10 Christian Housewarming Gifts for Women (New Homeowners!)

Christian Gifts for New Homeowners

10 Christian Housewarming Gifts for Women (New Homeowners!)

Whenever someone moves into a new space, it’s always nice to grab them something to spruce up the place a bit. It can especially be a blessing to gift Christians with things that will remind them of who God is and their faith in Him. Here are 10 great housewarming gifts that you can get for Christian women.


1. Beatitudes Scripture Art Prints by SheSpeaksLifeDesign

01 Beatitudes prints christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners

This set of Scripture art prints are perfect for a Christian housewarming gift. The art is elegant and the print on them reminds us of how we should live considering Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matthew 5. The Beatitudes are an important part of Scripture as they reveal a lot to us about how God wants us to live and what kind of attitude He wants us to have.
These art prints show us how we can live a blessed life in the light of Scripture. Especially if someone is having a hard day or feeling a bit lost, this gift can be the thing that pulls them back to Christ’s love and reminds them of what life is all about.

2. Bless This Mess Pillow by weatheredandheather

02 bless this mess christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
One of the things that women love to use to give their living spaces more character is pillows. Pillows are not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing, especially in a new living space. This pillow makes a great gift for Christian women as a funny yet charming way of asking for blessing on the new home.
Let’s be honest, we’re all a bit of a mess. Yet God still loves us and gives us grace within our mess. Our prayer for ourselves and for one another should be that He blesses the mess that we are and that He pulls us back together. This gift can be a great reminder of God’s grace and of His blessing that He longs to show each and every one of us.

3. The Lord is My Shepherd Canvas Wall Banner by SketchandSentiment

03 The lord is my shepherd christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
This beautiful canvas wall banner is the perfect framing of an encouraging verse in Psalm 23. Psalm 23:1 says, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” In this Psalm, David compares God to a shepherd who leads his sheep. This gives us an image of Him tenderly caring for us and leading us along the right paths, keeping us from evil.
The key is in the second half of the verse when it says, “I shall not want.” When the Lord is truly our shepherd, we will want for nothing. He will fulfil all of our needs and will satisfy us in a way that nothing else can. This canvas hanging is a great reminder for a Christian woman to place her hope and trust in the Lord to fulfil all that she needs.

4. Grace to All Plaque by ClareyClayworks

04 Grace to all who inter Plaque christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
This plaque has a nice natural feel that will bring some personality to any new home. On the plaque is written, “Grace to all who enter here.” This is a great gift to give as it brings the comfort of grace to all who see it and to all who enter the home.
As we know, the Lord gives us plenty of grace each and every day. Every time we sin and do not receive what we deserve, we are experiencing God’s grace. It’s important that we never forget the grace which He bestows on us and that we extend that grace to others. This plaque can be a great message to Christian women to give grace to everyone they come into contact with.

5. Probably At Church Doormat by MinorLess

05 probaly at church christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
Everyone needs a welcome mat at their new place, so why not get one for a Christian woman that is a testament to their faith and adds a little humor in the mix? This doormat has a great aesthetic and is a humorous way of making your faith clear.
As Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us, “And let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” Church is a great blessing! The gift of this doormat not only shows others that the person who lives here treats church as being important but also plants a seed in their minds of the importance of church.

6. Thy Will Be Done Dish Towel by weatheredandheather

06 thy will be done Kitchen Towel christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
We all use dish towels on a regularly basis, but do they ever have a message to them? This Christian kitchen towel is a great housewarming gift for Christian women as it has the message on it, “Thy will be done”.
This comes from the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 when Jesus shows the people how to pray. In Matthew 6:10, Jesus prays, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” We should all be praying for God’s will to be done in our lives as His will is much better and higher than our own. This kitchen towel is a great way to spread that message and can help someone to remember to seek His will in all things.

7. Isaiah 32:18 Decor by SharingAPassionINC

07 Isaiah 32 18 christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
This minimalistic housewarming gift is the perfect piece for a Christian woman’s household as it brings a message of peace and tranquility upon the house. This simple piece of art carries a huge message that cites the verse of Isaiah 32:18. The verse says, “My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.”
To give this gift is to give peace through the truth written in Scripture. This is a perfect reminder that God’s people have access to a peace beyond words in the character and presence of Him. It will be comfort in times of trouble and peace in times of chaos.

8. Bless This House with Love & Laughter 

08 Bless This House christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
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Everyone wants their home to be filled with love and laughter. They are hallmarks of a home blessed by the Lord. Through this housewarming gift, you can pray that blessing over a Christian woman’s new home.
You can be part of that blessing too! Be sure to be supportive and to spend time with those who are stepping into a new chapter of their lives. Be part of the laughter and love that comes into their home, starting with this housewarming gift.

9. The Plank #12 As For Me and My House We Will Serve the Lord Sign

09 As For Me and my house sign christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
Alot of Joshua 24:15 wall art here, add your favorite scripture at no extra cost!
This wall art sign with the famous verse of Joshua 24:15 makes the perfect housewarming gift for a Christian woman. This sign is a bold statement of who the house serves and is sure to strengthen the faith of all those who see it.
As we live our lives, we can choose who we serve. Some serve money, fame, or other things. Yet as Christians, we will choose to serve the Lord. This sign can serve as a great reminder of who is worth serving amidst the different things in our lives which pull us in other directions.

10. The Shoreline #5 Footprints in the Sand Wall Art & Décor

10 Footprints in the sand christian housewarming gifts for women and new homeowners
This wall art about footprints in the sand tells a wonderful story of how God carries us throughout our lives. Even though we sometimes forget, it is He who gives us the strength to go on every single day. In the face of what is ahead of us and the obstacles which lay in front of us, we can trust Him knowing that He will carry us through it all.
This wall art is a great reminder to a Christian woman of what God has done for her in her life. It allows us to look back on our lives and recognize where we accomplished things not by our own power, but by the power of God alone. Bless someone with this message today by giving this as a housewarming gift.
Moving into a new place can be both daunting and exciting, but God takes us through every new chapter and step in our lives. Get a Christian woman you know one of these housewarming gifts to remind them of God’s love and grace. Bless a home today