13 Top Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Super Thoughtful!)

Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

13 Beautiful Christian Gifts For 25th Wedding Anniversary

Marriage today doesn’t seem to last very long. How long is the average marriage? Here is the average length of marriages in ten large cities.

  • London, England: 4-8 years
  • Sydney, Australia: 8.7 years
  • Cape Town, Africa: 11 years
  • Tokyo, Japan: 11 years
  • Mexico City, Mexico: 12 years
  • New York City, USA: 12.2 years
  • Paris, France: 13 years
  • Ottawa, Canada: 13.8 years
  • Rome, Italy: 15-18 years

Twenty-five years means you have beaten all the odds.  If you have made Jesus Christ the foundation of your marriage, that is probably why you have a strong marriage after twenty-five years. So, how do you celebrate 25 years? If it is possible to have a party with family. This is a time to celebrate not only your marriage but your family.

The traditional gift for the 25th wedding anniversary is silver. Although, as you will see from some of the gift suggestions, there are other options.


I remember my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. They seemed old when I was in high school. Now I am just a few years away from this anniversary myself. It turns out you don’t have to be old to be celebrating your 25th anniversary. You can be young and hip. At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

Realistically at your 25th anniversary, you are probably a young new grandparent, or you are close to entering this stage. You might still have children at home, but the empty nest phase of life is just around the corner. You might be in this phase already. Either way, the 25th anniversary is a turning point. You’re starting a whole new phase of your relationship.

Perhaps you’re buying a gift for your spouse, or you’re buying a present for a friend or family celebrating this milestone. Below are some gift ideas for either of these reasons.

  1. 1. Psalm 12:6 Necklace by Day Spring

#1 Psalm 12 6 necklace Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This is an option for a husband to buy for his wife. Show your wife you still think she is stunningly beautiful. This necklace needs to be shown off, so take her out for dinner.

Perhaps get her a nice dress to go with the necklace.

As your wife enters this new phase in her life, she needs to know that she is still your bride. You would marry her all over again. 

  1. 2. Be Still Canvas

#12 be still Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Our Be Still Collection is very popular, add/change scripture, font or background at no extra cost. Check it out! 

For years of the house was full of noise and clutter. They were running out the door for practices, lessons, and playdates. Life has been anything but slow. Then a new phase of life starts. Children have their cars, and perhaps even their own homes now. Things are slower. This takes time to adjust to.

However, this new phase is when it is easier to remember to be still and know that God is God.

This artwork, with the fall background, is a way to celebrate this new phase. Remind the happy couple that calm, and stillness is a gift from God, just as the noise and clutter was a gift from God. They have earned this time of restfulness.



  1. 3. Family Tree Necklace by getting name necklace

#3 necklace with names Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If your mom and dad are about to enter the empty nest phase of their lives, or they are in that phase, they need to know that you love them. This is an excellent idea for the children to give as a group gift. Your parents have spent 25 years together. The most important thing they did was raise a family. You are their most significant accomplishment.

Let them know that you appreciate what they have done for you over the years. Tell them you value wisdom and guidance.

If you are newly married or about to start a marriage, tell them you are grateful for

  1. 4. Personalized Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzle by LD Design Loft

#4 Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If the happy couple enjoys puzzles, then this is a beautiful idea. A customized puzzle made from their favorite picture. Here are some options. Find an older photo from their wedding day. Make a collage of different images throughout their 25 years. A family photo of the everyone.

The best present you can give is time. Pick a day when you can come over and help them with the puzzle. You’re putting the puzzle together will provide you with time to talk about the twenty-five years.

I know the gift I want from my children is time. If you spend some time with your parents doing a project, they love making their day.

  1. 5. Solomon 3:4 I have found the one my Soul Loves Necklace by Quote Life Boutique

#5 song of Solomon 3 4 I have found the one my Soul Loves Necklace Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This is a gift to give your wife if you are celebrating your 25th. I love the verse

“I have found the one my soul loves” Solomon 3:4

Tell her that she is still the one you love.  Your wife will have difficulty finding her place in life once the children no longer need her to care for them. Let her know that you love her for who she is. Tell her you to love her more now than you did 25 years ago. 

