15 Unique Psalm 91 Gifts (God has them protected! - Click here)

Psalm 91 Gifts

15 Unique Psalm 91 Gifts (God has them protected! - Click here)

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

This is how Psalm 91 opens. The Psalm shows us that God takes care of us and will be with us all the time. He covers us with his feathers. Jesus quoted this Psalm when He was on earth. His blood on the cross was the feathers covering us and giving us eternal life.

This Psalm has given people hope for centuries. If you have someone who needs to know that God has them protected, provide them with something that lets them know you love them. 

1) We are Covered Psalm 91 | Religious Doormat by wood by stu

#1 psalm 91 doormat

Every house needs the perfect doormat. The doormat is the first thing that welcomes your guests into your home. They create a sense of style and make a statement.

The doormat also helps keep your house clean and neat. Where I live, we have what I call mud season. It is impossible to keep the place clean. However, the doormat helps.

If you are going to make a statement piece for your home, then Psalm 91, “we are covered,” Is a great statement to make. 

2) Water Inked Forest & Psalm 91:4 by Christian Walls

#2 psalm 91 canvas as gift

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I am looking for fantastic artwork for my daughter’s room. I want something with a message of love and comfort. This piece of art reminds us that God will cover us with His feathers, and we will find refuge under His wings.

The feathers and the colors in the background are trendy and fun. This is exactly what a young Christian lady would love to have in her room.

If you have a young lady in your life who needs to live under the constant reminder of God’s protection, this is the piece of artwork for you.

3) For He Will Order His Angels To Protect You Wherever You Go Clip On Charm, Psalm 91 by JKCE Designs

#3 For He Will Order His Angels To Protect You Wherever You Go Clip On Charm, Psalm 91 gifts

My daughters have always loved to put clips on their backpacks. I also put clips on my backpacks, especially when I travel. Once, I spoke at a conference, and I had to take three different planes and a long taxi drive. It was a short trip, only a weekend away, so I packed one backpack. That made the three airplane switches a little more manageable. However, one of the airports was the O’Hare airport in Chicago. This is a complicated airport, and I only had a tiny window to find my terminal.

I have spoken at many different conferences; however, this was my most stressful trip. I spent a lot of time in prayer.

If you have a friend who is going to be traveling alone and nervous, give them this clip to give them comfort and remind them you are praying for them.

4)  Psalm 91:4 mousepad

#4 Psalm 91 4 mousepad gift

I am in the process of re-doing my office. I am looking for those little things that finish off the room. For the office, items such as the mouse pad add the finishing touch.

There are times in the workplace when things can be stressful. Having this reminder on your desk will be a way to make sure that you always know that God is with you all the time. If you know someone who is struggling at work, give this gift to let them know you are thinking of them and praying for their situation.

5) Psalm 91 Car Sticker by Walking By Faith Art

#5 Psalm 91 Car Sticker as gift

Every time I park in the Walmart parking lot, I am surrounded by cars with window Decals. There are stick people playing sports, home party businesses, pet owners, and occasionally a political statement.  

Car decals are a way to share a message. That message could be that you’re a soccer mom, run a home party business, love your dog, or are passionate about a political statement.

As Christians, we have the great message of hope and safety. We can share that message with everyone around us.

Perhaps you know someone proud to share the message of Jesus Christ with everyone. This is an excellent gift for a person like this. 

6) Praise and Worship| Psalm 91:11 Sticker

#6 psalm sticker gift

My middle daughter loves stickers. She always has.  When she was a child, stickers were always on her wish list. When we took road trips, I always gave her pages of stickers.

She’s getting ready to head to college. She doesn’t collect Disney princess stickers anymore. She has stickers with messages on her computer, guitar case, and school binders.

If you have grown from a childhood sticker collector to a grownup sticker collector, then this is a great idea.

I would put this sticker on a card and send it to your favorite sticker collector.

7) Complete Embroidery Kit, Under His Wings, by Gilly Parish Art

#7 psalm 91 embroidery kit gift

My mother-in-law makes impressive embroidery crafts. Her walls have beautiful artwork that she has made. She finds embroidery a way to relax at the end of the day, and it gives her a creative outlet. Also, she is very talented!

If you know someone interested in embroidery, getting a kit would be a great way to show that you know them. You see their interests, and you want to encourage them.

A few years ago, adult coloring books were all the rage. People enjoyed them for the same reason my mother-in-law wants embroidering. If you know someone who loved them, why not give them this kit. They will find the same opportunity to feel calm and get their creative juices flowing.

