16 Best Christian Bachelorette Gifts (Personalized, Custom & Bespoke Ideas)

16 Best Christian Bachelorette Gifts (Personalized, Custom & Bespoke Ideas)

16 Unique Gifts Ideas For Christian Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are different then Wedding showers. For one thing, today, both the bride and groom often attend the wedding shower. The wedding shower is a way for everyone to celebrate the forming of a new family. For the Christian usually, all the woman in the church is invited. Also, close friends and family of the mother of the bride and groom are invited.

The Bachelorette party is different. This is a get together just for the bride and the brides’ close personal friends. Usually, the Bachelorette party will be held in a location that is itself an event. Many will spend a weekend away at a family cottage.

The gift is not an essential part of the Bachelorette party. The time spent together is an integral part of this invention. However, bringing a present is still a good idea. Before you pick something, think about the location of the event.

If the party is being held in a place such as a cottage where you can store more oversized items, then a big gift is a great idea. If the party is a traveling somewhere, such as a limo driver to multiple locations, you will want to bring something small.

Often bachelorette parties don’t have a specific time for presents. So, the facility needs to be something that you use as part of the party.

These presents should have a personal story with each gift. Remember this occasion is for close personal friends.  Below are some gifts that I would recommend.


1. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 - A Cord of Three Strands Sign by Lings Moment

#1 Ecclesiastes 4 9-12 cross Christian bachelorette gift

“A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
Marriages are complicated; that is why so many end in divorce. But marriage can also be the most wonderful thing. When we have a marriage that is founded on biblical principles the way God designed it, then marriage is wonderful.

This present reminds the bride and groom to make sure that Jesus is wholly tied into their marriage.

2. Matthew 17.20 Faith Can Move Mountains Bathmat By Gifted Arts

#2 matthew 17 20 faith can move mountains bathmat Christian bachelorette gift

A woman needs a beautiful bathroom. This is a must. A nice bachelorette gift is bathroom supplies. Bath salts, soaps, and candles are a fun present. If you are putting together a bathroom set, add this bathmat. It is beautiful and has a message the bride will need to remember.

Let’s face it; we need a long bath when we are having a hard day. So, a reminder from Matthew 17:20 that God can move mountains is a message she will want to see.

3. Kingdom Marriage- Connecting God's Purpose with Your Pleasure (Book, Study Guide and DVD) By Tony Evans

#3 kingdom marriage Christian bachelorette gift

This is not just a book. This is a book, DVD, and study guide.  Even before the couple is married, they can begin to study together what a godly marriage looks like.

For a couple to spend time studying biblical marriage together is essential. For the wedding to be successful, the bride and groom need to be on the same page. Help your friend start on the right foot.

This is a group study, so if there are more engaged and married couples in your friend group, you may even want to do this a large study.


4. Pray Bookends by Roman Store

#4 prayer book end Christian bachelorette gift

If you know your friend will be gifted a few books on marriage, this is a great idea to add. A fun idea would be to give wrap books and then place them inside this prayer bookend. This will be a great idea if the party is an event where there is no time for presents. 

There are many books you could get on a lot of topics for the new family—Christian books on sexuality, cooking books, marriage bible study, love languages, etc. 

The great idea is to have everyone bring a book as a present and then set it up inside this prayer bookend. 

This is a perfect idea if your bachelorette party is an event where there is no time for opening gifts.  


5. LifeSong Milestones By LifeSong Milestones Stone

#5 wood sign Christian bachelorette gift

Here is a fun idea for a party of close friends. Hang this sign on the wall. Ask the other friends who are attending to bring funny pictures of the bride and groom. Post the pictures around this sign. This is a fun way to bring some laughter to this event.

After the party, the bride can place this sign on a bookshelf. It won’t take very long for the bride to realize the groom is not as perfect as she thought he was. But a perfect marriage is two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. Don’t give up.

6. DELUXY Mr. & Mrs. Cheese Board - By Deluxy Store

#6 cheese board Christian bachelorette gift

Cheeseboards are very trendy right now. If your party is an event, you can use this board and allow the bride to keep it. Once again, this is a way to bring a present when there is no time for presents.

I LOVE this cheese board because it has a small drawer for cheese knives. This means it can be used easily for the party and then taken home later by the bride.

If you are new to this cheese board trend, check out Pinterest for some ideas. Just a warning, you’re going to become obsessed.

7. Give Us This Day - Wooden Dough Bowl By dayspring

#7 Give us this day bowl Christian bachelorette gift

Homemade bread took off as a trend this year. I have been making homemade bread for years. This last year I could not find yeast in the store because everyone was buying it.

This is a dough bowl. If the bride is the type of person who likes to make homemade bread, she will really like this. Whenever she places her dough into the bowl to rise, she will be reminded by the verse, giving us our daily bread this day.

If you make homemade bread, you know it has to be eaten the day you make it. By the second day, it doesn’t taste good anymore. This is why God tells us to pray for our daily needs. We don’t need to worry about tomorrow. Ask God to care for us today.

