13 Mustard Seed Gifts (Creative Ideas inside! Click Here)

Mustard Seed Gifts

He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.  Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.

He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

When Jesus spoke about faith, He frequently used the mustard seed as an example. The mustard seed is used by Jesus to convey a complex topic in a simple manner.

The mustard seed is one of the tiniest seeds, but it grows to be one of the largest bushes on the planet. The shrub reaches a height of around ten feet.

This is an example of the Kingdom of God that Jesus presents. This has been proven throughout church history.

A few disciples gathered in an upper room after Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. The church now has a population of 2.38 billion people.

We can likewise do incredible things if we have the faith of a mustard seed, according to Jesus.

Here are some Mustard seed Gift ideas for you :)

1. Mustard Seed Tie Clip JKCE Designs

1. Tie Clip - Mustard Seed Gifts

My husband does not work for a company that requires him to wear a suit and tie. However, there are occasions when we must attend gatherings where he must dress in a suit. I enjoy seeing him dressed up.

We are putting money aside so that my husband can start a new business. He is meeting already with potential clients. This is a huge step for us, and one that can be frightening. But we have faith, even as tiny as that of a mustard seed.

This tie clip has real mustard seeds inside the clip. It is a great way to remind the man in your life to have faith.

2. With God All Things Are Possible Canvas Wall Art Print by Christian Walls Art

2. With God all things are possible Canvas Wall Art Print - Mustard Seed Gifts

Everything is possible with God!

This piece of artwork serves as a reminder that with just a little faith, we can move mountains. As a result, the mountain is an ideal work of art for inspiring people to maintain their faith.

Every day, we need a reminder that God is in charge when we are going by faith.

This artwork is a terrific Mustard seed gift idea for someone who is establishing a new business. You will be demonstrating your belief in them by giving this artwork.

3. Mustard Seed Cufflinks JKCE Designs

3. Cufflinks - Mustard Seed Gifts

This is similar to the Tie Clip. The mustard seeds in these cufflinks are real. If you know a businessperson, this is the ideal Mustard seed gift for them. As they enter the workplace, they will serve as reminders of who they are putting their faith in.

We don't believe in ourselves or our coworkers. We have faith in God. We will succeed if we base each work choice on biblical principles. The bible has a lot to say about starting and running a business.

4. Mustard Seed Necklace by Faith Bracelet Company

4. Necklace - Mustard Seed Gifts

Do you know a woman who is about to go on a new adventure?

A buddy of mine has begun the adoption process. It is a challenging trip that necessitates a great deal of faith. We are an adoptive family, and I can tell you from personal experience that couples going through the adoption process require support.

This mustard seed necklace is a wonderful way to remind the woman in your life to have faith in whatever adventure she is embarking on.

5. Mustard Seed Ring by Faith Bracelet Company

5. Ring - Mustard Seed Gifts

In only six months, my second daughter will be off to college. She was admitted to every school she applied to, and she now has to choose between two of Canada's greatest universities.

She didn't expect to be accepted to every school to which she applied. She must now decide which school she will attend. This is the first of many decisions she would face during her collegiate career.

This present is ideal for a child who is entering a season of life that necessitates faith. Assure them that if they have faith the size of a mustard seed, they can accomplish anything.

6. Mustard Seed Bible Bookmark by JKCE Designs

6. Bible Bookmark - Mustard Seed Gifts

A buddy of ours converted to Christianity a year ago. He is a regular attendee at our Bible study. We wanted to join him in his joy. It's crucial to locate the ideal present for someone who has reached a spiritual milestone.

A mustard seed is hidden inside this Bible bookmark. Your loved one will be encouraged to live out their faith as they read the Bible.

7. Mustard Seed Key Chain by Boomdyada

8. Key Chain - Mustard Seed Gifts

Adulthood is difficult. We must traverse a number of challenging paths. Our children need to be reminded of God's faithfulness as they enter adulthood. The majority of the journey that adults take involves keys. New work, a home, and a car are all obligations that come with keys.

This is a fantastic present option for a child who is off on a new adventure.

8. Mustard Seed Earrings by 6 Day Creations

9. Earrings - Mustard Seed Gifts

A mustard seed is hidden inside these fantastic earrings. They're sophisticated and suited for the office. I recall the first board meeting I attended at my new position. I was younger than the other employees and had no idea what I was doing. A part of me didn't feel welcome at the table. I was hesitant to express myself.

That day, I prayed the entire way to work. I was terrified, but I knew God would provide me with the fortitude I needed.

Give this Mustard seed gift to a loved one who is starting a new job or a new position at work at work to show them that God will always be with them.

9. Charm by Boombyada

10. Charm - Mustard Seed Gifts

When my nieces were ten years old, my sister-in-law gave them a charm bracelet. She gives them a charm for every major occasion.

If you've done something similar before, this is the best option for you. What is your daughter going through that she needs to know God is there for her? This mustard seed charm will remind them that they can put their faith in God.

10. Chain Earrings by New Jewellery Story

11. Chain earrings - Mustard Seed Gifts

Chain earrings are a favourite of my oldest daughter. They suit her perfectly. These lovely chain earrings will go perfectly with her outfit!

When we wake up knowing we're going to have a difficult day, we need something tangible to remind us that God is in charge and will lead us through it. I know that God will be with me when I confront the difficult responsibilities. When we surrender the day to God, it will move in serenity.

Give these earrings to a woman in your life who needs a visual reminder that God is in charge.

11. Mug by Funny Quirky Mugs

12. Mug - Mustard Seed Gifts

The best gift is sometimes a gift of comedy. This mug serves as a humorous reminder that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.

Your loved ones will be able to start their day with a sense of humour and encouragement to believe. We only need a cup of coffee and a little faith to get started.

12. Shirt by Personette Parents

13. Shirt - Mustard Seed Gifts

This is a garment that I adore. It's pretty and offers a powerful message: "A mustard seed of faith can move mountains."

If you know a girl who is battling with a problem she doesn't know how to solve, this is the shirt for her. Remind them God loves them, and He is in control.

They can go about their day wearing this shirt, knowing that all they need is faith the size of a mustard seed.

13. Mustard Seed and Mountain Necklace by 6 Day Creations

14. Mustard seed and mountain necklace - Mustard Seed Gifts

 With faith the size of a mustard seed, Jesus said, we can move mountains. A picture of a mountain demonstrates how difficult this is. When we utilise our faith, however, the impossible becomes feasible.

The mountain in your life isn't an actual mountain; it's something impossible that we're dealing with. Something is obstructing our progress. But have faith; all you need is a little and know that everything will work out for the good of those who serve Him.

Give this necklace to someone in your life who needs a regular reminder in their home. They will witness this reminder of God's power every day.


I am very grateful that God is capable of accomplishing anything and only requires us to have faith the size of a mustard seed. That leaves us with little to do. We don't need superhuman strength to deal with our challenges.

With just a speck of faith the size of a mustard seed, we can face our issues. God is the superhero who will complete the mission. Assist your loved ones in realising that they will succeed. Their life's mountains will shift. These mustard seed presents will help them realise that.