13 Practical Gifts for Christian College Students

Gifts for Christian College Students

13 Practical Gifts for Christian College Students

Your baby is heading away to college; you have so many mixed feelings about this. You raised a human that is now able to function independently from you. That means you were successful. Still, you have many feelings about this.

You can give your college student a Christian gift to let them know you are proud of them, and you will still be there for them when they need you. Here are some examples of great gifts you can give them.


    1. The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution by Carl Trueman

    #1 The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self book gifts for christian college students

      Our culture is obsessed with sex and identity. Your college student will be forced to face this full one; they need to be prepared. This book gives a historic approach showing views from Augustine to Carl Marx.

      This book will help your son or daughter clarify a complex topic and prepare them to speak respectfully and knowledgeably on the subject.

        2. Saved Box by Cratejoy

        #2 saved subscription box gifts for christian college students

          When I was in college, I would occasionally receive care packages. Everyone was excited when someone in the dorm got a care package!

          Saved Box by Crate Joy gives you a monthly package to help your adult stay strong in their faith. This is an opportunity for your son or daughter to receive a monthly present from you with the Christian gift they need the most, encouragement.

            3. Give it to God and Go to Sleep Sign, Wall Art by Christian walls

            #3 give it to god and go to sleep art gifts for christian college students
            Our Give it to God & Go to Sleep signs are popular! All backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, made in the USA and free shipping :)

              Remember when your son or daughter was a small child, and you would speak into their room at night and say, “everything is O.K. Go to sleep.”

              Now your young adult has much more significant problems: dating issues, school issues, carer choices, and temptations. My college student immediately struggled with sleep. Trying to turn off their brain to get rest when you have so much on your mind is difficult.

              Your son or daughter can let them go, give them to God, and then sleep whatever the problems.

              This artwork is also a fun piece of art and will be good in a modern dorm room.

                4. I Still Believe movie

                #4 i still believe movie gifts for christian college students

                  Movies are always a good break from the pressure of school. I Still Believe a story of a college kid who falls in love with music, God, and a girl. Tragedy strikes and they are forced to determine if He still believes in God even if everything goes wrong.

                  This is a true student and will give your son or daughter hope for the future.

                    5. Spotify subscription

                    #5 spotify subscription gifts for christian college students

                      I love to have Christian music and podcast playing while I work, drive, or exercise. Your son or daughter will also want music and podcasts to listen to. Giving them a Spotify subscription will provide them with the gift of unlimited music and podcasts.

                      You can always suggest some good podcasts for Christian students, such as I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

                      6. I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Paperback) By Frank Turek

                      #6 I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist book gifts for christian college students

                      This is the podcast I recommended in the above recommendations. This book is a great book to prepare your student to answer the questions atheists will have them.

                      Frank Turek specializes in answering questions of young people.

                      Like I said earlier, his podcast is also great.

                      7. Wake up & say Lord today I’m going to Serve you not Myself Wall Art Print by Scripture Walls

                      #7 wake up and say Lord im going to serve you canvas gifts for christian college students
                      Change the scripture to your child's favorite Bible verse and change the font, background at no extra cost :) Take a closer look here



                      Your young person is heading off to college with the plans to live their lives for God, be a light in the dark world, and stand for truth.

                      Life will throw a lot at your son or daughter, and this vow will be hard to keep. But you have a large piece of artwork reminding them that every day they can wake and renew their vow that today they are going to serve God.

                      When do I speak to college students or high school students getting ready for that big step in their lives? The main question I get is this one “How can I know what God’s will is for my life? How do I know if I am IN God’s will?” I answer this way. Every day wake up and do what God wants you to do. Follow His laws. Obey his commandments, put His will above your own. If you do this every day, you will always be in God’s will.

                      This piece of artwork is a reminder of this. Every day take the vow. Every day follow that vow.

                        8. Be Strong and Courageous - Mini Tabletop Plaque by day Spring

                        #8 joshua 1 9 be strong and courageous mini tabletop gifts for christian college students

                          If you can help unpack your college student’s rooms or visit them at some point, here is a significant plaque to put near the door. Your young person will see it when they leave. A reminder that whatever happens that day, they can be strong and courageous

                          These words were passed on to Joshua when he stepped out on his own, away from Moses. Moses knew that he was no longer going to be there for Joshua. Moses knew Joshua was going to face a hard choice and difficult situations. He told him to be Strong and Courageous.

                          This is the exact message you have for your loved one. Be strong. Be courageous.

                            9. Personal Safe by ECR4kids store

                            #9 personal safe gifts for christian college students

                              This is a practical gift and not Christian themed. Your son or daugher will probably have roommates or will have visitors in their home. There are things they need to keep safe. They were talking about the importance of keeping identifying information and cards locked away. Give them this gift when you have that talk. Have them pack their records in the safe before they even move into their home.

                              10. Dezin Electric Hot Pot By DEZIN

                              #10 electric hot pot gifts for christian college students

                              Hot Pot meals!

                              This is the best kind of comfort food. This Hot Pot is perfect for college kids because it is just the ideal size for one person. Give this gift with a box of groceries.

                              College kids have the reputation of eating nothing but noodles and mac and cheese. This, of course, should not be the case. Make sure they still can make their favorite comfort food.

                                11. Blue Apron Subscription

                                #11 blue apron subscription gifts for christian college students

                                  Here is a second example of helping make sure your kids are eating healthy while in school. The Bible says our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We only have one body, and it is our responsibility to keep it healthy and do the work God has planned for us.

                                  Young adults sometimes forget that the abuse they do to their bodies will be felt years later. Help them make sure they are eating healthy food.

                                  Blue Apron will send them food and recipes for your young person to prepare and eat. There are many great options so your loved one can pick the meals they know they will enjoy.

                                  I have spent years making sure my children ate healthily. Now that they are in college, I want to make sure this continues.

                                  12 . First aid kit

                                  #12 first aid kit gifts for christian college students

                                  You’re not going to be there for your child when they get hurt. A first aid kit is a must for young men and woman branching out on their own. As a side gift, write a note for your child and leave an encouraging Bible verse. Tape these messages inside the First Aid Kit, so every time they are hurt and open the kit, they will see your message of love.

                                  13. Keep Calm & Trust God, A Box of Blessings by Christian art gifts

                                  #13 Keep Calm & Trust God, A Box of Blessings gifts for christian college students

                                  During World War Two, bombs were being dropped in England. Some people were afraid to live their lives. The queen had artwork made up that said stay calm and carry on. The message was this, don’t give up on life during a time of fear.

                                  This box of blessings for your audlt says to keep calm and trust God. Each day, your child has a message to remind them to stay calm in the face of disappointment, fear, or discouragement. Give their problems to God and trust Him. That is a message we all need today.

                                  We hope you like our ideas of gifts for Christian college students

                                  I know you have mixed feelings about your student leaving for college. Remember that God loves your son or daughter even more than you do. The best Christian gift you can give your special one is to pray for them every day. A tip I would give you is to set a time in your calendar to have a reminder.

                                  Tell your child that you are going to be praying for them. The fun idea is to take their phone and add the reminder to their calendar as well. Have their calendar give them a notification each day that says, “Your mom and dad are praying for you right now”

                                  You did a great job, mom, and dad. You got them to this point. Celebrate that.