8. Stoneware Wall Cross by Roman Store

#8 Cross Christian bachelorette gift

This idea has 22 verses for your bride and groom to lean on during their marriage. I would really like to have this hanging in my home entranceway.

This is a gift you could give at a shower or a bachelorette party.  

9. Personalized Engraved Willow Tree "Promise" By willow tree

#9 engraved personalized figure Christian bachelorette gift

I received a Willow Tree figure when I was married. I loved it, and I have gotten one for each major event in my life. I have one for each of my children and one from when we got our first house.

I really adore these. Having a way to celebrate each milestone in our marriage is biblical. In the Old Testament, we see that God called his people to set up memorials to remember when God had rescued them or blessed them.

Start a marriage off with a memorial of God’s blessings.

This is an idea that can be customized. I love customized gifts.

10. Personalized Wedding Cross on Reclaimed Wood by Reclaimed Christian

#10 reclaimed wood Christian bachelorette gift

Here is another example of personalized gifts. This is an example of something that you could have hanging on the wall for your bachelorette party as part of the decorations and then a gift.

The family established date is another trend that I really like. I was gifted something like this when we adopted a sibling group a few years ago. For that gift, someone had put all the names of our new family, with the date of our wedding as the established date. It was a favorite gift given to me after our adoption was completed.

If this had been a trend when I was married, I would have found a way to get it. I just love it. Your friend will like it too.

I also love the Bible verse on this plaque. Ephesians 4:2 “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, beginning with one another in love.”

The bride and groom will need this reminder.

11. Picnic Backpack Bag by Apollo walker

#11 picnic bag Christian bachelorette gift

When people ask me for my marriage advice, I say, “Fifteen minutes, one evening, one weekend. What I mean is take fifteen minutes a day to talk to each other with no distractions, take one evening a week to do something special, and take one weekend a year to go away together.”

Those weekly date nights are essential. It can be hard to find ideas when you have a date every week. I have been doing this since my youngest was a year old, so for the last fifteen years. I understand it is not easy to keep finding ideas.

Picnics are always a fun idea. You can add picnics to many date ideas, such as a hike or bike ride.

If you are planning a more extended event that has a few different stops, one of the stops cold be a picnic. You can use it as part of the occasion and then give it to the bride.

12. Ephesians 4:2 Be Completely Humble Metal Sign By the metal shack

#12 Ephesians 4 2 metal sign Christian bachelorette gift

Ephesians 4:2 “Be completely humble and gentle, patient bearing with one another in love.”

Every Bachelorette party has a time set aside where friends share memories with the bride. This is a good time to give this metal sign. Gift the bride with this sign, and then have her friends share moments where the bride has impacted their lives.

When the bride sees this hanging on the wall of her new house, she will be reminded of her friends and how special they are to her.

13. Bible Verse Coasters by sweet kiwi studio

#13 Bible verse coasters Christian bachelorette gift

Four years ago, my husband and I traveled to Seattle and had the opportunity to shop at the famous market there. I found a collection of stone coasters with sayings on them, and it is the only thing I bought on that trip. I just love them.

This is another example of something you can buy for your event and then give to the bride. I like that each one has a different bible verse on it.

The bible commands us to write the laws of the Lord on the doorposts of our home. That is because the doorway is the place you go to every day.
Having Bible verses on everyday items is a way to keep the word of God constantly on our minds.


14. As for me and my house doormat by DaySpring

#14 Joshua 24 15 doormat Christian bachelorette gift

Every new home needs a doormat. This doormat is special because it gives your friend a way to tell the world that THIS home, THIS family, serves the Lord.

“As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15


15. Love is Patient, Love is Kind Canvas Print by Christian Walls

#15 love is patient canvas Christian bachelorette gift


Since bachelorette parties often don’t have a specific time set aside for exchanging presents, groups gifts are a good idea. This is an amazing  idea. This large artwork would be perfect anywhere in the new home. The bride is going to love this large reminder that love is patient and love is kind.

It will be great to have such a large focal point in the room be a gift from her close friends.

Everyone needs to be reminded what love is all about.


16. Love the Lord your God Canvas by Christian Walls

#16 love the lord your god Christian bachelorette gift
Check out all the backgrounds and change the scripture or use your own picture. Click here

I love my husband. I love him more than I have words to explain. But I love God more. If both the groom and the bride put God first in their lives, they will have a happy marriage.

This is an excellent piece of artwork. LOVE is the focal point, yet when you read the verse, you realize it is the love for God that is the essential point.
This is another example of a group gift your bride will really appreciate.

In Conclusion

The Christian bachelorette party is different than the world’s bachelorette party. God is the focus of it. At the same time, it is still a party. Have fun there. Enjoy yourself. This is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration.  My suggestion is to find something that can be incorporated into the occasion. The event is often a gift.

The other great option is to do a significant that everyone contributes to, such as a large piece of artwork. Since this is a bachelorette party, everyone is close friends with the bride, so they should know her taste well.
Enjoy your special day or weekend with your friend.