14 You Are Loved Gifts (Ideas to feel Loved & Valued!)

You Are Loved Gifts

I was surprised when I awoke one morning. It had been a very trying period. When I entered the restroom, I discovered a letter pinned to my mirror telling me that I was loved.

Then I discovered that my favourite chocolate was waiting for me. My husband understood how important it was for me to feel appreciated.

Nobody can feel happy and fulfilled without feeling loved. Loving someone doesn’t have to involve giving them lots of money or spending a lot of time together; it can simply be about letting them know that you’re there for them and that you care about them.

When we feel loved, we feel secure and valued, and that makes us feel good about ourselves and our lives. When we don’t feel loved, on the other hand, our lives can feel meaningless and empty, and we can start to lose hope.

Who in your life is starting to lose hope? Who needs you help to remember they are loved? Here are some great 'You are loved' Gift ideas to help them remember they are loved.


1. You Are Loved Gift Boxes by EverBeSigns

1. You Are loved Gift Boxes - You are loved Gifts

Five months ago, I lost a loved one. Initially, many individuals sent gifts to show that they cared about me. People quit checking in after a time. Other folks who have lost loved ones have told me that the first year is the most difficult.

Bereavement gifts are an important time to make sure people remember they are loved.

If you know someone who has recently lost someone, give them a gift basket like this after a month or two to let them know you are still thinking about them and have not forgotten about them.

Gift baskets are a great idea for a loved one. You can just buy them a nice basket, or you can get creative and customize one. This is a great way to show how much you care without having to say it in words. Include a love note to let them know how much you care to top off this 'You are loved Gift'

2. Mirror Decal Motivation by RainyDayWoodCraft

2. Mirror Decal Motivation - You are loved gifts

A year ago, my daughter lost a friend. It was a trying period for her. Her sisters banded together to show her how much they cared. They wrote inscriptions on her chalkboard and mirror in her bedroom. When teenage girls are struggling, words of affirmation are crucial.

Positive affirmations are an excellent method to demonstrate your affection for your children. You can do this in a variety of ways, like writing them a message, sending them a present, or complimenting them.

Simple, positive statements will demonstrate that you believe in them and care about them.

This will aid in the development of their self-esteem and confidence, resulting in them being happier and more confident.

This mirror decal is an excellent place to begin and a daily remember as a you are loved gift. 

3. You Are Loved Bracelet by CelticMoonJewelry

3. You Are Loved Bracelet - You are loved gifts

For the past six summers, our middle daughter has worked at a camp. She was in grade seven the first year she worked there. When she moved away for the summer, it was difficult for me.

I wanted her to know she was loved and that I was thinking about her. Before Emma left for camp this summer, we bought her a bracelet. It was inscribed with a motivational message. It was ideal!

If you have a loved one who will be gone from you for an extended period of time, this is a wonderful gift to remind them that 'you are loved'. 

4. You Are Loved Stamped Spoon by and then again designs

4. You Are Loved Stamped Spoon - You are loved gifts

I want my girls to remember they are loved every day when they wake up. In the mornings, we always have coffee ready, and when the girls wake up, they walk downstairs to get their phones (which they are not allowed to have in their rooms at night) and a cup of coffee.

This spoon's concept is fantastic. While sipping their morning coffee, they can receive the message of love.

Our lives are made up of a succession of events. Some are minor and insignificant, while others are massive and life-altering. But, regardless of the circumstance, we all require love.

Our parents provide us with a sense of security and belonging while we are young. Even the tiniest details, such as a cup of coffee in the morning, is a good time to say I love you.

5. You Are Loved You Are Valued You Are Beautiful Motivational Keychain by tamsglam

5. You Are Loved You Are Valued You Are Beautiful Motivational Keychain - You are loved gifts

I caught myself bawling in my automobile about five years ago. I was working under a gal who had no management skills, and she had decided to spend the first twenty minutes of my day yelling at me for working too slowly and telling me I needed to take my time and do a decent job.

Unfortunately, at some point in your adult life, you will have a few meltdowns and tears in your car. Giving keychains with messages of hope and love to your loved ones ensures that your message of "I love you" will be there for them when they need it most.

The simplest details can sometimes have the greatest influence. You can express yourself when you find the perfect words to say to someone.

6. Affirmation Stickers by Radical Buttons 1

6. Affirmation Stickers - You are loved gifts

For eight years, my youngest daughter competed in gymnastics. When COVID limitations forced all gyms to close, she was in junior high. Even after the gyms reopened, the competitive season was postponed.

She could train, but she couldn't compete. She had lost two key years of competition by the end of grade nine. She had to abandon her gymnastics ambitions. She was able to begin a coaching training programme.

It was a difficult period for her. She needed affirming comments to remind her that she was more than just a gymnast. She was unique because she was made in the image of God.

It is not always easy to see the effect that words have on others, but the right words at the right time can have a profound impact. One person’s negative criticism could be someone else’s encouragement to do better.

Words of affirmation can change people, and those words can make all the difference to someone. Gifts of encouragement can brighten someone’s day and help to lift their spirits.

