13 Gifts for Sunday School Students (Super Cute & Inexpensive Ideas)

Gifts for Sunday School Students

1. Character Cards by September and Co Shop

1. Character Cards - Gifts for Sunday School Students

Parenting children is a difficult task. We will be successful if our children grow up to be men and woman of character. We need to make sure our children learn to work hard as children, to take initiative, to be diligent, to persevere, to be honest, to be of excellent character.

As Sunday school teachers we can support parents in this journey to raise children with character. This is a wonderful option for a gift to children in your Sunday school.

Giving these cards is a way to teach these principles to our children. We push our children to do well in school and achieve in athletics, however if our children are stars, and achieve academic success, but don’t have good character then we have failed.

Your children should be taught Godly values rather than academic excellence or athletic abilities.

If you have loved ones who are starting the parenting journey this is a great gift idea for them. This is a fantastic idea for a Christening gift.

2. Love Covers Over Sin Wall Art by Christian Walls

2. Love Covers Over Sin Wall Art - Gifts for Sunday School Students

For my Sunday School courses, I enjoy hosting contests. A Bible Memory Verse Challenge is one of the most popular. One year, I had a fifth grader learn two entire chapters of Corinthians and quote them in front of the entire congregation.

I always have a grand prize when I host challenges. A magnificent reward is exemplified by this piece of artwork. I like how the theme of love covering sin is conveyed.

The Bible uses the term "cover sin" to mean "forgive sin." With His blood on the cross, Jesus is the one who covers our sin. His love was what kept Him on the cross and allowed Him to forgive our sins.

We can show our Sunday School kids how to do it.

3. Custom Prayer Box by In AWE Cards

3. Custom Prayer Box - Gifts for Sunday School Students

The importance of prayer is one of the most important teachings we need to teach our Sunday school youngsters. It is critical that we instil the habit of prayer in our children. Teaching youngsters the value of being still and listening is a big part of it.

We can give our students the assurance that they can come before God and that God hears them when they pray.

Our pupils need to know that they can communicate to God without fear of being judged, and that they can tell him everything they're scared to tell anybody else.

This prayer box will be a valuable resource for us as we teach our pupils how to pray. We can teach our children they need only faith the size of a mustard seed, and God will answer their prayers.

4. Encouragement Stones by Alleluia Rocks

4. Encouragement Stones - Gifts for Sunday School Students

I'm from a little town. I enjoy taking my dog for walks in the city. A river runs through the heart of our small town, and it's a lovely area to visit. Small painted rocks can be found as you stroll through our village. On the rocks, there are inspirational words and sentiments. I'm not sure who painted them, but they're unique.

This is a fantastic concept.

It's important to realize that being a youngster today can be difficult. As a Sunday school teacher, we must educate our students that it is acceptable to suffer and be sad. We can, however, always be kind and forceful. We have the ability to both receive and give encouragement.

We can encourage our children by giving them these rocks, but then we can tell them to leave the rocks places where they think people may need encouragement.

5. Printable Bookmarks

5. Printable Bookmarks - Gifts for Sunday School Students

When I teach Sunday School, I enjoy awarding rewards. This is a great approach to get the kids to learn Bible verses and be ready to answer questions from the previous week's session.

Children enjoy receiving awards and being rewarded. These bookmarks are one of my favourites since they are printable, allowing you to produce as many as you need.

There are numerous methods to teach children about God's love, but sometimes they need a visual reminder of what we've taught them.

One of the options I love is giving gifts for kids that relate to the Bible passage we are learning. For example, if you are memorizing Isaiah 41:10, we can give them a prize related to the passage.

6. Posters by The Well-Planned Nest

6. Posters - Gifts for Sunday School Students

We wish to provide a learning environment for our children that encourages and motivates them to learn. Our classroom is a place where we not only share our Bible knowledge, but also where we provide our students the tools they need to investigate and discover what God wants them to learn.

I like these poster ideas since they are printable, which means we can hang them on the classroom wall and take them home with us. Our pupils will be reminded of our lessons throughout the week in this manner.

7. Printable Wall Art by Cottage Art Shoppe

7. Printable Wall Art - Gifts for Sunday School Students

I have the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, down in my heart… where?

Music time is a favourite part of the session for many of our pupils. These wonderful posters serve as a reminder of the music we perform. It's impossible to read these posters without singing along to the music.

These posters, once again, are printable, so you can give them to your pupils to take home. You are bringing joy to the families of your students in this way.

8. Scripture Cards by Wholehearted Home Shop

8. Scripture Cards - Gifts for Sunday School Students

The Bible instructs us to teach our children to memorize God's Word. This commandment is for the parents, according to the Bible. What exactly does this imply for our students? We aren't their guardians.

We may teach our students Bible verses and then chat to each parent as they leave and hand them these scripture cards. This is how we provide our students' parents with the resources they need to obey God's commands.

9. God Is Love by One Thousand Details

9. God Is Love - Gifts for Sunday School Students

I taught Bible Clubs in public schools for many years. I gave students tickets for attending to clubs, saying the Bible verses, and bringing a buddy, among other things. I'd bring in a box full of rewards once a month, and the kids could trade their tickets for faith based gifts.

Stickers were one of my favourite prizes.

Stickers are a favourite among kids. These stickers are fantastic.

If you're putting together a prize box, you'll need a lot of inexpensive $5 gift ideas.

10. New Testament Mini Book Printable by Heart Prints 4 Littles

10. New Testament Mini Book Printable - Gifts for Sunday School Students

One of the classes I'm currently teaching is a small group of five four-year-old girls. In addition, there is a six-year-old son.

When teaching small children, it's critical to provide them with something to keep their hands occupied. While I am teaching Bible teachings, I enjoy giving kids coloring pages. You'd be surprised to learn how much a child listens while coloring.

Because you can inform the children when to flip the page, these miniature books are excellent. The youngsters can follow along in their own tiny book while you teach the Bible lesson. I love this gift for your Sunday school class!

11. Custom Pencils by Twisted Crafters

11. Custom Pencils - Gifts for Sunday School Students

here are numerous reasons why custom pencils should be used in our classrooms. Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about.

We may provide pencils with motivational messages for our students. We can send references to the Bible texts we're studying home with them.

These are excellent awards or first-time visitor ideas for our students.

12. Key chain by DM Brohm

12. Key chain - Gifts for Sunday School Students

A key chain may appear to be something that children do not want. However, this is not the case. A keychain is a terrific method to get your message through to your kids.

After school, some of our pupils return home to vacant houses while they wait for their parents to return from work.

Giving these keychains as a gift to your Sunday school class is a way of reminding them that God loves them and will protect them through this difficult time.

13. Fruit of the Spirit Canvas Wall Art by Christian Walls

13. Fruit of the Spirit Canvas Wall Art - Gifts for Sunday School Students

The Fruit of the Spirit is one of the first scriptures verses we learn as children. We can find this passage in Galatians 5:19-21.

This is a more substantial prize that we would only award to one or two kids. A substantial prize like this would be ideal for an end-of-year prize. To win such a wonderful piece of artwork, a student would have to put in a lot of effort during the year.

This piece of art is fantastic. Even I would love to win this!


Giving gifts for children accomplishes a few things. It instills the lessons we have taught them, it motivates them to memorizing scripture, and it encourages parents to be involved in the spiritual teaching of their children.

When we give gifts for Sunday school class, it is important we find something that reinforce the lessons we have taught them. When we send our students home with these special gifts for children, we are sending a little piece of ourselves home with them.

Once you have given your students gifts, don’t forget about the other Sunday school teachers. We can give something special to our Sunday school teachers as well.