8) Protected Psalm 91 Shirt by Cool and trendy design

#8 psalm 91 shirt gift

Shirts are always a great gift idea. My favorite is the Christian mom trend to wear shirts with biblical messages on them.  I love how many great designs you can find. There was a time when shirts with biblical messages were tacky and limited; today, there are many fantastic options.

This shirt, “protected heart Psalm 91,” is a way to tell the world your heart is protected by your heavenly father who loves you unconditionally.

I would love this shirt!

So, if you have someone in your life who needs the reminder, they have a heavenly father who loves them and wants to protect them, then send them these presents.

9) Psalm 91 in Hebrew Necklace by Gift from Israel

#9 psalm 91 necklace gift

I love Israel. Hebrew is such an incredible language. Do you know someone who loves Israel and the Hebrew language? Then this is a necklace they would love.

I have a friend who I know would appreciate this necklace.  

If there were any place where I could travel, I would pick Israel and choose this friend to go with me. We both love to study Israel's history and culture.

If you have a friend who loves Israel, you are probably thinking about that person. Because those of us who love the Hebrew people are vocal about it, this is their present.

10) Psalm 91:4 - Tea Towel by Dotts place shop

#10 psalm 91 4 tea towel gift

I have a friend who gave me a tea towel as a present. At first, I thought it was an odd present, but then I saw how the towel was the perfect finishing touch to my kitchen.

Since then, I have become a little obsessed with tea towels.  The tea towel in the kitchen is like the pillow in the living room. At Christmas, I have “let it snow” tea towels, and in the fall, a towel with leaves and the word thankful.

In the summer, I have unique towels with messages on them. One such example would be this towel. It is beautiful and has a great message.

Do you know someone who has a new home? This is an excellent present to a new homeowner. 

11) Psalm 91:9 Mug Present in Green Camo by Camo Cool Finds

#11 psalm 91 9 mug gift

The Lord is my refuge; the highest is my habitation. Psalm 91:9

Most of the gift ideas I have given you were made for women. This is a Psalm 91 gift for men.

My husband has never served in the military, but he has great men in his life he looks up to who have served. If you have someone in your life who has done or appreciates the military culture, this is a fantastic mug for them.

With everything men are facing in the world today, make sure the men in your life know that it is the Lord who they can turn to for refuge.

12) Fabric Block - "Feathers" Psalm 91:4 by Willows Fabric Blocks

#12 psalm 91 4 fabrick block gift

My two oldest daughters love to sew. They make clothes, and pillows, and scarves. I love to pick up fabric blocks for them to make beautiful things.

This is a great fabric Block. It would make a beautiful pillow or an apron.

If you have a friend or family member who loves to create things, this is an excellent option for a gift. By giving them this fabric block, you provide them with something to show you can see their talents.

13) Personalized Feather Infinity Birthstone Pendant Necklace on Chain, Psalm 91 by Water Rhythm Gems

#13 psalm 91 personalized feather necklace gift

The infinity symbol is a math symbol that means forever. The feather symbolizes the protection a mother bird has for her chicks. This is the symbol Jesus used when he was talking about Israel. He said he wanted to take the people and tuck them under his wings like a mother bird hides her chicks.

This necklace says God will be with you forever and protect you permanently.

Do you know someone who is going through a complex trial right now? Give this necklace to the person in your life who needs to know that God is with them, all the time, everywhere.

14) Personalized Wing Anklet Psalm 91 by water Rhythm Gems

#14 personalized psalm 91 anklet gift

Anklets were trendy when I was in high school, and they are back in trend again. My daughter loves them. She doesn’t like to wear bracelets, but she loves anklets. This is an excellent anklet that has the feather from Psalm 91 to make sure the person wearing it always knows they are tucked safely under the wings of their heavenly father, who loves them and will protect them.

15) Old Rustic White Washed Psalm 91:4 by Christian walls

#15 psalm 91 wall print gift

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He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings, you will find refuge. Psalm 91:4

I love the whitewashed look. I have a whitewashed wood ceiling in my entranceway. The whitewashed background of this artwork is what makes it so trendy.

The verse is the message of protection and refuge. This artwork would look fantastic in a teens room or family reck room. When my teenagers have their friends over, they spend time in the family reck room. I want the space to be one of peace.

Do you have someone who has children who are growing up? The family reck room must change from a playroom to a teenage hangout when kids grow up. Give this piece of artwork for the new room makeover.



We live in a time when fear has taken over our culture. Some are afraid of diseases, others of the government's overreaction to infections. We want our friends and families to be safe, healthy, and happy. The best thing we can do is reassure them that they can find their refuge in Jesus Christ. He is their hope and salvation.