12 Best Christian Gifts for Mom (Thoughtful Ideas!)

Christian Gifts for Mom

12 Best Christian Gifts for Mom (Thoughtful Ideas!)

Moms are the best, and we want to show them how much we love them. It could be Mother’s Day, birthday, or Christmas. The best gift to give them is the “just because” gift. Give your mom something just to say I love you and appreciate you without a reminder on my calendar.

Being a mom is not easy. They often feel underappreciated and ignored. Usually, we take the things they do for us for granted. Show her that you see her here, and you are thankful for what she has done.


  1. A Creative Mother-Daughter Devotional by Focus on the Family

#1 Creative Mother-Daughter Devotional christian gifts for mom

If you are a younger person looking to get a gift for your mother, I have the perfect idea for you. Perhaps you have a younger sibling, and you would like to help them give a present. This is a great idea for them.

This is a gift a daughter aged 6-10 can give their mother. This gives moms and daughters time together to study the Bible and then journal.

There are so many excellent examples in the Bible of women who loved God. This journal is something your mother can keep forever.

  1. Faithbox by Crate joy

#2 faithbox christian gifts for mom

Subscription gifts are a new trend that I just love. If you don’t live near your mother but want her to know you love her, this is a great idea. I have given subscription gift boxes for Christmas, and it has been a way for us to remember to contact each other. When it arrives each month, it is a reminder to call or text each other.

Days turn to weeks. Weeks turn to months. Before you know it, you have gone a long time without talking to your mother. A subscription gift is a way to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  1. Breakfast in Bed Wood Serving Tray by

#3 breakfast in bed wood tray christian gifts for mom

I remember my first breakfast in bed my kid made for me. A cold bagel with no butter, a banana cut up, and milk. Not something I would have ordered at a restaurant but still my favorite meal of all time. My girls were showing me they loved me. And that was the gift.

Give your mom breakfast in bed. This tray will be an added surprise. A lovely tray like this is one your mother can use often.

If you are a husband wanting to help your children with a gift, this is a great idea. Show your wife you care about her.

  1. Pureflix

#4 pureflix christian gifts for mom

One of the ways moms like to relax is to sit on the couch and watch a feel-good movie. One of the things I want to do is watch movies while I fold laundry or do the dishes. I have a problem; however, as a Christian, it is important to me that I do not watch movies that promote or encourage sinful activities. Finding movies that a Christian can watch is very difficult now.

PureFlix was created to fix this problem.

If your mom loves watching feel-good movies, then this is an excellent present for her.

The other reason I love this gift is Pureflix as options for small children. If you mother still has younger children at home this is a perfect option for her.

  1. Thank you for a house full of love by Christian walls

#5 thank you for a house full of love christian gifts for mom
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Sometimes I look around my house and get discouraged. Dishes in the sink after I just cleaned up the kitchen, laundry that needs folding, and a mess in the living room the kids left behind. There are also times I want just a few minutes of quietness. This was especially true when everyone was home for such a long period during lockdowns

During those times of discouragement, God reminded me that noise and the mess were evidence he had blessed me with a whole house of people I love.

Give her something that encouraging message she needs to hear with this artwork from Christian walls.


  1. Love Blooms Photo Vase by

#6 love blooms photo vase christian gifts for mom

Thank- you for helping us bloom!

Your mother has helped you bloom into the beautiful people you are today. All the time was helping you with homework, driving you to your activities, making you eat healthy food, and giving you rules to follow. Most importantly, she has helped you in your relationship with God. She has taught you about God and showed you how to have a relationship with Him.

This is a customized vase. You can add a picture and name.

Make sure you buy some flowers to add to this vase!

  1. Strength and Honor are her clothing Coffee Mug by Freedom Mugs Creation

#7 strength and honor are her clothing christian gifts for mom

Mugs are always excellent, and I love this mug. Today woman is told lies about what makes us strong, and what we can honor. The Bible shows us in the book of proverbs how a woman shows strength and honor.

This mug is a simple yet nice idea to show her that you admire her.

  1. Psalm 27:14 Canvas Wall Art Print

#8 Psalm 27 14 canvas christian gifts for mom
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“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”

There are many days a mother wonders what she can do to fix a problem. She wants to select all of the issues her children face. When our children face a crisis that we can not fix, it tears us apart. But those are the times we must remember to wait on God. As much as we love our children, God loves them even more! We can trust God to make a way when there is no way.

This present is a reminder your mom will need regularly.




  1. Strength and Dignity Proverbs 31 Journal by Christian art gifts

#9 proverbs 31 25 journal christian gifts for mom

Does your mom like to journal?

I like to have journals with me to take to church or Bible studies. I use the journal to take notes and write down things God teaches me while listening to the sermon.

If she takes notes on the church, maybe she has lots of scraps of paper from different sermons; get her this journal to keep all her notes in the same place.

In the end, it will be a gift for you. You will one day have your mom’s thoughts and convictions. You will treasure those one day.

  1. Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Tumbler by Christian art Gifts Store

#10 thankful, grateful blessed thumbler christian gifts for mom

Does your mom love to make smoothies in the morning? I started this trend, and I was the last of my mom’s friends to join the smooth morning trend. If she likes to have a morning smoothy, she will enjoy this tumbler with her reminder to be thankful and grateful for her blessings.

I have a favorite tumbler with me when I go for walks or watch kids’ sports games. Give her this awesome tumbler!

  1. It Is Well, Canvas Tote by Faith works

#11 all is well with my soul christian gifts for mom

Tote bags are great! They are used for short overnight trips or carrying baby items, or a family outings. I bought a cheap Tote for these purposes, and I am on the hunt for a better, more permanent one. Once you start using Totes, you realize how useful they can be!

I love this “It Is Well” Tote. I am a public speaker, and this Tote would be perfect for my short one night away and need to bring giveaways and handouts for my audiences.

The message “it Is Well” is very needed today. Our world is in a turmoil time. Nothing seems “well.” Everything seems wrong. Anxiety and mental health issues are on the rise like never before. The author of the Hymn “It Is Well” wrote his song after losing his daughters in a boat crash. This is a reminder that our Soul can be “well” even if the world is in crisis.


In Conclusion

You want to show your mom you love her. The best way to do that is to show that you know her, you see her, you want to bless her. Finding the best gift that connects with her life shows that you pay attention to her life. Whether it is a grand present like a fantastic artwork for her walls or a smaller facility such as a journal or a tumbler, connect the gift to her life in a personal way.

Of course, you want to give the best gift on Mother’s Day, Christmas, or birthday, but if you want her to know you love her, get her an estate when there is no reason. This is the best way to show her you love her.