12 Best Christian Engagement Gifts (Custom & Personalized Ideas)

12 Best Christian Engagement Gifts (Custom & Personalized Ideas)

12 Beautiful Christian Engagement Gifts

Your friend or family member just got engaged! Everyone is so excited, and you want to show them how excited you are for them. The first time you get together after the announcement you might want to have a gift for them. If you don’t want to wait for a shower or special party and want to give them something right now here are my favorite ideas.

Giving gifts at a shower or at the wedding is important. But receiving something when it is unexpected makes a person feel loved. Each of these ideas should come with a conversation letting the couple know you believe in them.


1. Mr. & Mrs. Always & Forever Puzzle Piece Frame by P. Graham Dunn

#1 picture frame christian engagement gift

The newly engaged couple is going to want to show off their engagement picture. If they have posted a photo on social media from the day of their engagement, print the picture off and put it into the frame before gifting them this frame.

Showing up to a coffee date with your friend who has just gotten engaged with a gift is a meaningful way to show excitement about the couple. Adding a picture, you have printed off from their social media would make this idea even more significant.

2. I Am My Beloved's Shirt by Me Branded

#2 shirt christian engagement gift

This is a fun idea for a newly engaged couple. They can wear this gift if they are celebrating in a group setting at a restaurant. This is a fun way to help the servers and staff know who the happy couple is.

This is also a fun idea for the honeymoon. Wherever the young couples decided to for the honeymoon these adorable shirts will make the time even more fun.

3. Let’s Have Coffee Together for The Rest of Our Lives Mug by Celebrimo Store

#3 mug christian engagement gift

I have a possible hoarding problem when it comes to coffee mugs. I always buy a mug when we travel to remember the vacation. Since we have weekly brunch gatherings at our home, it is helpful that we have so many mugs.

This mug is awesome. It might be a good idea for a man to give to his girlfriend as part of the engagement. If as a couple you met for coffee on the first date, this would be perfect way to say I want to be with you forever.

If you’re the bride to be, and you were recently engaged, this would be a great present.

4. Christian Tea Towel by So Succulent Designs

#4 tea towl christian engagement gifts

As soon as a young couple gets engaged, the process begins of getting things ready for their new home.  My husband and I had both lived on our own before our marriage. However, it was different to build a house together with my husband than having my apartment.

One of the things that make a house a home is tiny objects like tea towels. I love that these tea towels have beautiful messages.


5. Jesus Cross Metal Wall art by Anastasia

#5 Jesus cross metal wall art christian engagement gifts

This may seem like an interesting gift to give to a newly engaged couple. However, I think it is a great idea. As they are getting ready to start their new life together, remind them to keep Jesus the center of their lives.

The young couple can hang this artwork up now. Over the next few months, as they prepare for their wedding and their marriage, they can be recommended to keep what is important at the forefront.

6.  Blessed and Saved Apron by My Glitter Lifestyle

#6 Apron christian engagement gifts

I didn’t understand the apron thing until I was hosting my first dinner in my new home. As I rushed around doing last-minute dinner preparations after getting dressed, I spilled things on my clothes, and without thinking, I dried my hands on my clean pants. I remember saying out loud, “Oh. This is why my mom wears an apron when she has company over!”

I have an apron now, but it is one I hate. I think I may go by this apron for myself. Today the idea of being a traditional wife is becoming popular again. Thanks to this new trend, Aprons are actually in style again. Here is a great one you can give to your friend who just got engaged.

7. Praying Husband Wife Stone Sculpture by lighthouse Christian products

#7 pray sculture christian engagement gifts

If you have been married for some time you have the years and wisdom to give advice to the new couple. The best advice is to pray together. This is a great idea, but it should be accompanied with a letter. Share your stories of up and downs. Tell them why prayer is so essential. 

My parents had a photo hanging in their bedroom that said “A family that prays together stays together” I grew up seeing that photo on a regular basis. It stuck in my mind. Having something in a prominent place that reminds us to pray is a way to drill it inro our mind.


8. Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Custom Engraved Mug by My Personal Memories Store

#8 mug set christian engagement gifts

I told you I had an obsession with mugs, right?  I loved this one as an engagement gift for two reasons. One, I love that it has the new last name.  If give this this soon after the engagement it may be the first thing they receive with the new last name.

The second reason I love this idea is the date. Once your friend has publicly stated the date, this is the perfect time to send them this present.  I would send them along with your RSVP. It shows that you are excited about the upcoming wedding.


9. Blessings for a Sweet Marriage Wedding Cake Serving Set by daysprings

#9 cake serving set christian engagement gifts

Cutting the cake is the second most photographed event at the wedding. The first kiss is of course the first. I love this cake serving because it has a “Recipe” for a sweet marriage. It has great advice.

If you are given the honor of being one of the people who gets to help with shopping and prepping for the wedding, this is a great gift to bring for that day. 

10. "A Marriage Prayer" by Crossroads Home

#10 photo frame christian engagement gifts

This is a prayer for your friend’s marriage. It is so beautiful.

I would once again suggest finding a picture of the couple they have posted on social media, printing it off, and putting it into the frame ahead of time. This will show that you are praying them.

As they prepare for the wedding, this is a reminder that they prepare for the marriage. Prayer is the foundation of a healthy marriage. Remind them that preparing for marriage is far more important then preparing for the wedding.  


11. Old school personalized family art by Christian Walls

#11 custom wall art blessed christian engagement gifts
Make your own family canvas and add your favorite scripture. Click here to see


I love this! If the couple has social media, find pictures they have shared publicly from the start of their relationship. End with the image they shared of their engagement. This makes a beautiful piece of artwork that documents their dating journey. 

Having a large piece of artwork documenting their journey of falling in love will be an excellent way to remember why they fell in love. As their family grows, it is also a way to tell their children their love story.


12. Blessed custom art by Christian Walls

#12 customed wall art christian engagement gifts


This is another custom gift.  Once they have taken their engagement photos, surprise them with this custom artwork. They can use this for showers and even as decoration at the wedding dinner.

In conclusion

I have a picture of my husband and I from our engagement over 20 years ago. We were so young! I love the picture now more than I did all those years ago. This is a gift the couple will continue to love, and as the years pass, they will love it even more.