7. You Are Enough Affirmations Gift by Speake Designs

7. You Are Enough Affirmations Gift - You are loved gifts

Do you have a friend or family member who is a new mom, or a mom of a toddler? It's a lovely period, but it's also a difficult one. My second child was born while my first was just a year old. My infant didn't sleep at night, and neither did my older daughter during the day. That means I didn't get any rest.

Mothers of young children may experience feelings of inadequacy. You can remind them that they are loved and that they are lovable.

Motivational words of affirmation can have a profound impact on the people around you. The right words of affirmation can help to change someone’s mindset, change their behaviour, and change their life.

Motivational words of affirmation can help to improve self-confidence, build self-esteem, increase motivation, and improve wellbeing. They can also help to motivate people to reach their goals and aspirations. I think this is a really cute you are loved gift!

8. Heart Suncatcher Kit by Lune Bear

8. Heart Suncatcher Kit - You are loved gifts

This would make a wonderful present for your Sunday School pupils. Your students need to be reassured that they are appreciated. Some of your students may never be told that they are liked or that they are lovable.

Everyone, without a doubt, desires to be loved and valued. Even though we don't always do everything that is asked of us, we all need to hear that we are loved. It's critical to let your kids know when they've done well or when they've gone above and beyond your expectations.

It's also crucial to show kids that you care about them, even if they don't always follow your instructions.

The students in your care are in desperate need of the reminder you can provide. They are adored, and they don’t need to earn your love.

9. You Are Loved Heart Keepsake Token by Pewterful Crafts

9. You Are Loved Heart Keepsake Token - You are loved gifts

We are all human beings with the ability to love and be loved. However, as we grow older and live in a culture that places a larger value on what we can achieve than who we are, we may begin to doubt our own worth. Your friends could be facing difficult times that is making them doubt their self worth.

God placed a family friend on my husband's and my hearts a while back who needed to be reassured that they were loved. We gave them a gift to show them how much we care about them. God had placed them on our hearts because He knew they were struggling.

One of the finest things you can do for a friend is to surprise them with an encouraging unexpected present. If God tells you someone needs encouraging, listen to him.

10. You Are Loved Bookmark by Ally Beth Design Co

10. You Are Loved Bookmark - You are loved gifts

I have a friend who enjoys reading. I enjoy lending her books from my collection. We both admire the same writers and share a passion for literature. One of our favourite podcasters recently published a new book. We're both ecstatic. I got the book for her as a surprise.

This bookmark is an excellent addition to a book gift. When you say the perfect thing at the appropriate time, you can make someone feel loved and cherished. If you have the chance, attempt to come up with a way to express your loved one that you are proud of them by saying something to them.

This will go a long way toward making them feel appreciated. They do this every time they pick up a new book. Its a simple yet powerful you are loved gift. 

11. Sticker Set, Self Care, Enjoy Every Minute, You Are Loved, Happy Mail Gift by WhimandFancyShop

11. Sticker Set, Self Care, Enjoy Every Minute, You Are Loved, Happy Mail Gift - You are loved gifts

Teenage girls have a reputation for being harsh. Bullies are a common concern, particularly online. If you have teenage girls, I'm sure they're getting a lot of negative messages.

When my oldest was in tenth school, she had a problem with receiving unpleasant messages. To receive aid, I had to go to the school and speak with the principal.

A female can be harmed by one person's unfavourable remarks. The good news is that affirming words have the power to transform individuals, and those words can make all the difference in someone's life.

Encouragement gifts can brighten your children's days and help them feel better. They can also assist them in motivating them to achieve their goals and ambitions.

12. Motivational Sticker by Print Cute Designs

12. Motivational Sticker - You are loved gifts

This is a fantastic present idea! I enjoy getting letters in the mail, particularly when they are unexpected. It made me feel so useful when I worked for a boss who was appreciative and would send me cards with handwritten expressions of appreciation.

We all want to be loved and appreciated. It's critical to recognise someone when they've done a good job or exceeded your expectations. It's also crucial to show individuals that you care about them, even if they don't always comply with your requests.

People who know they are loved are more likely to work hard and go above and beyond. If you're a boss, send your employees cards as well as these awesome stickers.

13. YOU ARE LOVED Sign by GNARMetalDesign

13. YOU ARE LOVED sign - You are loved gifts

Everyone needs to feel loved and valued. It’s important to let people know when they’ve done a good job, or when they’ve exceeded your expectations.

It’s also important to let people know you care about them, even if they don’t always do everything you ask.

When people know they are loved, they are more likely to work hard and go the extra mile.

14. You Are Loved Wood Sign by KensKreationsCanada

14. You Are Loved Wood Sign - You are loved gifts

I used to work as a junior high school teacher. When students arrived to ask for assistance, they spotted the message of affirmation on my desk.

Everyone wants to be reminded that they are loved, and a note, a bouquet of flowers, or a piece of artwork that reads "You're loved" is a terrific way to do it.

If you're a teacher, this is a nice plaque to keep on your desk.


Sometimes it’s hard to remember to tell people they are loved, but it’s important to do so and I hope these 'You are loved' gift ideas help you! Everyone needs to know they are loved, and it can make a big difference to hear it.

It can help to lift people’s spirits when they feel loved and valued. It can also help to motivate people to do their best and to reach their goals and aspirations.

Don’t forget to tell your children, your friends, and your extended family… You love them.