16 Lovely Christian Bridal Shower Gifts (Super Cute! Click to see)

Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

16 Lovely Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

So, you have been invited to a bridal shower! Or perhaps you are organizing it. Families were created by God. He loves to see young couples starting their lives together with the goal to bring glory to God. Picking out a beautiful gift is important.

It is also important to find a gift that is thoughtful and shows you want the couple to have a successful marriage. If you can find a gift that is inspirational that is bonus. Here are a few ideas that I have for you that are beautiful, thoughtful, and inspirational.



  1. 1. “I Know The Plans I Have for You” Quilt by Scripture Strong Store

#1 plans I have for you quilt Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

When I entered marriage, it was full of expectations of the adventure that lay before us. And it has been an adventure. After almost 20 years of marriage, I am so thankful I married the Godly man I did. However, I can also say the picture I had of my life did not match reality.

There have been many trials and sudden turns on the path I was not expecting. During those dark times, a cozy blanket and a cup of tea are always needed. The Bible verse “I know the plans I have for says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you” was given to the Israelites just before they entered a very dark time. It was a reminder that God has a plan in both the good times and the wrong times.

This quilt is beautiful and will look great in the home of the new bride or as a gift for your friends bridal shower. But it will also be a constant reminder that God has a plan for their marriage. He wants their wedding to prosper. If they trust His plans, they will be safe. 

  1. 2. Custom Bridal Hanger bride gift by Johnson Craft Studio

#2 Custom bridal hanger Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

I saw this recently at a bridal shower and just loved it! I still have my wedding dress hung in my closet. The story behind my dress is a fun one. When I was a little girl, I found my mother’s wedding dress and tried it on. I loved how I felt in it.

My mom and I had a good time together that day as I stood wearing her dress.  Years later, when I was looking for a dress, I remembered my mother’s dress. She allowed me to wear her dress and modify it a little.  Now it hangs in my closet. Perhaps one of my daughters will want to wear it one day. 

This is the one item of clothes your bride will keep forever but will probably only wear once unless it is passed down to future generations—a dress these special needs a special one of the kind hanger.  

  1. 3. Rustic Cake Stand by Primitive Weddings

#3 cake stand Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

This is an excellent idea for a decoration for a bridal shower. It can be used there and then used again for the wedding. Once the couple is in their new home, this can be used as a decorative setting when they have company over for dinner.

In our home, we have an extensive brunch every weekend where we invite a group of friends. Even though this is for a wedding, I am thinking about getting this to use for our brunches. I am always looking for beautiful ways to display food. 


  1. 4.  As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord Sign by Christian walls

#16 Joshua 24 15 Christian Bridal Shower Gifts
Make our own canvas with Joshua 24:15 or check out our Joshua 24:15 collection here

Young couples starting in marriage need to make this declaration right now. Start marriage off declaring that this house is going to serve the Lord. 

This is a gift that would make a great group gift. If a youth group or church ladies group wanted to do a group gift, this one I would recommend. 

This is a piece of artwork that will last a lifetime of a marriage.   

  1. 5. Marriage Takes Three Table topper by Dicksons Store

#5 marriage takes three Christian Bridal Shower Gifts 

This is a reminder we all need. A healthy marriage has three involved: the groom, the bride, and Jesus Christ. The new family is formed to remember the foundation of the family must always be Jesus. Don’t ever let that foundation fall. 

If you want to make sure the young couple you love will never forget to keep Jesus in their marriage, this table topper is a beautiful way to do that. 

  1. 6. We Will Serve The Lord, Custom DoorMat by grave crafts

#6 door matt Christian Bridal Shower Gifts 

I really like door mates. When I visit a home that has a cute doormat, I just love it.  I don’t know where my obsession with door mates comes from, but I have one. This is a very special door matt because it is custom made. You can have the last name printed on the doormat.

Two reasons I like this doormat. First, when I was first married, my favorite thing was to hear and see my last name.  So having the last word on the doormat is so exciting. The new bride will love this. The second is the Bible verse.  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  The bride and groom can declare at the very start of their family that they will serve the Lord. 

  1. 7. 100 Words of Affirmation by Lisa and Matt Jacobson

 #7 100 words of affirmation Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

I love this book set because there is a book for the bride and a book for the groom. Words of affirmation are important. It may seem weird that you might need a book in the future to give you ideas of things to say. But once the honeymoon period is over and life becomes routine, they will need some ideas. 

My husband and I like to send each other texts throughout the day. You need words beyond I love you. This book is a great book to give you ideas of things your new spouse needs to hear. And I recommend this as a excellent Christian bridal shower gift. 

  1. 8. And They Lived Happily Ever After Pillowcases by Dicksons

#8 pillowcases Christian Bridal Shower Gifts 

One of the first dates my husband and I had was a bike ride. We didn’t even think of it as a date at the time; it was two friends going for a bike ride. In our almost 20 years of marriage, we have taken a few bike rides. My favorite one was a bike ride through Niagara Falls in our first year of marriage.

