14 Best Personalized Christian Wedding Gifts (Cute for Couples too!)

Personalized Christian Wedding Gifts

14 Best Personalized Christian Wedding Gifts (Cute for Couples too!)

The wedding is my favorite event to attend with my husband. I love to watch the start of a family. God designed the family and used the family and the wedding to picture his relationship with us. He calls the church has the bride and promises one day we will sit with him for the marriage supper of the lamb.

When you attend the wedding, you want to make sure you have the perfect present for them. Here are some suggestions. 

1) Christian Wedding Gift, A Cord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken by Bee And Bunny Designs

1. cord of 3 personalized christian wedding gift

"And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not easily broken" Ecclesiastes 4:12

Ecclesiastes is a book filled with pictures of wisdom. The pages tell the story of the hope we find God. We see that knowledge of the world will lead to a futile life. But when we welcome God into our lives and our relationships, we find true strength. 

There will come times when the young couple needs to be reminded that the third cord in their marriage is essential. Make sure they understand this.

2) Blessed - Custom Family Wall Art Canvas by Christian walls

2. blessed canvas personalized christian wedding gift

The bride and groom will have some great photographs. It is the one time in our lives when we take many pictures. Surprise the couple with one of their favorite pictures in this great customized piece of artwork. The word blessed will be a constant reminder that it is God's blessings that brought them together, and his blessings will keep them together. 

3) Hello, Will You, I do, Personalized Gift by Lavyio

3. proposal personalized christian wedding gift

I met my husband in Ontario, Canada, dated him in South Carolina, and married him back where we met in Ontario. What is the story of the bride or groom in the marriage you are celebrating? The story of the relationship is the love story we want to share. 

Give them the present of sharing their love story. 

Over the years, the marriage will have had ups and downs. Having their love story on the wall is a great way to make sure they never forget why they fell in love. 

4) Handwriting Compass, by Maple Leaf Engraving

4. handwriting compass personalized christian wedding gift

Customized gifts are great, but handwriting customized gifts are the best kinds. I love this compass because it doesn't just engrave the words you want; it impresses the actual handwriting. 

What message do you have for the couple? You can make sure they always have your words with them. 

This is an excellent gift for a grandparent to give to a grandchild who is getting married. Years into the future, when you have passed on to Heaven, your grandchild will have your handwriting with them and your wisdom to guide them. 

5) Personalized cheese board set, by JM labonne impression

5. cheeseboard set personalized christian wedding gift

Just this morning, I was watching some videos of cheese boards. About a year ago, I started to get obsessed with the Charcuterie trend. My middle daughter is the one who introduced me to the direction. 

This Christmas, we are giving this board to my in-laws Christmas. I like the drawer that pulls out and has the tools you need inside. There is also customized engraving. Those two things make this cheese board fantastic.

6) Personalized Key hanger, by JM labonne impression

6. key hanger personalized christian wedding gift

When we were first married, I was constantly losing our keys. Many times, we were late for events because I had to tear the house apart looking for my keys.

When we got a key hanger and made it customed to leave the keys there, life became better as soon as we walked through the door. It was one of those life-changing decisions.

It can be hard to figure out the perfect gift when looking for wedding gifts. This is one of the items the bride and grooms may not even know they need.  

7) Custom Photo Album by Gabriela Veiga Studio

7. custom photo album personalized christian wedding gift

Today social media is the new photo album. However, a few photos are still more critical than others. The wedding day is a day that has to be remembered forever. 

Since photo albums are no longer popular, it is harder to find the perfect photo album for special occasions. 

Give the couple this photo album to have the perfect place to keep their pictures.


8) Personalized 1 Corinthians 13 Love is Patient Journal. By Custom Journal Designs

8. 1 corinthians 13 personalized christian wedding gift

Journals are great gift options for just about any occasion. And the wedding is no different. My husband and I have a journal that we share. We have a location where we keep it, and every once in and while either one of us will write in it without telling the other person. When we write in it, we also read what has been reported since we wrote last. 

We started this during our first year of marriage. There have been days when I have been discouraged, and I have gone back and read pages from the 20 years of our marriage. 

Give this gift to the bride and groom to have a place to write about their love.

9) Custom Album Record by Sibellium

9. custom record album personalized christian wedding gift

This idea came across my Facebook feed a few weeks ago. I love it. If you are looking for a gift idea that is unique and special this, is it!

I showed this to my husband, who usually gets excited about decorations. But his first response was, "that is cool. I like that."

This will be the gift no one will be expecting, and everyone will be excited about it. It is just so different and unique.

10) Split monogram doormat by As You Wish Custom Co

10. doormat personalized christian wedding gift

The doormat is important the statement piece of your entranceway. It guards your home against dirt, tells your guests who you are, and creates the atmosphere for your home.  Give the bride and groom the statement piece their new home needs with this custom matt. 

11) Personalized travel journal, by M mug shots

11. travel journal personalized christian wedding gift

I have already talked about the importance of journals. This is a particular journal. The travel journal will be a way for the young couple to remember all the adventures they had together.

I have a friend that got married a few years ago. As a gift, her friends from school all got together and paid for a trip for the couple. That is such a great idea! If you give a trip a surprise, this journal would be a great way to present it.

12) Wall Clock by Rustically Signed

12. wall clock personalized christian wedding gift

A few years ago, we finished our dining room. But something was missing. I found a large clock by accident when I was shopping for towels. I walked by this large clock, which stopped me in my tracks. I am not the kind of person who buys things on a whim. But I suddenly knew that clock was what I needed to finish my dining room.

Clocks that are large statement pieces do that. And this custom clock is the item that will finish off a room. It is a great gift option for a new family with a new home.

13) Personalized Mini pot for Allincork

13. flowerpot personalized christian wedding gift

When you are invited to a wedding for someone you don't know well and want to bring something special, here is a great inexpensive idea. 

The plant is not included; however, I would personally buy a plant and put it in the box. I think this is adorable, and I would love something like this. The bride and groom will appreciate the uniqueness of the plant box.

14) Personalized Cutting Board with Cross by Well Written Gifts

What is the most used item in a kitchen? The cutting board is at the top of the list. How many meals will the couple prepare for themselves and guests? The Christmas dinners, the easter dinners, birthdays, and celebrations. 

Throughout the years, this personalized cutting board will remind us that the only thing between the husband and wife is the cross of Jesus Christ. It is the bind that holds them together. Jesus is invited to every dinner, celebration, and gathering.

14) Old School Vintage Photos Personalized Family Art by Christian walls

14. vintage polaroids personalized christian wedding gift

This is a great gift idea for the young couple starting with their new home. This trendy artwork can be customed with pictures of the bride and groom's history. Pick the images carefully. Let the pictures tell the story of the couple's love. 

I love that this artwork has the reclaimed wood look and polarized pictures, the two significant trends right now. 

This is a piece of artwork the couple will love to have in their home. I would give this artwork before the wedding because they may want to use it as decorations for the reception. 


I hope you enjoy the wedding you are planning to attend. Take the time to enjoy the day. You are watching God create a new family. It is truly an honor to be part of such an event. Praise the Lord for everything he has done for the bride and the groom and the blessing he has planned for them.