14 Great Baby Boy Baptism Gifts (Personalized & Unique!)

Baby Boy Baptism Gifts

It's an exciting time for the family and friends when little boys are baptized. The parents swear to God that they will raise their child to love and honor Him. Those in attendance have pledged to assist and support parents on their journey.

Personalized presents are an excellent way to demonstrate your concern. It might be as basic as writing a card or taking the time to choose a suitable present. Look at our handpicked Baby Boy Baptism Gifts in the gallery below if you're looking for some inspiration.



1. Personalized Compass by MirageEngraving

1. Personalized Compass - Baby Boy Baptism

Give a gift that the child will treasure for the rest of his or her life, a compass to guide us and a reminder that our faith is what should teach us. So many things will come our way in life, and our children need to know that their faith will lead them in the right direction.

This could be a great Baptism gift for a little boy that is young enough to understand you explaining this to him.

Your child's faith will develop as he or she grows older. This will assist them in navigating life's events. It will serve as a constant reminder of their solid foundation.

It will provide them with the courage to confront the new and exciting difficulties that life would throw at them.

Baptism is a special time for the family and friends and gifting something that your son will hold onto for a long time is extra special!

2. Personalized Baptism Picture Frame by RiverRootsCollective

2. Personalized Baptism Picture Frame - Baby Boy Baptism

Children adore taking pictures of themselves, and it is something they will treasure for a long time. My adolescent girls' favorite newborn picture is still on their walls.

This personalized print will constantly remind them that they have been cherished since birth, which is a vital message to instill in our children.

Children enjoy seeing photographs of themselves, so why not produce a print of themselves? After all, they'll keep it in their room and refer to it frequently.

This print can be displayed as a reminder of an important day of Baptism.

3. Personalised Baby Baptism Gift by IePeda

My kids each have at least one toy that they've had since they were babies. Above their cot was mobile for my firstborn. It's still in a safe place, and I hope my grandson will inherit it one day.

It is acquiring a unique toy, such as this one, that will be passed down.

This is the prettiest toy I've ever seen. Toys used to be ugly when my kids were tiny, but now they're all Instagram-worthy. This is an example of what I'm talking about.

I really like how it's personalized with their birthdate. This is a toy they'll keep for a long time. I think it's perfect as a Baptism gift for a little boy. 

4. Personalised Wish Story Book by letter fast

4. Personalised Wish Story Book - Baby Boy Baptism

My children would often say, "Read to me!" They also enjoyed being read to. This highly personalized book will be read to the youngster you care about on a regular basis.

My children had favorite books that they wanted me to read to them again and over until we all knew it by heart. Every tiny kid, I believe, has the same problem.

It is critical that youngsters are read to. When you read to them, you're assisting them in developing a love of reading. Reading to children demonstrates that you value their time and are concerned about their well-being. Children learn about the world around them by reading to them.

This book is a great personalized book to give your child a very special Baptism gift. They will love it forever.

5. Personalized Wooden Railway by Kidslino

5. Personalized Wooden Railway - Baby Boy Baptism

My grandfather worked as a train conductor for more than 40 years. My grandfather is now in his 90s and retired, but my brother still works for the same train.

Trains play an important role in our family. Trains are a huge hit with kids. This train is the ideal train toy because it is personalized with all of your child's birth details. This toy will delight both the child and the parent!

Trains are a favorite among children. They enjoy collecting them and loading them into trains.

Every child's desire is to possess their own train. A wooden train is an excellent way to demonstrate how a train works.

6. Sailboat Box - Personalized Gift by Susabellas

6. Sailboat Box - Personalized Gift - Baby Boy Baptism

I worked as a nanny for a family during college. They were the proud parents of a cute young boy.

His room was decorated with boats, and I always said that if I ever had a baby boy, I would want a nursery like his. Not four little males, but four little girls.

I did, however, have seven nephews!

This personalized sailboat ornament is stunning. This is fantastic! This is something I would recommend to a prospective parent who is planning a nursery with a nautical theme.

If you have a friend who has a little boy with a nautical themed bedroom, this could be a great Baptism gift for them.

