12 Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband (He'll Love Them!)

12 Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband (He'll Love Them!)

12 Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband (He'll Love Them!)

Christmas is the best time of the year. I live where the snow starts in November. I hate snow. But when I see the first snowfall, I get excited. I’m not enthusiastic about driveway shoveling or treacherous roads. I’m excited because snow means Christmas is just around the corner.

For moms, we can immediately think about ways to make Christmas extra special for our children as we should! But making Christmas particular for our spouse is a way to build our relationships strong. Here are some ways to make Christmas extra special for your man.

  1. Blessed PJ's By lilthreadzclothing

#1 blessed PJ christian christmas gift ideas for husband

Our family stays in PJs all Christmas day. I like to give the family new Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve. This is a pajama gift set for your other half. A gift that he can wear on Christmas day as he enjoys his day with his family.

  1. Personalized ROUND Christmas Ornament by INKSCRIT

#2 personalized ornaments christian christmas gift ideas for husband

Are you in a stage of your life where your children now have families of their own? Have each of your children and grandchildren write a letter with the top five things they love about your husband. Give each letter along with these customized ornaments. A fun addition would be to write funny top five lists for your husbands’ pets and having ornaments made with the pet’s name as well.

  1. America flag Wall art by Christian walls

#3 one nation under God american flag art christian christmas gift ideas for husband
American Flag & Christian Patriotic Wall Art & Decor could be a great present. Add your favorite scripture and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Made in the USA!


Give your husband a piece of artwork that will show his leadership and strength. This is an excellent piece of artwork for his man cave. This stunning artwork that shows his love for his country and his dedication to God.

Your man loves his country, and he loves his God. Show him that you love that about him. Show him he is your hero.

  1. Leather Briefcase by Hides Handcrafted

#4 leather bible verse briefcase christian christmas gift ideas for husband

If your husband has a career that involves a briefcase, this is a great Christmas gift. This is a personalized gift so that you can add his favorite scripture or a Christian quote on it. My suggestion would be the reference to his favorite Bible verse.

If you have been married for many years this is a way to show him you are thankful for the years they have worked to build the life you have.

  1. World's Best Husband Engraved Pocket Knife by Groomsmen Gift Shoppe

#5 pocket knife christian christmas gift ideas for husband

If you have younger children who will be opening gifts Christmas morning, your husband will have the job of tackling the over-packaging of children’s toys. Start the present giving with this gift for your better half. He will love this gift and use it a lot as the children want their gifts out of the packaging.

  1. Personalized Grill Set - By Two Jays Creative

#6 personalized grill set christian christmas gift ideas for husband

Both my hubby and my father love to grill. My husband precooks his lunches and meal preps every Sunday. He loves to use the grill for cooking up his meat of the week. Many men love to grill. I am not sure I understand where this comes from, but it seems a common interest among married men.

I love this grill set because it gives you a chance to personalize it with a name or reference to a Bible Verse. If there is a bible verse that shows how you feel about your husband and the kind of man you know he is, have that verse carved into this grill set, making it extra special.

  1. Joshua 1:9 Be Strong and Courageous Wall Art by Christian walls

#7 joshua 1 9 canvas christian christmas gift ideas for husband
Our canvases come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Make one with your favorite vacation and favorite Bible verse! Check out our Joshua 1:9 Be Strong and Courageous wall art collection designs

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

In our world today, we are in desperate need of men who are strong and courageous. The devil is in overdrive, trying to destroy the family. We need men who will stand firm and be ready to fight for the family.

Give your other half this gift as a reminder that you believe in him. You think that he is strong and courageous. You know that he will protect the family and lead you spiritually. You can help him be strong and brave by making sure he knows you believe in him.

  1. Nativity scene apron by Apron Salso

#8 nativity scene christian christmas gift ideas for husband

Christmas dinner is a meal my husband and I work on together. He always carves the turkey and helps with the last min prep before dinner. I love being in the kitchen with him on Christmas. Christmas is different from every other meal because of the traditions you set up as a family. For us, we have a few traditions.

A funny one is we always have mac and cheese as one of our side dishes. This is because when my youngest daughter was around four years old, she went through a phase where the only thing she wanted to eat was mac and cheese. I didn’t wish for Christmas dinner to include a fight with a four-year-old to eat everything on her plate, so we made mac and cheese a side dish. Today she is sixteen years old and only eats mac and cheese on Christmas. It is a tradition now and one we laugh about.

Giving your husband a special Christmas apron will turn a gift into a tradition. Pack the apron away with the Christmas decorations, and next year when you unpack the Christmas boxes, you will have the special apron for dad to wear.

  1. Personalized Photo & Scannable Spotify Code Plaque by the pal choice

#9 personalized photo and song christian christmas gift ideas for husband

I love love, love, this gift idea. Is there a song that is part of a special memory for you and your spouse? This gift allows you to use a picture and music and make it into artwork. If you use your phone to scan the artwork, it will play the song.

This is an excellent gift for your husband to keep in his office. Often husbands keep photo frames of their wives or family in their office. This is an extraordinary way to do this.

  1. Personalized Picture Engraving Leather Wallet by the pal choice

#10 engraved picture wallet christian christmas gift ideas for husband

On our first Christmas as a married couple, I gave my husband a wallet. He kept that wallet for over ten years before it started to fall apart. A wallet is an extraordinary gift to give him. He sees it every day, multiple times a day.

This personalized gift prints a picture onto the wallet. You can use a family photo; however, I recommend a picture of just the two of you. Show him that you care about him and love him. Your relationship as a couple is just as important to you as your relationship as your parents. I think this is a lovely Christian Christmas gift for your man.

  1. Wooden Bedside Stand by LUX WOOD LAND

#11 wooden bedside stand christian christmas gift ideas for husband

When your man comes home from work, he needs a place to drop everything. Having a spot near the door for your man to leave everything is an excellent way to leave work behind and start fresh. This also helps our better half know where everything is, so his morning routine is smooth. If your husband struggles with finding his wallet, keys, etc., in the morning, this is a perfect way to solve that problem.

  1. Wise Men Still Seek Him, Ornament by P Graham Dunn INC

#12 wisemen still seek him ornament christian christmas gift ideas for husband

Tell your husband how thankful you are to have a wise man in your home. A man who is seeking after God and leading your family. This gift is accompanied by a letter of appreciation and acknowledgment.

Our men want to know that we see they are leading us, and we appreciate the fact they are still witnessing after God. Could be a great Christian Christmas stocking stuffer for him.

  1. Tony Evans - No More Excuses: A 90-Day Devotional for Men By DAY SPRING

#13 tony evans no more excuses christian christmas gift ideas for husband

Help your man start the new year off right with this Christian Christmas gift. Start the New Year with a 90-day devotional by Tony Evans. This beautiful devotional is perfect for a man who wants to grow in his relationship with God.

The greatest gift you can give him an encouragement to strengthen his relationship with God.


I hope your Christmas morning is a unique morning full of traditions that are just for your family. I hope you spend time together with your family as you remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Take this time to tell your husband that you love him, and you are thankful for him.

Your husband is leading your family. He is strong and brave and your spiritual guide. Take this day to love each other and your family.