StrengthByScripture

2. Everything Is Possible For The One Who Believes Ceramic Mug - Mark 9 23 Gifts

My daily ritual is usually started with a nice, hot cup of coffee. I love to have my favorite mug to drink my coffee from, preferably with a big, bold graphic on it.

I've been through a few coffee mugs in my day, so I have a few favorite mugs.

I like to have one by my bed to start my day off right, and one by my desk to keep me going throughout the day.

Love the black inside this mug! The message of this mug is one we all need. As we go through our day having this mug on our desk, will be a reminder we need to stand firm and believe.

3. Mark 9:23 Necklace by GoodWordsJewelry

3. Bible Verse Necklace - Mark 9 23 Gifts

One day in 2008, Kirsten Hammer was in her parents’ study going through old boxes of things they had kept from her childhood when she came across a small bag with faded embroidery on it.

Inside the bag was a set of antique-looking necklaces that her parents had bought for her on a church retreat when she was a teenager.

At first glance, Hammer didn’t remember the necklace, but when she looked at them again, she was transported back that weekend.

She had been sitting with her friends, laughing and joking when her father came to her and asked her to put a message on the bag the necklace was hanging from.

Jewelry has a way of bringing us to the place we were when we first saw it. It takes us to the place we have been when we were wearing it.

Give your teenager this beautiful necklace. Tell her how proud you are of her. Show her you know that God has big plans for her life.

4. Mark 9:23 Shirt by ChristianGCreations

4. Mark 9 23 Shirt - Mark 9 23 Gifts

When you cross out the I’m in impossible you get possible.

This is a great shirt! The message is this, you are capable of achieving your goals. You are capable of being more.

There is nothing impossible, you just need to find a way to make it possible. This is your moment.

Take “I’m” out of your situation. Put God in the story, and let God be in charge. Impossible will change to possible when we let God rule instead of us.

5. All Things Are Possible To Those Who Believe T-Shirt by PacificDreamStudios

5. All Things Are Possible To Those Who Believe Crewneck T-Shirt - Mark 9 23 Gifts

Here is another great shirt to give to a mom. Young mothers today have so much to do.

 Moms and young mothers are an important part of society. They bring up the next generation, and in the process, change the world.

As a young mother, your job is important. You have to work hard and make sure you spend time with your children.

6. Mark 9:23 Tote Bag by HerSolidFaith

6. Christian Tote Bag - Mark 9 23 Gifts

Walmart no longer gives away bags in the town where I live!! When I discovered this while shopping last week, everyone in the store was taken aback. We were compelled to purchase reusable bags because most people did not have bags with them.

Unfortunately, I keep hearing this tale everywhere I go. As time passes, we'll all need to bring our shopping bags.

This means a nice tote bag is a gift we should offer to newlyweds and new mothers, as well as to our children when they leave home and move out.

For that, this is a fantastic option.

7. Mark 9:23 Handstamped Sterling Silver Ring by BonnyandRead

7. Mark 9 23 Handstamped Sterling Silver Ring - Mark 9 23 Gifts

Wrap around the ring for teenage girl

Teenagers can sometimes feel lost in a world that’s changing too quickly. They want to fit in and be cool, but they’re often too afraid to say what’s on their minds.

At least, that used to be the case. Today, young people have a new way to express their faith.

This ring is a way for our young ladies to have a piece of jewelry that will remind them all the time that God is on their side.

8. Mark 9:23 Bracelet by TakeThaiRealOrigin

8. Mark 9 23 Bracelet - Mark 9 23 Gifts

This is a bracelet for men to wear. We need men of God who pray!

As the Church continues to face challenges, we have been reminded that we need to look to men of God to provide guidance and strength.

I’m grateful for the many strong and courageous voices we’ve heard from our bishops, priests, brothers, and fathers over the past year. Many of our questions and concerns about the Church’s future are best addressed by those who have experience and training in the Church’s teachings and practices.

I’m also grateful for the voices of faith and hope we’ve heard from the men and women across the country who continue to serve with love and integrity.

The men of God in our community have a unique role to play in our society. They are called to preach the word, defend the faith, and bring the light of Christ’s truth to the world.

They are needed now more than ever. But their role is not an easy one. Help them know you believe in them with this great bracelet!

9. All Things Are Possible If You Believe Christian Décor by LittleOlivePrintsCo

9. All Things Are Possible If You Believe Christian Décor - Mark 9 23 Gifts

Down the road from my house is a cooking school for home cooks. This is a place where couples go on dates to learn how to cook. I have not been there yet, but my friends have been to many cooking classes and love that it is a professional kitchen.

I know people who were able to prepare a Christmas lunch for their families, they cooked the turkey and all the trimmings and then served the whole family at the table.

As mothers we cook for our family to show them, we love them. As mothers we cook for our family to show them, we love them. As mothers we cook for our family to show them, we love them. As mothers we cook for our family to show them, we love them.

If you have a mother who has shown you her love in the kitchen, you can show her your appreciation with a gift like this one.

Give her something to have in her kitchen so she can always remember that with God all things are possible.

10. Mark 9:23 Coffee Mug with Bible Verse Engraved by GriffcoSupply

10. Mark 9 23 Coffee Mug with Bible Verse Engraved - Mark 9 23 Gifts

I love this travel mug and lid to keep coffee warm.

My favorite mug is my travel mug. I love to have my favorite mug to drink my coffee from while I am traveling.

I like having a mug that is both beautiful and functional so that it can be used in the kitchen, at the office, or while out and about.

My favorite place to take my travel mug is when I go grocery shopping.

If you have someone who is always on the go and needs a reminder that with God all things are possible, this is the travel mug to get them.

11. Mark 9:23 Printable Art by SassySaintsbyJTP

11. Mark 9 23 Printable Art - Mark 9 23 Gifts

When people are going through a difficult time, they need to know they are not alone. They must understand that they are fighting a battle with others on their side.

Giving a handcrafted present is the finest way to show someone you care about them. You are not alone if the concept of a handcrafted gift makes you shudder since you are not a crafty person.

But here's a terrific suggestion. Purchase a printable piece of art. This means you can put it to whatever purpose you want.

Your homemade item will give the impression that you are a professional artist.

12. Running Medal and Race Bibs by runningonthewall

12. Running Medal and Race Bibs - Mark 9 23 Gifts

I have two track athletes. When they come home from a meet with a ribbon or medal it is a celebration. We have a medal and ribbon holder for each of them. This is a way to show them we believe in them.

One of my daughters came to our home as a teenager in foster care. We adopted her a few years later. When she came to our home, she had not had the opportunity to participate in any organized sports.

I put her in track because it was a sport she would not have to try out for. In her first competition, she came in last place. However, she worked hard, and she took out her anger, fear, and anxiety on the track.

She began to compete in the long and triple jumps. By the end of the year, she was winning ribbons.

Her room is full of ribbons and medals now. What seemed impossible was possible, with prayer and a little hard work.

If you have an athlete who is overcoming struggles this is a great way to show them, you are proud of them.


We have to believe.

We will survive the storm, the trial, the mountain, only if we don’t give up and always believe. If you have someone in your life who needs to hear this message every day, then any of these gifts are a great way to show it.