When I found this, I had to get it for myself because of our connection to taking a bike ride for a date. I think it is cute.  

  1. 9. Live In Love - File Folder Holder by Candace Cameron Bure

 #9 file folder Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

The new couple is going to discover very soon that every kitchen needs an area where bills and letters can be dropped. Anyone married for more than a month will tell you this is a constant problem and causes arguments.

I give new families the advice to keep an area in your kitchen where mail can be dropped and sorted. It took me almost ten years and three homes before I discovered this easy solution to a daily problem. 

As a bonus, this file folder is from Cameron Bure. I'm a fan of her stuff. And the new bride will as well. I also like the gentle reminder to live in love. 


  1. 10. Mr. & Mrs. Tapestry Throw by Dicksons

#10 mr and mrs throw Christian Bridal Shower Gifts 

The new Bride will love this throw. You know the bride has been doodling Mr. and Mrs. for a while now. Show her the reality of the Mr. and Mrs. in this beautiful throw. 

As a bonus, this throw has three great verses.

 “Two are better than one” Ecclesiastes 4:9 

“Let marriage be held in honor among all” Hebrews 13:4 

“And above all, love each other deeply” I Peter 4:8


I love that this throw has three verses on it.

I have a throw that I just love here in my office; it was given to me shortly after marriage. The problem is when I have it laid over my chair, you can’t see what it says because the verse takes up the whole throw. This throw is created in such a way that you can still read a entire verse when it is displayed on your chair.


  1. 11. Corinthians 13 personalized charcuterie board by Gifts PDQ

 #11 charcuterie board Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

Last New Year’s Eve, my teenage daughters got me hooked on Charcuterie boards. If you look up these boards on Pinterest, you will be hooked as well. I usually find trends annoying. But I am a little be addicted to this trend. It could be because I really enjoy hosting events that involve food. And Charcuterie boards are so fun!

Here is a Christian charcuterie board with Corinthians 13. It can also be customized with the names of the couple and the date of their wedding. So more than a wedding gift than something for a bridal shower but I think its great for any occasion :)


  1. 12. Bible Quote Magnets by Ms. Friedas Classroom

 #12 magnets Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

I have a favorite secret thing to do. Ever since I was a child, when I visit homes, I like to look at the fridge and see the pictures on the refrigerator. I am a little sad that not everyone does this anymore. 

I was given a set of magnets when I was married, and I was so excited to have my own fridge to put pictures on. 

This is a good add-on gift. Sometimes I gift a couple of money if I don’t know them well enough to find a gift for them. But when I gift money, I like to have a small gift to add. This is a great idea for that. 


  1. 13. I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine mug set by Designed for you

 #13 mug beloved Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

This is my favorite romantic bible verse. As a side note, if you are married and reading this right now, take a second and text this verse to your spouse. They will like it, trust me.

I like that this verse is divided up into two parts and is on two mugs.  

My husband knows I am not a morning person. So, he makes me coffee every morning. On Sundays, he even brings it to my bed to help encourage me to get up.  This is one of the many ways he shows me he loves me.

This mug is an excellent way for your bride or groom to be reminded that they are loved. 


  1. 14. I Have Found the One Signage for Wedding Ceremony by Lings Moment Store

#14 Song of solomon 3 4 Christian Bridal Shower Gifts 

This is a beautiful sign that can be used as a decoration for the shower and the wedding. I also like that the sign can be used after the marriage. I would like to hang this up in my bedroom. 

The bride can also put this away and take it out on anniversary dates. There are so many ideas for this sign. 


  1. 15. I Corinthians 13 Wall Art by Christian Walls

#15 I cor 13 wall art Christian Bridal Shower Gifts
All of our wall art has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping. They are great gifts, check out our Love is Patient, Love is Kind Collection 


My college roommate and best friend is an artist. She created wall art for me with this verse when I got engaged. It has hung in my bedroom, living room and now is in my entranceway. It started as a reminder for my husband and me, but now that we have children, it is a reminder for our family. 

I found this stunning wall art by Christian wall. I would love to hang it in the kitchen. There are a few messages that we all need to be reminded of every day. I Corinthians 13 is one of those we need to see every day. 

  1. 16. Mother of the Groom Gift Necklace by Dear Ava Gifts 

#4 mother of the groom gift Christian Bridal Shower Gifts

This is often seen as a day for the bride and the bride’s mom. If you are invited to the bridal shower because of your connection to the groom or the groom’s mother, this is a way to show her you are celebrating her as well.

Raising a boy is not easy! Let’s celebrate the woman who raised a son to be a godly man who will love and cherish his wife. We know that was a hard task


My last words

You have been invited to celebrate the beginning of a new family. This is an honour. Whether you are a family member, a close friend, or a member of the couple’s church family, take this invitation as an honour. God is starting something new, and you get to be there to watch.

Don’t take this opportunity lightly. Use this time to not only celebrate the young couple, but to encourage them to walk faithfully with their God.