7. Baptism Memory Box by EngraveMyMemories

7. Baptism Memory Box - Baby Boy Baptism

So much from our child's baptism or baby dedication, we want to keep. They frequently wind up in a Tupperware box with the intention of upgrading to better packaging.

Give this as a gift to ensure that your loved one has a place to store important memories straight away. It's fantastic that this can be changed! Memory boxes are gifts we often don’t think to give, and yet with every special event a memory box is so necessary.

The days we spend with family are some of our fondest memories. When your kid is baptized, you are welcome to celebrate with family. When your child is confirmed, celebrate with your family.

Keep in mind the day your child receives their first holy communion.

8. Personalized Blessed Elephant Baptism Gift by HazyInspirations

8. Personalized Blessed Elephant Christening Gift - Baby Boy Baptism

A baby's best companion is stuffed animals!

They were dubbed "stuffies" by my daughters. Each Stuffy had special meaning and was loved as if they were real. Teddy bears, and other stuff animals are the perfect gift for any little one!

It's fantastic since it's cute, cuddly, and personalized with your son's name and the date of their newborn dedication or baptism.

9. Baptism Football Gift by 905Depot

9. Baptism Football Gift - Baby Boy Baptism

My younger brother participates in football. He played college football and spent a few years as a professional football player in Europe. Football is a significant deal in this town.

You know what I'm talking about if you know a football family.

If you have a football player or a football fan in your family, this is the perfect gift for them!

10. Baptism Boy Shoes by MemorableBabyShoes

10. Baptism Boy Shoes - Baby Boy Baptism

Why do I have such a thing for baby shoes? I'm not sure because they don't require them because they can't walk. But, come on... they're the prettiest things you've ever seen.

I adored my children's tiny shoes. My younger brother handed my kid a pair of little Converse sneakers. They were the prettiest thing on the face of the planet. It was my favorite thing she wore, even though she didn't require shoes at the time.

Those shoes appear in nearly every shot of her from the first several months.

Gifting this is even more special because they are personalized with the baby's name, baptism date, and dedication date.

11. Wooden Baby Blocks by Glitzby

11. Wooden Baby Blocks - Baby Boy Baptism

For many years, wooden blocks have been a popular toy. This is because it is beneficial to assist a child in developing motor skills. My kids were always playing with blocks.

They were a hit with them. It was ideal for parent-child interaction. We'd stack the blocks, then knock them down and reassemble them.

This block is useful since it may be personalized by adding a name, letter, or date. You can assist your youngster to begin to know their letter and eventually their name while playing with the block and improving motor skills.

You can also recall the day you promised God that you would raise children to love and respect God.

12. Baptism Print by AtVivHomePrints

12. Baptism Print - Baby Boy Baptism

Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid, do not be discouraged. For the Lord, your God will be with you where you go. Check out our handpicked Joshua 1:9 Gifts.

This is the message your child will need throughout life. I love how cute this print is and love it even more than it is personalized with the boy's name and date of their baptism.

13. Christening / Baptism Gift Book for Baby Boys by MyMagicNameBook

13. Christening Gift Book for Baby - Baby Boy Baptism

Another fantastic book to read with your youngster.

My children frequently inquired about the narrative of their baby dedication when they were younger. My firstborn puked in the pastor's pocket, which always makes for a good anecdote!

We have photos from that day, but I wish we had something like to this book. This is a fantastic concept.

14. Christening Gift for Boys by WoodilyToys

14. Christening Gift for Boys - Baby Boy Baptism

My kids used to spend hours on puzzles when they were younger. They were a hit with them. We had miniature wooden puzzles that had previously belonged to my mother, then to me, and finally to my children.

I'd place the puzzle in their highchair so they could work on it while I prepared dinner.

Puzzles make excellent Baptism gifts for children. I like putting puzzles together with my kids, and it helped us bond. We'd spend hours together putting together the same puzzle.

This puzzle is fantastic since it can be customized. Fine motor abilities, as well as the letters in their name, will be taught to the kid.

The Bible, cross, and dove will also be visible.


I know that it is an honor to be invited to a little boy’s baptism. It is an exciting and wonderful time for the family and the whole church. It is a beautiful gift for the child and the family.

Our world needs boys that will grow up to be men of God who will guide our country into the right path.