14 Christian Office Gifts (Ideas for a Religious Theme - Click here!)

Christian Office Gifts

14 Christian Office Gifts (Ideas for a Religious Theme - Click here!)

I am about to have a complete makeover of my office. I am talking paint, new cabinets, new furniture, a whole new look. But the little things make the space feel unique. I have been shopping for the perfect supplies. I will share some of those with you. These would make perfect gifts for the person in your life who needs inspiration in their office space.

There are many reasons to give someone something for their office. Here are some gift ideas to add a nice Christian theme for an office or desk.

1. Custom Magnets by 2911 Plan

#1 Custom Magnets - Christian Office Gifts

Keeping offices organized is essential. Everything that comes into the space must have a place to go. What about those things that come and need to be dealt with? These magnets with Bible Verses are a great way to keep paperwork in front of you waiting to be dealt with.

My husband leaves me small encouraging notes; these magnets are the perfect way to post these notes.

There are always a few little reminders that I need to keep close to my workspace when working on a project. Requests from clients, for example. These magnets are a fabulous way (and gift) to keep these requests relative to the workspace while still looking stylish.

2. Amazing Grace Art Print by Christian Walls

#2 Amazing Grace Art Print - Christian Office Gifts

The workplace artwork makes customers feel comfortable and communicates business ethics. Large, beautiful artwork such as this print will also give you a distinguish successful vibe. The perfect piece of art is the final touch to any office. This art will make a statement.

These words, Amazing Grace, will inspire everyone who enters the workplace. This song has inspired justice and societal changes throughout the world.

If your friend or loved one is looking for a great focal point for their office space, this is the artwork you want to give them. I love this gift!

3. Promise Box by Dayspring

#3 Promise Box - Christian Office Gifts

When I first saw this box, I thought it was for business cards. The box would work for business cards, and it would be a beautiful business card box. However, it holds cards with promises from God. Each day you can read one promise and meditate on it throughout the day.

This is a great way to keep the promises of God in your thoughts all day long. An office would really add a nice Christian theme to your office. In my opinion this is a very unique gift!

4. Mouse Pad by Jem Creations Shop

#4 Mouse Pad - Christian Office Gifts

The mouse pad is the finishing touch of the desk. This mouse pad has the print "He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings, you shall take refuge." Psalm 91:4.

There are times when I am working, and I feel frustrated. Unhappy clients, projects that don't go the way they should, programs that crash, everything goes wrong. When you feel like a failure, you need this reminder. Jesus cares about your failed project and an unhappy client. He will help you. Lean on Him.

5. Jesus is King Note Cube by Grace N Faith

#5 Jesus is King Note Cube - Christian Office Gifts

My grandfather had a note cube. I loved to flip through it and watch the picture appear when I was little. We all need sheets of paper for quick notes; this note cube is excellent; it gives you the paper for a short message and the reminder that Jesus Is King.

I like the simple design and its also an inexpensive office gift :)

6. Desktop Calendar by OLF Studio

#6 Desktop Calendar - Christian Office Gifts

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation. The old has passed away: behold, the new has come". 2 Corinthians 5:17

One of my jobs at work is posting podcasts for clients. Each client has different days of the week when their podcast goes live. I have a calendar on my desk to make sure I keep the days in order.

Everyone's office job involves projects with due dates, and calendars are essential to keep them organized. This desk calendar is unique, and I love the modern design. It is on my list for my new office.

There are three different types of calendars. Finding the perfect fit means you need to know how your friend uses the calendar. The following two options are the other two types of calendars I recommend.

7. Weekly Planner by Posy Paper

#7 Weekly Planner - Christian Office Gifts

When my girls were in elementary school, I home-schooled them. As a homeschool mom, the weekly calendar was essential. Each Sunday, I laid out all the work that needed to be done over the week. I also put my supper plans on the calendar.

I especially like the weekend option for this calendar. You can write down things you want to get done on the weekend throughout the week.

8. This Week Desk Pad by Studio 71

#8 This Week Desk Pad - Christian Office Gifts

This is one last calendar option. Like the option above, this calendar is made for the week. I like this one because it has a "to-do" list on the side. This gives you a place to write the projects you must get done this week, but not on any day.

"You've got this because God's got you."

How many times have you needed that message? I need that message when I think about the long list of things that I must have accomplished before the end of the day or the week. Being overwhelmed can sometimes cause me to have panic attacks. That is when I need this message.

Those are the three calendars I am looking at. I have not decided yet what one will go in my office. They are all great. The friend or family member you are getting a gift for will love either of these.

9. File Folder by Candace Cameron Bure

#9 File Folder - Christian Office Gifts

Live in LOVE Ephesians 5:2

This is one of the things on my list. I am ordering two of these for my daughter heading to college next year and me.

I'm not too fond of clutter. When I say hate, I mean with a passion. This file folder takes the mess off your desk and organizes it. The folder is sleek, stylish, and marked with Ephesians 5:2. And it would be a wonderful gift to make your desk or office Christian themed.

This does have a feminine vibe, so if you are giving it to a family or friend, I would suggest only your female friends.

This file folder is from the Candace Cameron Bure collection. Everything from that collection is a great option.

10. Pencil Holder by Candace Cameron Bure

#10 Pencil Holder - Christian Office Gifts

Here is one more option from the Candace Cameron Bure collection.

Where do you keep your pencils? I have my pencils in a mason jar. I need an upgrade. Everyone can use a new pencil holder. I am getting this one because it matches the file folder from above. I would recommend giving these two together.

You can also send along a package of pencils with this gift.

11. Promise of God Daily Reminder by Holley Gerth

#11 Promise of God Daily Reminder - Christian Office Gifts

Growing up, my parents had a book like this. Each morning at the breakfast table, my father read it to us—a daily start to the day. I can still remember sitting and eating my cereal, trying not to crunch too loud as Dad read the book to us. Then we would pray. I would think about the message during the day.

Now all grown up, I still start my day with the Bible.

If you are looking for a way to make sure your friend has a Biblically inspired start to the day, this is a great idea.

12. Lunch Box and Water Bottle by DaySprings

#12 Lunch Box and Water Bottle - Christian Office Gifts

Little kids are not the only ones who need lunch boxes. Trying to find a sophisticated lunch box is tricky. Most lunch boxes have either childhood cartoons or boring designs.

Adults want nice lunch boxes also. This one is a great design. Simple, sophisticated, sleek, and with a great message. Say, Grace and Faith.

If you have a friend or family member starting a new job, this is a great gift. Every day when they eat their lunch, they will remember you and how much you care about them.

13. To-Do List by Day Spring

#13 To-Do List - Christian Office Gifts

I have a to-do list on my fridge. That list is often very long. Sometimes the list seems impossible, especially when you add more than you are stroking off.

The message printed "He is able" is a reminder all we do is through God's strength and not our own. The list on my fridge can be daunting; however, there is something extraordinary about seeing the list with everything crossed off.

This would be great if you were putting together a gift basket.

14. God is Good Art Print by Christian Walls

#14 God is Good Art Print - Christian Office Gifts

God is good all the time

All the time, God is good.

It is easy to believe that God is good. It is harder to believe that God is good all the time. What about the times when your loved one dies? Is God good when you lose a client?

When people walk into your office, they care for hidden hurts and pains with them. The artwork in your office is how you inspire your clients and co-workers. Those with pains are hiding needing this reminder God is good all the time.

Your friend may need this message as well.


I'm excited to finish my office. I hope you have enjoyed my shopping list for my office. I hope you have found a few things for your friend or family member. As your loved one works, they will see the objects from you and know that you care about them.