  1. 6. Newspaper Poster Sign, 25th anniversary by Design with Kalli

#6 newspaper Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What was happening in the world on the day of the wedding 25 years ago? So much has changed in the two and a half decades.

This is an extraordinary gift. It is a fun idea that everyone at the party will want to talk about. It will be a talking point at the party and after. There are very few pieces of art that will start conversations; this one will.

This is a great idea if you are not a close family member and want to give something unique. 

  1. 7. Marriage Takes Three Table topper by Dickson store

#7 Tabletopper Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12

If the marriage you are celebrating is still going strong after twenty-five years, then they probably understand the importance of keeping Jesus as the cornerstone.

Show them that you have learned from their marriage. You have been encouraged by their godly example. Thank them for being someone you can look to for guidance and a model.

  1. 8. Custom 25th Engraved Sundial by Apollo Sundials

#8 Engraved sundial Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If the celebrating couple lives in a home with a garden, this is a fantastic gift. This is beautiful. When I see this, it reminds me of putting up a monument to celebrate 25 years.

Putting this sundial where others can see it, such as a front yard garden, is an excellent way to show the world that marriage can survive.

Because this is a present that can be customized, you can add a bible verse. Ask the couple if they have a verse they have chosen as a family verse. 

  1. 9. Custom Date, And Counting, Chalkboard by Wandering Fables

#9 countdown canvas Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
(Give us the details & we can make this canvas for you too :)

If you are not a close family member, this is another idea and still want to give an exciting and unique Christian 25th anniversary present. This is another conversation starter.

Twenty-five years is a long time. It is 300 months, 1,304 weeks, 9, 125 days, 219,000 hours, and 13,140,000 minutes.


This is another example where you can customize it. You can add the names of the couple to the print. My suggestion would be to add a bible verse as well. Find a verse they love.

  1. 10. 25th Wedding Anniversary Shirt by Jenny TeeShop

#10 t shirts Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Show the happy couple that you can be young, hip, and fun, even if you celebrate 25 years of marriage. Even as I am planning my 20th wedding anniversary, I want to know that I am still young and fun. I don’t want to look like an elderly grandmother. These matching shirts are fun and youthful.

If your party is not formal, this would be an excellent gift for them to wear. 

  1. 11. With God, all things are Possible Canvas Wall Print by Scripture Wall

#11 with god print Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Make your own family canvas with your favorite scripture. I can change any background or scripture at no extra cost :) Take a closer look here

Today being married for twenty-five years seems impossible. Very few people can do this. However, if God is part of the marriage, it is possible. God takes what is impossible and makes it possible.

This gorgeous piece of artwork will be a way for the happy couple to remember that it was God’s grace that helped them reach this milestone.

May God’s grace guide them through the next 25 years. 


  1. 12. Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel by Emma and The Bean Home

#2 tea towl Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This is a unique gift.

Do you have a special family recipe? You can turn that note into a custom tea towel if you have a special handwritten recipe from your grandparents.

My grandmother is ninety-two years old. I would love a gift like this with her famous potato soup.

Hopefully, your loved ones are still living, and you can help by writing the recipe for you. However, if your relatives have passed away and you have a handwritten recipe from them, you can use that. Giving a present from a family member who has passed away is a way to keep that relative's memory close to your heart. It also makes them be part of the celebration even though they cannot be there.

  1. 13. Custom Family Canvas

 #13 custom family canvas Christian 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Put all your favorite pictures & memories into this canvas. Add your favorite scripture too :) Check out our family art collection here

Do you have a picture with your husband of your favorite memory like a vacation on your wall? Then add your favorite scripture and your memory together will be something you can cherish and remember everyday. Celebrating your 25th anniversary with a beautiful custom canvas would be a great gift for each other.

In Conclusion

Whether it is your anniversary, your parent’s anniversary, or a friend’s anniversary, this is a milestone to celebrate.  God designed the family.  He loves us, and his desire is for us to have strong families. Twenty-five years of serving God, trusting God, and relying on him for guidance. Celebrate those twenty-five years.