10 Psalm 121 Gifts (Help coming from God Reminders!)

Psalm 121 Gifts

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.

The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.

We live in an uncertain world. War, disease, and hatred are all present in the news on a regular basis.

The truth is under siege. We don't know who to believe because there are so many lies all around us. This is disturbing to the majority of us. This might be overwhelming for those who suffer from anxiety.

While we continue to deal with all of the world's difficulties, our personal lives continue and can also bring us storms.

Deaths of loved ones, changes in our lives, or failures are all examples of failures. With gifts from Psalm 121, we may help our loved ones get through these difficult times.

1. I Will Lift My Eyes To The Hills Bracelet by JKCEDesigns

1. I Will Lift My Eyes To The Hills Bracelet - Psalm 121 Gifts

This is a beautiful bracelet for a young lady with Psalm 121:1-3

We want to make sure that as our daughters get older, they always carry the words of God with them.

A Psalm 121 bracelet with these phrases on it would be a lovely gift to convey to our daughter, granddaughter, or niece how much we appreciate her.

I have five nieces and four adolescent daughters. We must always share God's love with our children as Christian mothers and aunts.

Our young ladies are going through a difficult period. They need to know that God cares about them and that they are important.

2. Psalm 121 Bible Verse Printable by thePrinthearts

2. Psalm 121 Bible Verse Printable - Psalm 121 Gifts

When we try to find a great gift for a Sunday school teacher that can be hard. I am not crafty, however, I believe homemade gifts are the best kinds of gifts.

Here is my pro tip: buy printables!

You can use a printable in your DIY craft if you purchase it. A printable can be used for a plethora of purposes. Put it in a frame if you want to keep it simple, or do something more distinctive.

I work with children, and I appreciate homemade gifts because they show that someone took the time and effort to produce the gift. The best gift is time. It demonstrates that you are caring.

3. Psalm 121 Leather Baggage Tag by BrambleandBeene

3. Psalm 121 Leather Baggage Tag - Psalm 121 Gifts

My child aspires to travel around the world. That has been her ambition since she was a child. She hasn't had the chance to travel since she turned 18 just after COVID struck.

She had been saving for a trip to Europe for years and was scheduled to depart just days after the airports were closed.

She intends to travel as soon as possible.

As parents, it might be difficult when our children leave us and travel. This lovely leather luggage tag is a wonderful present for a travel-loving friend or family member.

This may be your husband who is on business travel, your child who is on an adventure, or even your parents who are finally done working and ready to travel. Whatever the reason this is a great gift idea.

4. Psalm 121.8 Keychain by PinkLemonDesign

4. Psalm 121.8 Keychain - Psalm 121 Gifts

I am the mother of four daughters. Two of them are already licensed drivers, while the other two are in the process of learning.

This is a terrifying aspect of being a parent. It's a difficult moment in parenting when our children reach the age where their blunders could harm them or others.

Even if it is difficult, we must embrace this aspect of fatherhood. A keychain is a terrific method to ensure that your child has the words of God with them at all times.

Keep in mind that God loves your child more than you do. This may appear to be impossible, but it is true.

5. I Lift My Eyes To The Mountains Necklace by OnlyBelieveJewelry

5. I Lift My Eyes To The Mountains Necklace - Psalm 121 Gifts

I am in love with this necklace. I love how it looks antique.  This is an excellent present for your grandmother. This is a great way to show your grandmother how much you care about her.

My grandmother is a woman in her nineties. Gifts for her are difficult to come by.

Because she lives in a retirement home, she doesn't have much space for gifts.

Typically, I bring her chocolates or goodies. A necklace like this, on the other hand, is stunning, and I'm sure she'd love it.

6. My Help Comes From The Lord - Psalm 121:2 - Embroidered Patch Iron-On by AresDesignCo

6. My Help Comes From The Lord - Psalm 121 2 - Embroidered Patch Iron-On - Psalm 121 Gifts

Iron-on patches were one of my favorite things in high school. I used to carry them around with me in my bag. This trend faded gone, then it reappeared. Patches are a favorite pastime of one of my daughters.

I adore it when trends come back.

This patch is fantastic because, while it appears to be fresh and fashionable, it contains the words of God.

It's hard to comprehend that God inspired David to write words thousands of years ago that are still relevant to our lives today.

God’s words are so incredible.

7. I Lift My Eyes To The Mountains Mug by SuperLittleMinds

7. I Lift My Eyes To The Mountains Mug - Psalm 121 Gifts

I start my day with a cup of coffee in the morning and end it with a cup of tea in the evening. Some argue that the cup makes no difference. The cup I use is extremely important to me. Depending on how I'm feeling, I'll use a different cup.

It's all about having the right mug.

Getting a beautiful mug for someone who is going through a difficult time is a terrific way to show you care.

8. Psalms 121 Bookmark Set by TransformedbyGraceCo

8. Psalms Bookmark Set - Psalm 121 Gifts

I lead a children's Bible class. We have a weekly Bible study, and I teach the children upstairs while the parents are below studying the Bible.

It can be difficult to find gifts for Sunday school students or children in your ministry.

Bookmarks are a great idea. We encourage children to read the Bible by giving them bookmarks as gifts. Of course, that is the greatest present we can give them.

9. My Help Comes From The Lord Bible Verse Necklace by OnlyBelieveJewelry

9. My Help Comes From The Lord Bible Verse Necklace - Psalm 121 Gifts

This is another great necklace.

This is something I'd be proud to wear. I adore wearing necklaces, especially ones with sentimental value. I wear a necklace that my mother gave me just a few days before she died. I try to wear it as much as possible.

You can offer this type of necklace to someone special to let them know how much you love them and how much God loves them.

If they are apart from you, they might wear the necklace to remind them that you and God are always with them.

10. Psalm 121 Faith Candle by ChristianGCreations

10. Faith Candle - Psalm 121 Gifts

Candles are something I adore. Because I have a candle burning on my shelf, my office smells like blueberry and maple while I type this.

Candles provide a sense of calm in a room. Everything about a candle, from the flame to the scent, is soothing.

This is why, when we want to take a peaceful bath or have a romantic supper, we have candles in our bathroom or at the table.

This candle is even more special because it is inscribed with God's words.

This is a wonderful present for someone you care about who suffers from anxiety.


Whatever we're going through, we know that God is there to aid us. Our fears will begin to fade away as we progress in our relationship with God and become closer to Him.

We have the ability to share our love with others. I hope these presents will assist you in whatever love you have for the one you want to help.

Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s day, all wonderful opportunities to share God’s love.